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Severino Rodrigues Filho

Pinned Review

Severino Rodrigues Filho,
Já faz mais de 10 anos que trabalho com Hosting24 e posso garantir que durante esse tempo precisei poucas vezes usar o suporte para reclamar de algum problema, mas as poucas vezes que usei tudo foi resolvido em pouco tempo. Por isso fica minha indicação.


gary bustente
gary bustente from United States,
Moved from GoDaddy


I bought hosting from hosting24. I was very clear with them that I had a issue with a previous host, explained what it was, and they assured me it would not be an issue. they hosted my site, took my money... and then without warni...Read Moreng took my site down. they essentially destroyed my business. they refused to listen to logic or reason. they decided to take the word of a known criminal over their paying custoemr. I would rather shove pinecones in my own arse than ever deal with them again. I tlaked t MANY other peopel that say they take sites down without reason, or when they have a reason, its usually screwed up. if you want headaches problems and to be ripped off... be sure to use them!Less
Sage Par
Sage Par from South Africa,

A waste of $671 - They lied and change my package a few months after my purchase

After they explained to me about what i was going to buy. They changed my package and did not offer a refund.
They said they changed everything to prevent members from abusing their servers. ( Which is nonsense because they alrea...Read Moredy explained how they protect their resources)

I am thoroughly disappointing. There support team did not address this problem even though i have been trying to communicate with them since 2 months ago about this matter.
They are just stalling until i am forced to pay my next monthly payment.

See the attached picture.
Hello there Sage,

Our apologies that you were not entirely satisfied with the services that you had. We always do our best to make sure that all of the expectations of our Customers are met.

The restriction that you (and ev...Read Moreeryone else) had was indeed to prevent future abuses. We are giving as much freedom to our Clients as possible. Most of the time, Clients who do not abuse the system and use our services normally, do not even come close to the boundaries that are set.

Regarding your situation, we could not proceed with a refund because it's been around 11 months that you were using our services for.

Finally, we'd like to apologize and to ask to give us another chance. We care for every single of our Customers, and you as well, Sage. We want to assure that situations like that won't happen ever again in the future and that we continue our friendship and cooperation for many years onward!

Warmest regards,
Team Hosting24

Emil Gonzales
Emil Gonzales from Philippines,

Hosting24 is a scam hoting company

Hosting24 is a scam hoting company

This site is not Trusted, they offered with the low price and they said $4.50 every month lifetime, BUT don't trust because when you need to extend your subscription, the price is higher than ...Read Morewhat they said.

My first payment for 3 months is $13.50 and now they collect me a 20.97 for 3 months .

Alonso RA
Alonso RA from United States,

Horrible service

I am working with Hosting24 for 7 month and the service is completely "virtual". They are selling unlimited hosting, however they limit the sites with 500.000 inodes and I was more surprise when I got a warning message to have 30 ...Read MoreGB of disk storage, requesting to me to delete files.

They said that the domain is included for anally plans, something that is not true after the first year.

They change your package and not apply what you paid for
Hello there Alonso,

We're thankful that you wrote this review, even if it's not the one we would love to see from our Customers. However, less positive reviews are the ones that let us improve.

Please keep in mind that we w...Read Moreould not change the plan without notifying our Customers. We love our Clients and care for them, and so this action would be very disrespectful - we would not do that.

Alonso, we would like to kindly ask you to contact us again < https://www.hosting24.com/contacts >, and please provide us with the necessary details to investigate your situation deeper, and solve it. We can't do anything now because we can't locate your account without additional information.

Kind regards,
Team Hosting24
Alonso RA
Alonso RA,
Please, guys do not believe what Hosting24 said.

They do not change the plan, because they are selling unlimited hosting however the account is limited to 30 GB. If you are using the GBs for normal operations of your website li...Read Moreke email, websites, and to host the backups of your website made by the hosting24 service, does not matter:The account is always limited.

On the other hands, YES, they changed the plan with no notification to me. I joined the unlimited hosting with unlimited addons domains, however they limited my addons domains to 50...Did I receive any notification for such limits? NO

Their expertise is just to talk showing that they are loving the customer, however if you will host your website in Hosting24 please guys be aware that they are not honest and they are doing all they want with your accounts. If you will host a small website of 10 MB, you will not have any problem, but do not pay such money; it is not needed. Those are the customers that they want, who join the unlimited plan to host 10 MB website.

I can ensure to all of you that I am using my hosting as a normal person can use the hosting for personal or small business purposes because my websites does not have more than 3000 visitors a month and I only host 3 websites.

