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HostSailor Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.95 - $9.45
VPS $1.99 - $38.99
Dedicated Server $40.95 - $176.96
Resellers $11.95 - $132.99

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parsa saboori

Pinned Review

parsa saboori,
i use mini sailor and sailor vps, they work properly.
one time i had issue, but support team immidietly solve that.
verity and pricing of servers are very good.
Adam Send
Adam Send from Romania,

Отличный сервер

Более года, прериканий нет. На тикеты реагируют быстро! Главное - отличные цены! Единственное, dns менеджер слабоват. и свой iso только через тикет
Оплата всеми возможными и не возможными способами.
Ammar Sharaf
Ammar Sharaf from Yemen,

Yemen, Amran Governorate

Yes, I am very happy to give my honest opinion

As for the customer’s treatment of the customer and their quick response, I give them the first place among all the companies that I have used since the beginning of my career in t...Read Morehe servers without any compliment

As for the servers, from my point of view, they are the most powerful servers and their work is very beautiful, but there are some servers whose kernels have not been developed to upgrade the level, but I communicate with customer service and it will be migrated as soon as possible and there are other things.
A. H.
A. H. from Germany,

Horrific, terrible service. Over-provisioned servers, they just shut you off for invalid reasons. NEVER HOST HERE!

Cross-post from here: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/60a2ffabf9f4870a94a54c49

These people are rude, constantly shutting off my "Captain XEN". The reason? I need to upgrade my service to a "XEN" node.

Um, hello? I pre-p...Read Moreaid a year's worth of XEN hypervisor; not only can't I upgrade to what I already have, they can't seem to get control of their automated shut-down system.Less
Hello A H, We don't do this for no reason, we also don't know your registered email, your ticket ID or anything so we could check and help.
and by checking the complaints we got during May 2021, we didn't find such a case.
so please contact us so we could help you solve your issue
You've been shutting down my "Captain XEN" for six months -- this is a long-standing, recurring issue that's never resolved -- telling me I need to purchase a "XEN" server, and you can find none of those emails pointing out that w...Read Moree can't upgrade to a XEN if we are already on a XEN vps? The ones linking back to your own traffic analysis that show the server is at 4-5% monthly usage for bandwidth and not a very high CPU load? Meaning, you're shutting off a whole lot of people for no reason and can't figure out who is whom.

Look harder.

You haven't responded to the latest ticket requesting SLA refund per the terms, so I'm not surprised.

What a mess. When we've successfully offloaded everything, I'll post the ticket numbers, screen captures of our XEN service and traffic usage, and your responses, which are always just "canned" messages telling me to upgrade to the service level I paid a year's worth of, in advance.

FWIW, years-long customers that pay you in advance, politely point out when you're making mistakes, tolerate over-provisioning and stay after you've cost us real income? Better options abound and you should treat customers better, and abide by your SLA refund terms when your issues cost real clients that real money.
Please share the ticket ID so we could check, we will do this asap
Sharing your registered email, the ticket ID or contacting us is a must so we could help, we really care for our customers, so help us so we could help you.
LOKESH KUMAR from India,

