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A few words from Host Metro

We are all about making our customers feel comfortable with us. We do our best to be as transparent as possible with what we offer, which is why we avoid the use of the word "unlimited" where it doesn't apply, offer true 24/7 support, and offer a money back guarantee. We don't hide behind promotional prices to drive sales. We want to reward customer loyalty by offering the same rates that we offer new customers.
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Free domain
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.45 - $6.95

Data Centers

Dr. David Cohen

Pinned Review

Dr. David Cohen,
1) With DOZENS of better-known 'cheap' hosts owned by one company, HostMetro.com is a rare exception: NO price rise with renewal. To show faith, I renewed both our accounts for six years each.

2) O...Read Moreur clerk bought paid traffic for www. Supercharging .US. Bandwidth went past limit. When site was unreachable because of this, did they bill us to raise b/w? NO! They looked at account, saw we're not abusing, & lifted our cap. Now, our emails include an 'attaboy' and recommendation. As a result, we're now looking to become a HostMetro affiliate.

For a "small" company, HostMetro . com is DISTINCTLY outperforming Endurance Int'l, which owns most of the competition, and quadruples hosting price upon renewal. Highly recommend HostMetro . com to YOU. Many thanks.


David Domena

Thieves, and Politically motivated

This is what we posted on Google Reviews.
These bastards took my money for hosting for the year.
Then, messed with my web due to Political motivations.
Then when we complained, they said we will not help you any more,
and they...Read More shut our website down, without issuing us a refund.
We were victimized by BIAS / Political motivations,
and they illegally shut down our site, after they've been paid, for the entire year.
Stay away from this Company and do NOT host your site here.
They even blocked our FTP access, and CPanel, so that we can not migrate our site to different server. Another words, they stole our money, and have our website held hostage. We put in a complaint to the FCC, and are pursuing other legal routes. Here is our Google Review: https://goo.gl/maps/CzTkR8BStZup3v78A
Tim Smith
Tim Smith from United States,

You Get What You Pay For

If you have a site you actually care about, don't bother... Horrible customer service, terrible performance and major down times, and not secure.. You get what you pay for with this company. Save yourself the headache and don't bother.
MC Holstine
MC Holstine from United States,

My experience has been very good

To say that there has never been one issue with the service would be a lie. However, those glitches are quite rare and they are resolved quickly. In the few occasions that I had a problem or needed help, tech support has always be...Read Moreen super attentive, very responsive, and work diligently until the matter is resolved to my satisfaction. I have contacted them both via phone and by submitting a ticket online, and their response is unparalleled (quick) through either method. The reviews I see below are shocking, for they are not representative or accurate descriptions for the Hostmetro I know. I have four domains hosted with them since 2009 and have always received great service.Less
Mubashir Qasim
Mubashir Qasim from New Zealand,

Stay away from Host Metro

I have three websites with them since last four years.
Their servers are down half of the times and frequently get terribly slow and support is useless.
They rip off their customers. Double charging is common practice, they charged us with the same SSL certificate twice.
Phil Huang
Phil Huang from Taiwan,

A cheap but dishonest company

A cheap but dishonest company
In order to avoid a refund to me, customer service staff fake false amount to lie to me.
After the lies were exposed, they agreed to refunds, but attached absurd conditions.
I rejected their ridicu...Read Morelous request, so they did not give me a refund
Finally, I get my money through PAYPAL
HostMetro owe me an apology

Here's part of the reply they gave me: I changed the name of my website and the name of the customer service person
Ok, we will refund $53.10

But you owe $53.10 for the order of MY_WEB_NAME as you received too much discount.

OK ?

Thank You
Hostmetro Support
Mark 0'Donne11
Host Metro
Host Metro,
Hi Phil,

I think you misunderstood the situation. I'm sorry about that - it seems there may be a small language barrier.

Our system refunded you via hosting credit. You used this credit to receive a discount off your renewa...Read Morel. You then contacted us asking for a refund for the $53.10 we had already refunded you and you had already used.

We explained this, but perhaps we were not clear enough in our response. You were credited $53.10 for the overpayment. You used this credit on an invoice, which means you did not pay $53.10 out of the total amount for this invoice. You then contacted us asking to be refunded $53.10 when we had already refunded you via the credit you used to not pay $53.10 of your invoice.

The quoted email you included in this review was an explanation that if we were to refund you, then the $53.10 we already discounted you would have to be withdrawn for the payment of your other renewal invoice.

You asked to be refunded in double, which we cannot do. I'm sorry that the many emails we sent to you attempting to explain this did not properly help you to understand that we could not refund you because we had already done so, but we were not being dishonest or lying to you to try to get extra money. We were simply explaining why we could not refund you in double AND give you $53.10 worth of free service.
Phil Huang
Phil Huang,
An honest company will not do this kind of thing
After you return the money to me, I will owe you money again. What is your logic? This doesn't make any sense

Please tell me what's the definition of refund in hostmetro
If you...Read More can refund me credit , May I pay you candies ??

