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Hagen Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.95 - $119.96

Data Centers


Jim Vannest
Jim Vannest from United States,


Hagen Hosting removed our E-Classifieds website without warning after we paid advanced fees. Their phone number doesn’t work , never respond to Tickets since 2015 (we are in 2018), never responded to a single email. We paid nearly...Read More $1000 to be hosted by HAGEN HOSTING, plus monthly fees. THEY WILL SCAM YOU. STAY AWAY. !!Less
Karen Turner
Karen Turner,
They did the same thing to me!! Have you found another company that offers the same type of classified ad services?
Cathy Scott
Cathy Scott from United States,

My Site Is Offline & HagenHosting Is Unresponsive

Do anyone here have advice on what to do to get our domains back from Hagen Hosting so we can host our sites elsewhere? I do not have access to the DNS, which has to be changed by Hagen Hosting to point to another hosting site, to...Read More get it away from Hagen. Does anyone know how to bypass that? Thank you.Less
Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett from United States,

no one home

No support from Hagen Hosting for several months now. I am now trying to cancel the account but no response to tickets, email or phone calls. The only communication I received from them is a request to renew for another year
A Free Zaphoroghian Cossack
A Free Zaphoroghian Cossack,
I think hagenhosting is a computer running out of somebody's closet in DC. Their web page claims they're this big firm but I don't think that's the case anymore. Might have been 10 years ago when I started with them. They serve...Read Mored me well for years but aren't responding to emails and the phone number on their page doesn't go to a real phone. Less
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan from Canada,

Shady business. Can't stress this enough.

They bill you for everything. I only used them because it was my first website 10 years ago and I had no idea what hosting even was back then. I didn't know what I was doing. A lot has changed since then. The software they sell is...Read More pretty brutal as well. It crashes and they disable parts of it if you host with them because it's so terrible.Less
I have the same problem. I want to transfer everything that i have with these company, and i cannot. Is there any other way to contact them???

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Many options for great shared hosting services

HagenHosting has been around since 1995, but they didn't start providing actual hosting services until 2001.  They are a privately owned company that specializes in great shared hosting services. They are based out of Delaware and have multiple data centers, though they don't specifically state where these data centers are located on their site.

While most companies that only offer shared hosting are targeting smaller sites, HagenHosting actually does a great job of attracting some of the larger sites to their company.  While they don't specifically state this, it seems that their higher end hosting packages are actually quite similar to a VPS or semi-dedicated solution.  Some of the big name companies that are hosted with Hagen are c|net, Novell, Century 21, Compaq, HP and even the United Nations.

Overall they do a great job at providing high end hosting while still keeping their prices quite reasonable.  Whether you are looking for a place to host your small personal blog, or you have a larger corporate site that needs to be up and running at all times, the chances are that Hagen can handle it.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Great reliable hosting for all types of sites

While they don't list an SLA or other uptime guarantee, they are well known for providing you with the stable hosting that you'll need. They are trusted by many major corporations, and from their social media pages and other sources, it seems like they do a great job at keeping their sites up and running.

They market the fact that they use only high end servers, and that they own all their own equipment so they can quickly respond to any hardware outages or other problems. All of this adds up to a very stable hosting environment.


Many great features at all levels

As with most companies, the features that they offer start out somewhat small and then grow as you move up to larger packages.  Some of the nice perks that you get at all levels, however, are free site transfers, phishing scams blockers, site building tools, simple spam control tools, and one click installation to many great scripts.

When you move up to higher packages you will get things like image theft protection, SSL certificates, domain mirroring, merchant support and much more.  It can take some time to go through all the features they have available and finding the one that will meet your needs.  Taking the time, however, will be well worth it in the long run.


High quality support available

This company has onsite technical support professionals who can help you with just about any type of problem.  In many cases, they are able to identify and fix problems before you are even aware that they exist.  You can use their technical ticketing system, or email them if necessary.  They don't, however, encourage phone support as a first line option.  They do have the option to call you, or have you call them, if they need to speak with you about an issue.

Their self-help knowledgebase is quite good and helpful for any customers who are looking about learning how to do some things themselves.


Wide range of different prices

Their shared hosting services start at just $3.95 per month and go all the way up to $119.96 per month.  This is quite a range, and they have many options in between.  While it may seem odd that they are charging so much for shared hosting, they do limit the number of clients per server so that higher priced packages have the power and resources that are normally associated with VPS or semi-dedicated options.


Exceptional Hosting for all types of sites

This company has been around for quite a long time and they have managed to attract some major businesses to their hosting services.  They have a strong reputation for quality hosting, so no matter what type of site you are looking to have hosted, the chances are that they have the right package for you.


  • Well established company
  • Many high profile clients
  • Easy to understand package options
  • Lots of very nice features included
  • Easy to upgrade to higher packages when necessary


  • Only shared hosting options
  • Not clear where their data centers are physically located

Hagen Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Lite 400 GB 3.91 TB Unlimited $3.95 2.1 Details
Basic 800 GB 7.81 TB Unlimited $7.96 2.1 Details
Standard 1000 GB 9.77 TB Unlimited $11.96 2.1 Details
Professional 1.17 TB 11.72 TB Unlimited $15.96 2.0 Details
Commerce 1.5 TB 14.6 TB Unlimited $23.96 2.1 Details
Premium 1.95 TB 19.5 TB Unlimited $39.96 2.1 Details
Corporate 2.93 TB 29.3 TB Unlimited $79.96 2.1 Details
Enterprise 3.91 TB 39.06 TB Unlimited $119.96 2.1 Details

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