Unrelieble Hosting

I am hosting my sites on hostsailor from last 4 months. One day, I received a mail from cloudflare that there is a phishing url on my site, I logged in to cpanel to check it and found that there were lot of suspicious files in my ...Read Moredirectory. I don't know where these files come from. May be hosting was hacked or there may be a security breach in their server. I deleted all the suspicious files but some files were re-appearing again and again even after deleting them. So, I contacted their support team and asked to delete those irritating files and they deleted them successfully. But the very next day, they suspended my account due to phishing url. I contacted their support staff immediately and explained them very clearly that I never uploaded such phishing files. They asked me to contact at abuse@hostsailor.com. I sent an email to abuse@hostsailor.com explaining about the whole issue. Now, more than 8 days have passed but they are not replying nor restoring my suspended account. My company site is down and I am unable to receive business emails. I again contacted their support team that I am not getting any reply from abuse@hostsailor.com. I also asked them to send me the backup of my website, so that I can host them on some other host, but they refused by citing the reason that They can not restore the suspended account and send backup of the files as matter relates to abuse department. Now, the problem is that abuse department is not replying and my company website is down from last 8 days and files are stuck with their hosting. So, it is not a reliable hosting and they are so unresponsive. So, Do not fall into their trap. These bastards will steal your data.Less
Hello Lokesh, According to our abuse department they already updated you, please check and reply to them, We do care for our clients so no worries as long as you are not abusing the server.
Now, you are reply after one month, when the matter is not relevant. It clearly shows how much you care of your customers. I already shifted to another host. Your abuse department take 2-3 days to answer a simple query. They don't...Read More have any manner to talk to customers. Backup of data was not provided to me, I lost my business email messages. Shame on you.Less
They confirmed they replied your email once they got it Lokesh, we are sorry for what you faced but our abuse team already replied and everything have been clarified to you in the email.
Tony Chen
Tony Chen from United States,

Believe me this is a very good server service provider

My test server runs very fast, the broadband is also very good, and the price is very cheap. After my error caused the problem and encountered difficulties, the customer service was very enthusiastic to help solve it. I am very satisfied and thank you very much.
Kris Stein
Kris Stein

I love HostSailor Active Support and Good Service !!!!!

I recommend host sailor for everyone want to start there own website in cheap price.
Support is super active and fast to response even weekends.
Even there shared hosting is awesome you can add multiple Addon Domains if you have...Read More 2 or more website without limits.
They have also cloudflare railgun feature in shared hosting for free.
Overall this is my top pick and recommended hosting for all webmasters that struggle to find a good hosting service!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Innovative Hosting Based in Dubai, UAE

HostSailor is a hosting provider that is primarily focused on mid to high end hosting solutions, though they also have some good shared hosting options for those who just need a normal website hosted. They are based in Dubai, UAE, which is one of the fastest growing areas in terms of web development, tech firms, and other similar industries.

While based in Dubai, they have their equipment in a variety of datacenters. The data centers are owned by other parties, but are all very modern with redundant network connections, power, cooling, and other features. The main datacenters are in Amsterdam, and Bucharest, Romania so people from throughout Europe and Asia can benefit from their quality hosting services.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Very Reliable Hosting Provider

The hardware used in this company is quite good, which helps to keep everything operating at all times. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 100% money back guarantee for those who aren’t happy with the level of service. Thanks to the great datacenters that they operate in, there is also very little risk of having any type of outage due to power, hardware failure, network issues, or anything of that sort.


Premium Quality Features

Across the board for all their hosting services they use premium quality hardware and offer plenty of great features. Starting with the shared hosting options, customers will benefit from the use of solid state drives in all the servers. They also have access to cPanel, and the servers are powered by Linux. One of the best features here is that customers get 20 GBPS DDoS protection included with their hosting account, which will help to protect from most types of attacks.

When you move up to the VPS level you can choose from Xen, KVM, or OpenVZ, which gives you plenty of options to get exactly what you need. You’ll also be able to choose from either traditional hard drives or solid state drives. The dedicated servers have plenty of power to run most types of larger sites, and they use servers made by HP, Dell, and Supermicro, all of which are known for quality.


Very Responsive Support 24/7

The support teams are staffed 24/7 and are more than happy to help you with any type of trouble you might be having. They don’t own their own datacenters, so when there is a need for ‘hands on’ work, they will have to act as a go-between, but they do a good job at identifying and getting issues fixed quickly. They do have a good FAQ to provide users with information, but there is no knowledgebase or other self-help information. Overall, however, the support provided is very good.


Reasonable Pricing at All Levels

The pricing from Host Sailor is surprisingly affordable given the features that they provide. The shared hosting options start at just $.95 per month, which is very low for solid state drive hosting. The top end shared option is $9.45 per month, which is still a good deal for what you are getting. The VPS options start at $1.99 per month, which again is extremely low for what you are getting. Prices get as high as $38.99 per month for their normal VPS hosting.  The prices on their dedicated servers will depend on where the server is located, and which type you choose. They generally run from around $40 to over $200 per month.