Would like to tell me where does the magic number come from?
what a 30% coupon balabla.....??
I believe that all accounts have records on the computer. Are you willing to provide it?
Are you willing to prove that the amount and date provided by the guy named Mark are not forged?
If you like it, or you need it, I can show more information and what the guy named Mark told me.
All the information is on your computer. You can also check our session history yourself.

In fact you owe me a formal apology
Of couse you should refund me and I didn't owe you anything , no discount
because your answer is illogical again and your request is not justified

Obviously ,the problem is in you and your system, not me
So I can't agree with you

What you really care about is what you think is selling too cheap
I really care that you did not give me a reasonable treatment
If you want to change the price afterwards
You should give me an official letter, tell me your system is a problem,
and tell me what's the correct total and discount amount and how much I should pay you,
then ask me like to take refund or make up the difference to you
tell me if I choice take refund , you will ask me to back up the data within a limited time and then leave
the premise is that you have to make it clear that this is your problem
You should communicate honestly with me, not so rude to me

All the amounts are the result of your system calculation, only you can control, I can not
You sell me the price , not I made the price to buy you
I just fallow your system to paid you ,the amount of my payment is in line with the contents of the invoice
This is your invoice for me, not my own

You should say you gave too much discount , you want to go back to chang the amount of discount
you should ask I would like to make up the difference or cancel the order
Discount amounts is the result of your system calculation,
You say I received too much discount. ,did i ??
How do i know that your system does not provide the correct amount?
Do I have to pay for any discount?? will you??
If i pay, is discounts still discount?
I didn't owe you anything
Phil Huang
Phil Huang,
Honesty and apology are not difficult.
The difficulty is that you have to look at the nature of the incident and face him.
If $53.1 allows you to refuse to face problems honestly, then how dare we continue to use your web hostin...Read Moreg service?
How can a company that cannot even calculate the correct amount of money provide a safe website hosting service?
Phil Huang
Phil Huang,
Hey! Hostmetro
Since you have closed my ticket, we can now openly discuss this issue.
Your disapproval made me feel sick.
You should be ashamed of your unprofessionalism and apologize for your rude behavior.
I can tell you ver...Read Morey clearly that the root of the whole thing is that your coupon calculation has caused me to get a price lower than you expected.
Your unprofessional treatment shows that you have the following disadvantages
1. You do not respect customers at all
2. You don't respect your own refund rules at all
3. You lack credibility and lie to your customers
4. You lack the ability to reflect and do not want to admit your mistake
What is your definition of refund?
Can I use candy to pay for hosting fees if you can use a hosting credit refund?
I use money to make payments but you use a hosting credit as a refund. This is illogical and it is unfair.
The customer buys a web hosting service on your website. Unit price, discount and total price are calculated by your system and provided to customers.
In this case, what methods does the customer get "too much discount"?
The only possibility is that there is a problem with your money calculation program or coupon management program.
When there is a problem with your calculation of the amount, you should inform the customer and propose a proper solution. You cannot unreasonably withhold the customer's payment.
How can a company that can't calculate correctly even with such a small amount of money be able to handle such a professional job as webhosting?
Phil Huang
Phil Huang,
Hey , Hostmetor
I believe there are some language barriers between us. After all, I come from non-English speaking countries.
But I don't think that business ethics and how to deal with customers have anything to do with nationa...Read Morelity.
We Chinese people pay great attention to the issue of honesty, honesty is the only way to solve the problem.
Your attitude will determine my follow-up action
For me and my students, this is a good education case. We learn dialectics, debates, business ethics and customer relationships, and how to distinguish right from wrong. The most important thing is how to measure the importance of money and business integrity.

I think you are implying that your system, invoices, and communication skills are not trustworthy, but you're embarrassed to admit it, right?
If your system is really problematic, don't be shy. Tell me frankly that I'm happy to discuss and solve this problem calmly with you.

You said I used my hosting credit on July 20, 2017. Not only does it deviate from the facts, it is also illogical.

I believe my order, payment and cancellation related activities are still recorded on your server.
If you cannot read this data, it may be your ability or programming problem.

I cannot use "magic hosting credits" that I have never had before.
If I really have a "magic hosting credit" that I can use, why doesn't the system display when I log in?
Why is the "magic hosting credit" I used not recorded in the invoice?
I think you are implying that there is something wrong with the system that you provide to me. It's just that you didn't say anything, right??

I ordered the second product on July 20, 2017, completed the payment and received the invoice you provided to me.
The invoice contains the total price and discount amount, and there is absolutely no "magic hosting credit". I once believed that the invoice you gave me contained the correct content,
It seems like you are implying that there is something wrong with the content of the invoice you provided to me. It's just that you didn’t say anything, right??

On July 21, 2017, you and I confirmed my first product cancellation order.
Please tell me who provided me with a "magic hosting credit" on July 20, 2017
Or do you have a secret mine where I can mine "magic hosting credit" like bitcoin??

If you want to continue to insist on not admitting mistakes, it is your freedom, I respect, but I will let this topic continue to discuss.
Maybe in the summer, I can create a website called "hostmetro rule" or "Need need apology" or "531 Event book" on the hostmetro to discuss this issue.
All the data I can provide includes time, date, amount, invoice, and screenshots, but the stability of the site depends on you
Eugene Powers
Eugene Powers from United States,
Moved from iPage

HostMetro really really bad service, stay away. You have been warned!!!!

