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Your website is slow and unsecured. We can fix it. Utilizing SSD-only storage for files and databases storage and providing Global CDN access, FastComet focuses on achieving just-a-second load time for your website content.
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Money Back: 45 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.49 - $4.99
VPS $38.95 - $90.94
Dedicated Server $90.35 - $226.85
Cloud Hosting $38.95 - $90.94


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

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Lloyd Bathurst

Pinned Review

Lloyd Bathurst,
I was looking for ages for a hosting provider for a Woocommerce site I am going to make for my wifes hobby. I read all of these 'Top 10's' that has the same old hosting providers in them. I like to as...Read Morek questions regardless of how they score in the top tens. Bearing in mind the people who write these make a lot of money when people click through and sign up from their page.

I quizzed a few and got some dodgy answers and made me think there were some nasty surprises inside.

I came across FastComet at 23:30 UK time and thought i would have a long wait for support to answer some questions - if at all that time of night. Within 30 seconds i was greeted by a re and they proceeded to answer all my questions. There is plenty of information on the site about their plans. (Not like some others). All my questions were answered quickly and concisely. No beating around the bush here.

I signed up at around midnight UK time and was unsure about how to set Woocommerce and the SSL certificate up. I needed to be up at 6am for work. Their support said to raise a ticket - which i did - and they would set it all up for me.

I came in from work this evening and low and behold. It was completed less that half an hour after i logged the ticket. This came with an apology that the SSL was not yet set up. They quickly updated this to advise that it was now set up around 45 minutes later with instructions of how to verify it.

If i had of known they would be that quick and efficient i would have stayed up longer and had a play around with my themes in Woocommerce.

Very impressed. Can not fault them at all. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Don't just go by Top 10 sites. Look around for the golden nuggets like this one :-)


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Lloyd Bathurst
Lloyd Bathurst from United Kingdom,

Superb Support and outstanding plans at unbelievable prices. Very happy so far.

I was looking for ages for a hosting provider for a Woocommerce site I am going to make for my wifes hobby. I read all of these 'Top 10's' that has the same old hosting providers in them. I like to ask questions regardless of how ...Read Morethey score in the top tens. Bearing in mind the people who write these make a lot of money when people click through and sign up from their page.

I quizzed a few and got some dodgy answers and made me think there were some nasty surprises inside.

I came across FastComet at 23:30 UK time and thought i would have a long wait for support to answer some questions - if at all that time of night. Within 30 seconds i was greeted by a re and they proceeded to answer all my questions. There is plenty of information on the site about their plans. (Not like some others). All my questions were answered quickly and concisely. No beating around the bush here.

I signed up at around midnight UK time and was unsure about how to set Woocommerce and the SSL certificate up. I needed to be up at 6am for work. Their support said to raise a ticket - which i did - and they would set it all up for me.

I came in from work this evening and low and behold. It was completed less that half an hour after i logged the ticket. This came with an apology that the SSL was not yet set up. They quickly updated this to advise that it was now set up around 45 minutes later with instructions of how to verify it.

If i had of known they would be that quick and efficient i would have stayed up longer and had a play around with my themes in Woocommerce.

Very impressed. Can not fault them at all. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Don't just go by Top 10 sites. Look around for the golden nuggets like this one :-)
Zakariae N
Zakariae N from Netherlands,


HEY YOU THERE! Yes You! Let me share with you my story of analysing and comparing hosts for a couple of days from morning till late and the experience I've had with FastComet.

Just like you're probably doing right now, I did ex...Read Moretensive research on which host is best. Especially after having read all the lengthy articles about the importance of a good host. I went through countless of host websites, googling different keywords, typing in the urls of competitors to see which hosts they're using and monitoring their uptime, analysing and comparing all the features in their packages, reading hundreds and hundreds of reviews for days from morning till night. And all my research eventually pointed to FastComet.

Looking back this was The Best Decision Ever. Especially their Technical Support team is a really professional and truly competent ELITE TEAM! They helped me superbly when I needed them whether during day or night with all kinds of technical issues; 301 redirecting my website urls,saving me when I accidentally crashed my site (White Screen of Death), setting up the SSL-Certificate, assisting me and thoroughly investigating a third party service I purchased and had problems with, activating Cloudflare for me, advising me on some questions I had and even making sure I get periodic backups of my site on an external server (FOR FREE, while I was planning to pay 5$/month for this service with a third party).

