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GoogieHost Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from GoogieHost

GoogieHost.com is one of the leading free web hosting provider on the internet with thousands of trusted clients. We offer 1000MB SSD Disk Space, 100GB monthly transfer on actual cPanel server powered by LiteSpeed, CloudLinux to powerup your websites within seconds and other resources will be unlimited.

Moreover, we offer unbeatable 99,9% uptime, Free subdomains (cu.ma, thats.im) and of course 24/7 user support, facebook community, blog and much more!
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.00 - $2.50


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Peerzada Usmaan

Pinned Review

Peerzada Usmaan,
One of the best free hostings I've ever used. Free Hosting but premium features. Till now my website has not got down. Very fast loading speed.


Michael Francis
Michael Francis from India,

Worst Free hosting Ever

I was attracted by their features but after hosting my site with them most of the times my site is down and i am unable to access the control panel.
I opened a support ticket and it's almost a month has gone but still no reply.
It's the worst Free hosting Ever I have used.
P. Alexandre
P. Alexandre from Netherlands,

Don't waste your time

I wanted to try the free services before using that host. Also I just wanted to test my skills at building a website like good developers. Indeed there is no support at all. After initial confirmation email, account was cancelled ...Read Morewith no explanation (It was never used or properly activated). After many attempts to contact them from the registered email never got any emails from them and you can't even get your information off their server. I would be very careful as this is hosted on another country where the usual Western company rules do not apply (Information deletion rules are very serious). I would say out of the free services I have dealt with this is the worst hands down. The score should be 0 as none of the service were ever offered.

Hint: The reviews outside of India seem way more accurate

We are looking into this matter verification link require login after you click on the link. We are already in touch with WHMCS developers team to fix this issue but it seems to take bit time its not related to GoogieHost services at all.
P. Alexandre
P. Alexandre,
Thanks for answering here instead of the support email that I sent about a month ago. So you are saying improperly configured verification email is not a Googiehost issue? Yet I am still receiving spam from you guys on my email an...Read Mored no answer from any support request? And for your information I did login right after I clicked on the confirmation link.

As I said before I really would not recommend this service, because even as a free service it gives more trouble than it's worth because of the lack of a working system on top of no support. You can get away with one but both is a doomed system.

If you can't receive new request properly just stop your registration instead of trying to lure new customers to your paying system. That sounds like a very sketchy Webhost to me.
In every email, we mentioned that you need to log in after you click on the Confirmation link if you are not able to confirm your account it doesn't mean everyone else was unable to do the same. We are accepting hundreds of orders...Read More every day but its big challenge to allow unverified accounts on our network as 96% of new registrations are coming to intentionally abuse server resources.

After the 31st of Jan 2019, we are starting a pay per ticket support system where you can opt for an optional paid ticket support system. It might take a bit of time to open for everyone.

Please do let us know if you of any other concern.
P. Alexandre
P. Alexandre,
Thank You for providing support on a review site. I am sure if you were as responsive on your own platform you would solve a lot of issues. It might be useful to read that I followed the instructions as you said.

But I think yo...Read Moreu missed the main issue and the root of the problem. Lack of support for a non working system. Stop blaming everybody else WHMCS, the client and etc. The fact that you will start offering paid support for people who don't even have a working account yet only points out to what I was saying from the beginning.

It does confirm my suspicion that people should be very careful with this Host, they even try to upsell you on review sites. It made me realize that paying 2$/month for better product, service and support from providers like Bluehost makes more sense. Especially if Googiehost will make you pay for support of their free product anyways (including if it's buggy to begin with ).
We wouldn't be charging for the tickets which are being created related to known issues on our network. We respect your feedback and assure you to improve our service in the coming days

I am extremely sorry about the issue you have faced.

Rajesh Chauhan
P. Alexandre
P. Alexandre,
Thanks again for an extremely fast response and finally taking some responsibility for your service package not working as expected. People will be extremely patient with a free service if you are honest. If you had lead with the ...Read Morefact that you have known network issues, this probably would have shown Googiehost on a better light.

I would suggest that you look at how low your average grade is on this review site since July 2019. So it seems like there is a good amount of unsatisfied customer. Maybe your service was good before but it seems like the last 6 months there are some serious problems and leaving my personal registration info on an organization that would not address that is not very comforting.

Good luck with solving your issues, just be honest to customers from the beginning and again stop taking new registrations if any part of your organization cannot handle it. Whether it's support, server or etc.
Usman Ahmad
Usman Ahmad from Pakistan,

Biggest Fraud!

They Actually Sales Affiliations Through Fraud.
ScreenShot = https://goo.gl/WHtSzy
At GoogieHost we are very strict against server abuse and other invalid activities due to some security reasons and we have limited server resources for free accounts. If your website using too many resources like few user Install...Read More software ex vBulletin, XenForo, magento etc which usages lots of server resources we just don't allow such apps.

