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FreeVPS.online delivers free VPSes, Those VPSes could be used for educational purposes.
Our platform is automated after acceptance to our platform.
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Shahiem S

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Shahiem S,
Thank you for the free VPS, The specs as same as advertised. Good connectivity to Europe


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Gersom Rink
Gersom Rink from Netherlands,

Just great hosting

It is great hosting, the come back withing a hour that your free VPS is hosted, the support is not that great. I've send a email 30 minutes ago and still didn't get any reply. I'm using it for a Minecraft server, The ram is not that good for that but with not to much players it can go great!

Our main focus is giving people what using this VPS for educational purposes.
We can't deliver much support on those VPSes because we have to do it in our free time and are working on donations.

We trying to keep the best for the users.

Kind regards
my email/ericahu@yandex.com
my email/ericahu@yandex.com

Very very good

First of all, thank you very much for the free VPS provided by your company, which has helped me a lot in my study. I will recommend this VPS to my classmates and friends around me. Finally, thank you again.
Nicholas Y
Nicholas Y from United Kingdom,

Seemed a little doggy, don't regret anything

It's good for what you get, that's what I can say. For a small price, you get a good sized, and average VPS for one price too. Real easy to buy and the support email responded very quickly for queries I had.
Andreas B.
Andreas B. from Germany,

Finally it's not working

For a short time a server was usable. After a week it's gone. Even after reinstalling, restarting a.s.o. it's down. ping and ping6 says "Destination unreachable". Nice idea, but without a budget it seems not really to be possible. Thanks for your efforts anyway.

If you did mail us with this problem we could help you.
Said to see directly an bad review, We are working hard with volunteers to keep this project running.

Kind regards
Andreas B.
Andreas B.,
What's wrong with you? It's not a bad review. E.g. you've got 5 stars for pricing and 4 for the support. But what do you expect for a VPS that is down? 5 stars for reliability? Common, stop your tears and keep it up. Good work.

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