Just to clarify, when I joined the service the unlimited hosting, I got:

- Unlimited domains. Now Fake, only 50. I do not need but I feel cheated.
- Unlimited storage for your websites, emails, etc: FAKE, the storage limit is reached at 30 GB where you will start receiving warnings. Also they limited the storage by inodes (number of files that you can upload to the server)
- The domain included for annual plans: FAKE, Guys be aware that this is only for the first year, even if is not written that is only for one year.
- More and more.

So at the end what you get for that price is a very limited service very expensive. It is a pity to see how the companies really cheat the customers.
Alan Walk
Alan Walk from Singapore,

Not reliable webhosting

this webhosting is not reliable. I turned off for subscription renewal and I just checked from paypal, I saw they deducted almost $100 from paypal for those renewal subscriptions that I already turned off long time ago! Please peo...Read Moreple if you want to get a cheap webhosting, at least find other better place than this, just stay far away from this webhosting. It will suck your money till you starve! Be safe than sorry!Less
青海 愛子
青海 愛子 from Japan,

Veery poor service ?

Most pathetic server I have ever used. When my website getting down frequently, I asked to add my website on monitor, it's still get down every day 400 eroor 500 error, they didn't fix this. They are trying to upsell vps which is out of budget.
Hey there!

Thank you for sharing your insights!

It's unfortunate to hear you had such a bad experience, and we apologize for it.
Your mentioned errors might be occurring due to your website hitting the recourse limits, wh...Read Moreich indicates that your website is growing; that's why our agents are suggesting an upgrade.

However, we want to assure you that our agents will never force you to upgrade - if they see that website is growing, they might suggest few options such as optimization, as well as upgrade, but you are always free to choose whatever you feel is best for you.

If you need help with optimizing your website, feel free to ask. We are here for you!

All the best,
Team Hosting24

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Good hosting for entry to midsized sites

Hosting24 specializes in providing quality hosting for entry level to midsized sites since 2008, and appear to do quite a good job at it.  They serve customers globally and don’t really market where their data centers are physically located, but they lease the space from Immedion, another large company that provides many hosting companies with data center space. They have locations within the US and other places, so it is likely that is where Hosting24 has its servers. All of the hosting options from this company are based on Linux.  They seem to try hard to keep their prices low, which is nice.  From what other customers have said, this hasn’t caused them to have many quality issues.  Even their shared hosting services are still pretty good and have fast response times for the most part. As long as you don’t need any high end servers, you’ll likely find a great package at a fair price that can provide you with the hosting services that you need.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Good reliable hosting with a few reports of problems

Most people who are current or former customers with this company have found that they offer high quality, reliable hosting.  There have been a few people on social media and other locations that report that their shared hosting package was slow to load and even had some downtime.  It is not clear whether this is an actual issue to be concerned with, or just something to be expected with any hosting company.


Lots of options available

Just about everyone looking at this hosting company will find that all their needs are met within the normal packages.  They have lots of disk space and bandwidth available, in addition they have a nice affiliate program for those who are promoting hosting as a business. You will also get a free domain name when you sign up for a new account, which is good. If you need something more advanced, you’ll have access to their Visual Web Builder program as well as RvSite Builder Pro and Trendy Site Builder.


Limited live support choices

The support team isn’t bad once you get in touch with them, but many people have complained that this can be difficult.  They don’t have a phone number you can call for technical issues, so you’ll have to rely on live chat, their ticketing system, or an email address.


Fair prices for all their plans

Each of their hosting packages comes at a fairly standard price.  The higher you move up in features, the more you’ll pay, but they do a good job at keeping them all right around the industry standard.  For most people, the price is not going to be low enough to really be attractive, but it isn’t going to be high enough to push them away either.


Good hosting for most sites

Most webmasters will be able to have a good experience with Hosting24.  They provide good services that tend to work well.  Overall, there really aren’t too many things to complain about, and even the issues that do exist are not too serious. Pros:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Fair pricing
  • Lots of features included with base packages


  • Don’t own their own data centers
  • Limited support options
  • No dedicated server options

Hosting24.com Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
SILVER Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 1 $5.99 9.4 Details
GOLD Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 50 $9.99 9.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS x1 20 GB - 1 GB $10.78 6.2 Details
VPS x2 40 GB - 2 GB $21.56 7.8 Details
VPS x3 60 GB - 3 GB $39.95 10 Details
VPS x4 80 GB - 4 GB $49.95 9.1 Details
VPS x6 120 GB - 6 GB $79.95 10 Details
VPS x8 160 GB - 8 GB $129.95 9.1 Details

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