User Friendly

Easy to Use but Lots of Options

Everything with this company is easy to use, even if you don’t have much experience with hosting. They have the cPanel control panel, which is the industry standard that most people will be familiar with. The one difficulty with this hosting provider is that they have so many different options to choose from that it can be hard to pick the right one. Also, since the prices are similar for both VPS and shared hosting, that can make it even more confusing to those who don’t have a lot of experience with hosting.


One of the Better Hosting Providers in the Region

There are a lot of hosting companies to choose from in Europe and the surrounding region, and this one is one of the best. They have a lot to offer, and can meet the needs of almost all levels of users. The stability is great, and they are very helpful with getting people anything that they need to successfully run their sites.


  • Very Reliable Hosting
  • Affordable Price Points
  • Solid State Drives Available


  • So many options it can be confusing

HostSailor Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Leviathan SSD Hosting 1 GB 512 GB cPanel Unlimited $0.95 5.0 Details
Perseus SSD Hosting 5 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $2.45 4.9 Details
Zigra SSD Hosting 10 GB 1.5 TB cPanel Unlimited $4.45 1.0 Details
Kraken SSD Hosting 20 GB 2 TB cPanel Unlimited $6.95 1.0 Details
Osiris SSD Hosting 30 GB 2.5 TB cPanel Unlimited $9.45 4.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Mini Sailor 15 GB 1 x 3.30GHz 256 MB $1.99 4.2 Details
Sailor 25 GB 1 x 3.30GHz 512 MB $2.99 2.9 Details
Seaman 45 GB 2 x 3.30GHz 1 GB $4.99 4.9 Details
Lieutenant 75 GB 3 x 3.30GHz 2 GB $9.99 4.5 Details
Captain 120 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 4 GB $19.99 1.0 Details
Commodore 180 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 8 GB $38.99 1.0 Details
Seaman Windows 30 GB 2 x 2.60GHz 512 MB $5.99 4.4 Details
Lieutenant Windows 60 GB 4 x 2.60GHz 1 GB $11.99 4.4 Details
Captain Windows 110 GB 8 x 2.60GHz 2 GB $21.99 4.4 Details
Commodore Windows 150 GB 16 x 2.60GHz 4 GB $35.99 5.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Dreadnought 1 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 8 GB $40.95 5.0 Details
Neptune 2 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 8 GB $44.95 5.0 Details
Colossus 4 TB 12 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $115.99 4.4 Details
Orion 4 TB 16 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $132.99 4.4 Details
Vanguard 6 TB 16 x 2.40GHz 64 GB $170.99 4.4 Details
Fujitsu 1 500 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $67.95 4.4 Details
Fujitsu 2 500 GB 4 x 3.80GHz 8 GB $72.95 4.4 Details
Fujitsu 3 500 GB 8 x 2.10GHz 16 GB $130.95 4.4 Details
Fujitsu 4 500 GB 8 x 1.80GHz 16 GB $170.95 4.4 Details
HP DL20 G9 2 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $68.04 4.4 Details
HP DL120 G9 2 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $80.89 4.4 Details
HP DL180 G9 2 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $152.82 4.4 Details
HP DL360 G9 2 TB 8 x 2.60GHz 16 GB $149.36 4.4 Details
HP DL380 G9 2 TB 8 x 2.60GHz 16 GB $176.96 4.4 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
Sailor 50 GB 2 TB WHM $11.95 4.4 Details
Seaman 100 GB 4 TB WHM $22.95 4.4 Details
Lieutenant 200 GB 6 TB WHM $44.95 4.4 Details
Commodore 400 GB 8 TB WHM $81.95 4.4 Details
VPS reseller V3 1000 GB 8 TB cPanel $71.99 4.4 Details
VPS reseller V5 1.95 TB 10 TB cPanel $115.99 4.4 Details
VPS reseller V6 2.93 TB 12 TB cPanel $132.99 4.4 Details

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