1. Have problems with SPAM. The only reason I subscribed to HostMetro is their tools to get rid of SPAM. None of these tools are working. NONE. All complaints go unanswered. They blame cPanel makers but I don't think so. Without a...Read Moresking as a "courtesy" they put me on the spamfilter that cut out all my email. I lost two days of email until they removed me from this spamfilter.
2. At least once per week I can't send emails because some Spammer abusing shared server so the IP address gets blacklisted. Never had problems like these with other hosting services.
3. Many times their chat service people just don't answer the chat and even if they do they just leave you hanging for hours. I tried several times to call and speak with the supervisor but they refuse to get on online.

Stay AWAY!!!!!!
Host Metro
Host Metro,
I'm sorry to hear about your experience with HostMetro.

While we provide a few options for spam filters, these services should be set up and customized to an individual user. If you were having issues with too much spam or legi...Read Moretimate mail not getting through, you could have contacted our support team to help you set up the spam filter to better fit your account, or you could do so yourself, since you have complete control of the spam filter you choose.

For blacklisting problems, we can switch the server your account is on to an upgraded server with better protections against the spammers and blacklists. We are currently working on upgrading the servers which experience these problems, but we understand it can be frustrating in the mean time.

Our supervisors/admins are busy monitoring and fixing the servers, and performing upgrades like I mentioned above, so unfortunately they aren't available over the phone. You can always speak to an admin or manager through the ticket system, which any of our regular support reps would have helped you to do if the problem was not something they could fix for you. I'm not sure when you chatted with one of our support techs, but they answer chats as quickly as they can. It's not immediate because in between answers they are often looking up your account and the issue, to see if they can resolve it as quickly as possible.

I'm sorry you've had such a poor experience with our company. If you're still facing any of these issues, I'd be happy to look into it personally if you submit a ticket.
Jose Antonio Acuña Arias
Jose Antonio Acuña Arias from Spain,
Moved from iPage

Really to Recommend

I am really glad with the support service. Really fast and reliable.
What I would improve would be the problem of limitations.
Especially at the beginning, we have to design the Web and more resources are needed.
I come from iP...Read Moreage, and I really have nothing to object to.
Thanks to all support team.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Very Experienced Hosting Team

HostMetro is a well-established hosting provider with an experienced team of professionals running the show.  The employees have a combined 50+ years of experience in this industry and it shows in the level of service they provide. In addition to providing a good technical experience, they also have a strong focus on offering great customer service.  They are there 24/7 for tech support and also monitor their systems closely to avoid downtime or other issues.  The company is focused on shared hosting solutions, but they also offer email hosting and domain name registration services too.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The reliability of this company seems to be quite good.  They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with a full money back guarantee on top of it.  They also offer free weekly backups of your site to ensure quick restoration in the event that there is a major problem. Unfortunately, there is not too much information online from actual customers saying anything one way or the other in terms of the speed and reliability of this company.  While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it would be nice to see more information.


Nice Shared Hosting with some Extras Too

They have a limited number of hosting packages to choose from, but that makes it easier for many people to choose exactly what they want.  Within the packages you will get unlimited FTP accounts and MySQL databases.  You’ll also get a free shared SSL certificate, unlimited domains, a free domain name, unlimited email accounts, plenty of disk space and bandwidth and much more.  They also include cPanel, CloudFlare and other nice services within each package to ensure your site is running smoothly from day one.

They don’t provide too much information about the actual hardware that they use for the hosting.  This is not uncommon for shared hosting companies though, so it is likely nothing to be concerned about.  If needed, you can run streaming audio and video as well no matter which of the packages you choose.


24/7/365 Tech support

The tech support is staffed 24/7/365 and they seem able to handle most any issues.  They respond quickly when you submit a ticket or send them an email, which is vary important.  In addition, they have a nice knowledge base that contains a lot of information that will help you to avoid problems with your website.  Their blog is also populated with useful information. Overall, I’d say the tech support is one of the best features about this company.


Reasonable Prices

The prices with this company start at just $2.45 per month for their entry level package.  That price, however, requires a 3 year commitment.  If you are paying for just a year, it goes up to $4.45 per month.  They don’t list a set monthly price so it seems you have to sign up for at least a year at a time. The higher end option is $6.95 per month (for 3 years) or as high as $8.95 per month for an annual contract.  Overall, the pricing is fairly average.


Nice Affordable Hosting

If you just need basic hosting for your website, this company could be the ideal solution for you.  They have very simple hosting packages and not too many to choose from.  While this does limit you on your options, it also makes it much easier to select what you need.  They are clearly targeting newer webmasters by providing them with an overall simple experience, which is what most people will want.


  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name
  • Simple Options


  • No VPS/Dedicated Servers
  • Must sign up for annual hosting (at least)

Host Metro Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mega Max Hosting Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.45 4.4 Details
Super Max Hosting Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.95 2.8 Details

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