In conclusion: WAUW! I'm super satisfied and totally would recommend you to choose FastComet as your host. I hope my message will help you in some way.

P.S. Message for my fellow Dutch citizens: GEWELDIGE HOST, ga ervoor. Je zult er echt geen spijt van krijgen!

Greetings from a super happy FastComet customer and fan from Amsterdam,

Zakariae N

Customer service is very bad.

If you open the ticket, you can relax. because it will be not fix or solve any problems by Technical Supports. They do not know how to fix or solve fix the problems. This situation is unacceptable.

This problem is :

I send t...Read Morehe request my website. The share server give me a responce the another website.

They are not solving this problem for 8 hours. This problem still continues.

I will write again how many hours they solved it If they solve my problem.
Hello Eren,

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed by our support service. My colleague Michael updated your ticket a few minutes ago with additional information on the case.

Basically, as you can see from the provid...Read Moreed information the issue was not actually caused by any misconfiguration of your account but because you used the temporary URL to access your application but the app is configured to work with your domain name. When the application is configured to work with your domain name it displays a custom system page if you try to reach the site via a different URL.

We are sorry that it took longer than you expected to provide you with the proper information about the issue but some cases require more time for investigation and your ticket was escalated to our senior support team to make sure that this is not a server-related problem. Unfortunately, not all tickets can be solved within a few minutes.

If you need additional information on the case or you experience any further difficulties, please feel free to update us via your ticket and we will be glad to review it further.

Thank you.

FastComet Team
Pranjal Changkakati
Pranjal Changkakati from India,

Fast Comet Team Goes the Extra Mile to Help. Superb Service Fast Comet Team.

Thank you is the least I can say to you all to show my appreciation for everything you all have done for me, Thanks a Million.


Keep it up Team Fast Comet @ Ventsislav, Bryan Jones, Ivan Dimov...Read Moreski, Peter Wilder, Vlad, Daniel Lee, Charlie P and All Team Members of Fast Comet.Less
Shehab Ahmed
Shehab Ahmed from Egypt,

Resource limit reached every minute for my WordPress site ( Visitors 200 monthly ! )

Every day i see resource limit reached, and every week down time and SSL error saying your SSL Cert is from MediaHome.router !
because they restart their server or something and some services fail to go online!
Anyway they are w...Read Moreay overpriced, such a service level and quality of servers and available resources fits ( 2$ hosting ) NOT ( 200$ ) hosting!Less
Dear Shehab,

We were sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the service and the support you have received from us. We take seriously feedback from clients who were not satisfied with our services and we review each case thoro...Read Moreughly. As you have expressed overall dissatisfaction with our services a detailed evaluation of your case was performed by our Senior Customer Success Managers.

We were surprised to come across your negative review and overall negative experience with our services as according to our records, we can see that the Support team members involved were extremely responsive with all of your inquiries and provided proactive assistance accordingly to the situation.

We can see your account is still active and we really would like to keep you as a customer and help you resolve the website transfer issues that occurred. Our team is available for you at any time and will be happy to resolve any issue you might face or question you might have. Our main priority and mission are to provide our clients with smooth and satisfying customer experience both with our support and our services.

Indeed, on the shared hosting plan your website uses, the resources available are limited, since they are shared between all accounts on the server. To ensure fair usage, there are specific CPU and process executions allocated to each account, and in order to be transparent, we list these in detail on our full feature list page: https://www.fastcomet.com/pricing. Unfortunately, we cannot remove package quotas; they apply to all customers who pay the same amount as you do.

Please note that in no way we aim to put you at fault for the situation. Our team has simply tried to explain the causes of the issues you have experienced and give you steps to address them.

You have been with us for more than a year already and have had the chance to evaluate the service. If FastComet isn't a fit for you because of our pricing or any other reason, we get it. You choose who you partner with to serve your business or your customers' businesses. Our objective is to be the best cloud platform at helping you and your customers grow. Being the best doesn't mean we're looking to find ways to do less for our customers to charge less. It means finding ways to do more at helping our customers and agency partners create rich, performant, and secure experiences that drive revenue.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, so that assist you further.