Hope you understand.
Kirill Polosenko
Kirill Polosenko from Ukraine,

Very bad

Registered a free account to try to make the web site by my self (for self education & development), but...
1. The provider do not keep the word given to the client: they promise to make a decision to serve the project or not...Read More in 4-24 WO - I got any response in mentioned time.
2. SPAM - instead of informing the client about the decision they immediately start sending the promotional e-mails with their paid services & recommendations how to exclude their letters from the spam list.
Really, guys, you are not along on the market & during your decision awaiting I got necessary service in another place. I can't get any replies from your support, so ask you here: please delete the Kirill Polosenko's account & exclude my e-mail from your spaming list

I am sorry to see you unhappy with us service but I believe explaining the things help others.

1. We are getting too many orders from spammers and we verify each order manually which takes time however we try our leve...Read Morel best to process all accounts in 24hrs max....

2. We respect your privacy and we don't spam your inbox but yeah we do offer you our optionals paid service.

Hope you understand the situation and come back again. And yeah it's holidays in India due to which support tickets are taking time to get responded....

Markish johnson
Markish johnson from Canada,

worst hosting company ever

Horrible hosting company
support is the worst 3 weeks later no reply to any tickets
servers are terrible they are not up 99.95 percent of the time they are down like 70% of the time
features are horrible alot of stuff is missing from the cpanel
Chris Naron
Chris Naron from United States,

Awful uptime, support, and random termination

I've used googiehost to host my website for about 6 months now, while the options aren't great in the administrative department (no shell access, etc) the service was generally workable. The issues with googiehost began about a mo...Read Morenth ago, all of a sudden the service was out about 50% of the time and the other 50% it was borderline non-responsive.

On the 10th of December I logged into my account to change the about me page, only to find my account was terminated with no email detailing why, or letting me know at all. I just had no access to my server after 6 months of being perfectly fine and using it for a web design class at my university. I contacted Googiehost support and have been waiting about 20 days at this point for a reply, but the silence is deafening.. Interestingly enough my website is still live, just inaccessible, so I'm wondering if a system error "Terminated" my account.
dylin klee
dylin klee from Chile,

Worst ever

I have been using googiehost for about 2 years they was good to start off thn everything went down hill
the servers are offline more than 99.5 percent of the time and i have been trying to contact the support for over a month and...Read More a half and i have not got 1 bit of help they claim to be 24/7 support from what i have seen they dont even have support no more it feels likeLess

Expert Review

Yuriy Gandyak
Yuriy Gandyak
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Quality free hosting company

GoogieHost is a web hosting company that provides free hosting to customers.  They also have premium hosting options, which provide you with some added features.  The premium hosting is still very cheap.   The company has been in business since 2011, and they are based in India.  They have grown to support over 73000 clients at this time, and they are growing quite quickly.

Unlike most free hosting companies, you will actually get some pretty decent features when you sign up here.  Their hosting is all shared, which is not surprising, but it is quite reliable.  The loading speed has had some complaints, but for the most part it is always up and running, which makes this an attractive company for anyone who just needs a decent host, but speed is perhaps not the primary concern.

The really interesting thing with this company is that they don’t make you put up their ads or banner saying you are hosted with them.  This is typically required whenever working with a free host.  It is not exactly clear how they are making their money, unless they are really pushing their premium services once you sign up.



Rated by Yuriy Gandyak

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Surprisingly reliable hosting

When you sign up for free hosting, you typically expect there to be uptime problems.  This company, however, says they have 99.99% uptime guarantees, which is even better than many paid companies.  Of course, if they don’t meet these SLAs there is not much that can be done since you’re not paying for the service anyway.

From what I can find, however, the sites are quite stable and rarely experience any actual outages.  Some people have complained about loading speeds, which is a common issue with shared hosting when the servers are oversold.  For many webmasters, however, this may not be a major problem.


Everything you’ll need is free, premium options cost

Everything you need for basic hosting comes included in the free package.  You will be limited on things like disk space and bandwidth, but the limits are surprisingly high (for a free host).  Those who want a larger site will run into these limits, and may need to upgrade.  New customers do get a free SEMRush account, which is really quite a nice perk.

You can use their website builder free of charge, and make a very nice looking site without any problem.

Anything other than the basic hosting requirements, however, will require you to upgrade to their premium services, which start at just $25 per year.



Good support from India based tech teams

The support provided by this company is way better than most people would expect, given the price.  They have a 24/7 tech team available to call and they can typically fix most issues right away.  Since they focus their efforts just on simple shared hosting, this likely makes it easier to identify and fix problems fast.

From what I could find, they don’t have much by way of self-help options.  They do have a blog, but when I visited it, the page was out of service.  I can’t tell if they are just no longer using it or if it is just a technical issue.


Free hosting or inexpensive upgrades

If you are looking for free hosting, this is really the best company I have seen.  You’ll get more than any other free hosting company can offer, and you don’t even need to display their ads.  Even if you upgrade to their premium option, it is only $25 per year, and you get a pretty decent package at this level.

For those who are really concerned with price, this is an excellent company to consider.


The best free hosting around

This company provides good hosting at a truly unbeatable price.  If you’re looking for the lowest priced hosting on the net, you should absolutely check into this company and see if they can meet your needs.


  • Free hosting
  • No ads
  • Free SEMRush account


  • Some complaints of slow load times
  • No room to grow if your site gets popular

GoogieHost Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
FREE WEB HOSTING 1 GB 100.04 GB cPanel 1 $0.00 9.0 Details
PREMIUM HOSTING Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.50 8.8 Details

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