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C A from United Kingdom,

Poor quality & service

Your website will begin to run very slowly. Avg response times of 5 seconds. When you contact Globat they'll tell you it's your own internet connection yet every PC on the world shows how slow it is.
J. Austin
J. Austin from United States,

Site down since late January - No Help from Globat - Bad Customer Support

Our website has been down since late January. It was fine now gets a "Internal Server Error". Nothing has changed on out files so it is something they have done. The person’s name on the account recently died so we cannot get into...Read More the account. We have been jumping through hoops to get the necessary info to Globat, however, in the meantime, they will not work with us to help get the site back up.

If the domain was registered elsewhere, we would have already switched to a new hosting provider, which we will do once we can get back into the account.
Alex H.
Alex H. from United States,

Not worth the trouble.

Over the years, I have had 5 websites hosted with Globat. When they first started, they were affordable and reliable with people on the west coast who would actually answer the phone and troubleshoot issues with me. They got bough...Read Moret out and customer service quality tanked. Thankfully, I have finally migrated the last one of them away to other hosts. Globat hosting is fine and dandy - if a little pricier than other options - for keeping data, but I have had so many issues with their billing practices over the years that I was finally done once and for all.

Globat is now owned by Endurance International Group, a venture capital organization that has purchased dozens of web startups over the years. they maintain the individual brand names, but all customer support is funneled to the same support center. Customer support suffers immensely from poor training and management. I really don't care who is on the other end of support chat as long as they are a) skilled and knowledgable, b) friendly, and c) empowered to say "I can't help you with that, but let me patch you through to someone who can."

Too many times I have gone into my user accounts to update contact emails, only for that data to revert to the old email after I logged out. So I'd miss billing updates, and there were times that those missed messages caused me downtime on my websites. This was routine. I'd get onto support chat and try to resolve the issue, and update my email addresses. Rinse, repeat.

The last and worst issue with them was in pulling this last website out. The hosting account auto-renewed at the end of January as we were working to get the new site designed and the new hosting plan in place. That took time, and it wasn't until mid-March that all was done. They will not refund the 10 months of hosting I'm not going to use. Their policies are difficult to find. In fact, the clearly-marked policy links in the user control panel lead to links that have little information at all. It took a support chat agent sending me the link to their policies to see what I was dealing with.

Their policies actually do not clearly state that they do no prorate refunds. I had a long debate with the billing support agent about that, and again was never transferred to someone higher up who could help. The agent created a support ticket to send to a "billing specialist", and I'll hear back in 24-48 hours.

So, Globat may work fine until you have ANY kind of issue. Then, all bets are off. Don't waste your time.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Good hosting for small sites – Very simple

Gobat has been around since 2001 and provides their services to over 100,000 websites, which makes them a mid-sized hosting company.  Their main focus in on providing simple hosting for smaller sites, which is a massive niche.  To that end, they only offer shared hosting, and only two package options at that.

If you’re looking to grow your site quickly, this may not be ideal since you can’t migrate to a more advanced hosting option without switching companies.  That being said, however, there are millions of people who need personal or small business sites that will never require a VPS or other higher end hosting solution.

This company is also part of the ENdurance International Group, which owns dozens of other hosting companies.  This is typical seen as a good thing, since they have the financial and technical backing of such a large and well established company.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Some reported reliability issues from customers

Globat does not offer any type of SLA or uptime guarantee, which is not really unusual for companies that only offer shared hosting.  Their servers are housed in a nice data center with power and circuit redundancy.

When looking through what their customers have said about their hosting, there were some reports of unexpected downtime for their sites.  Based on what was said, it seems that the shared servers may have too many customers on them.


Simplicity takes priority over feature list

Both of the hosting packages include just about everything the entry level webmaster will need.  There are not, however, very many extra features that you can add on.  This is clearly done intentionally, since they are trying to make sure that they are providing the simplest user experience possible.

The hosting packages also have some limitations on things like the number of MySQL databases, domains and other things.  These limitations won’t be an issue for most customers, but it is important to be aware of them before signing up.


Good 24/7 support available

Globat offers customer service and technical support 24 hours per day.  You can call them using the provided toll-free number, or use their live chat features.  The tech support team is clearly used to working with people who aren’t tech professionals, which is nice for their target audience.

In addition to the direct support, they also offer several self-help articles and other opportunities for their customers to learn more about web hosting so that they can run their sites better.


Standard pricing

The pricing for each hosting package is about average for what you get.  When considering this company for hosting, price likely won’t be much of a factor since you aren’t getting a great deal, but you also aren’t getting ripped off.


Reasonable hosting for entry level sites

If you are only looking for basic, easy to use web hosting, this is a good company to consider.  They provide a nice service overall, and cater to those who aren’t professional webmasters.  For example, non-technical business owners and people who want to run their own blog would do well to look into Globat.


  • Extremely simple hosting options
  • 24/7 support
  • Only two hosting packages to choose from
  • Well established company


  • Only shared hosting options available – Limited growth opportunities
  • Some history of downtime



Globat Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
GX01 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.40 3.5 Details
GX19 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $19.99 3.5 Details

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