FastComet Team
Francesco B.
Francesco B. from Italy,

BitNinja traffic limited, account suspended for an error, other problems.

I feel unhappy with BitNinja a mandatory traffic limited software installed on FastComet shared servers and with a successive case where my account was closed for a declared mistake of FastComet team, but when I ask to be refund n...Read Moreot for all time paid but only for used, than FastComet told me that I do not have right for nothing as 45 days refund time were passed.
Uhmmm I dont think so, have a look of screenshots and take your decision and opinion.
Thanks FastComet
Dear Francesco,

We were sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the technical assistance you have received from our team. We can assure you that your case was reviewed in details, as we were able to track your ticket correspo...Read Morendence with our colleagues and would like to address your concerns accordingly.

First, we would like to point out that your web hosting account was not "closed"due to the BitNinja all-in-one security suite we use to defend customer's websites. Regrettably, our system noticed that your websites were executing malicious scripts. This caused the following issue: "Apache cannot allocate memory to execute new process". Security is a top priority in hosting, and we ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect your website and your data. Our techs have provided you with the list of infected files. Our team also re-enabled your access to the website so you can work on the issue and suggested security tips you can apply to prevent future attacks.

We want to point out that throughout the whole time we have promptly addressed your requests for assistance via chat and the Helpdesk system. From your chats and ticketing history, we can see that all team members involved were extremely responsive with all of your requests on this matter and provided assistance whenever you requested it. We have used the information you gave us and applied our best efforts to provide a fix for them. Upon each response, we have asked you to verify the results on your end and kept the tickets open in case further assistance is needed.

We do have a 45-day money back guarantee for all of our shared hosting plans. Our 45-day money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that our services will meet the expectations set out in the TOS. If you are truly dissatisfied beyond repair, you don't have to sit out the entire year, however, please note that cancellations made beyond the first 45 days of service are not eligible for a refund.

Even despite this, we were willing to be flexible and make an exception for you. We have made multiple efforts to contact you on this matter - by phone, by email and even via the tickets you have posted - to find a solution that fits you best, but to no avail.

In case you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
FastComet Team
I just switched to FastComet from SmarterASS oopsie SmarterASP.
I switched because of good reviews particularly of support - speed, politeness, competence, diligence, etc. - attributes that SmarterASS oopsie SmarterASP does not h...Read Moreave.

I also can see FastComet was sincere in addressing reviews, really long replies and careful language unlike again SmarterASS oopsie SmarterASP.

While it is true that we are bound by terms of service in commercial agreements, I thought it would make sense to just refund the guy the money even if it is past the 45-day money-back guarantee. After all he is only 1 of the only 11 of the over 500 that gave bad reviews. Arguing with a dissatisfied customer, whether right or wrong, will not score good points to the whole wide world watching and reading this page. In fact, if FastComet just gives the unused money to any dissatisfied client any time, that will go a long way and add more to the many good praises on here for FastComet.

What do you think?
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Toni Laird
Toni Laird from Thailand,

Terrible Hosting

My site kept going down due to server resource and now again! They say their server is under attack and have no idea how long! This is the worst hosting experience ever and I will revert back to my previous host! More expensive bu...Read Moret you get what you pay for! I highly recommend staying clear of this oneLess
Jenny Minhofor
Jenny Minhofor,
Hey Toni,

What is your previous host? I'm experiencing the same issues with this host
I sympathize with you. I moved over to Siteground who so far are awesome. You may pay a little more but it's worth it. Why save cost to have a site that's always down! My original host is LightningBase who I have been with for yea...Read Morers. The reason I moved one of my sites to SiteGround was I needed more GB space at's it's a photography website. ;-)Less
Hello Toni,
We are really sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Indeed, this was a very bad day for us, one of the worst we have had in the past years. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for DDoS attacks and no ...Read Moreone is actually completely safe from such attacks. Despite all our efforts, the magnitude of the attack that day was beyond the capacity of the NOC to handle. As a result, sites hosted on that specific node were temporary inaccessible from different geo-regions for about 3 hours and 48 minutes.
I understand your frustration in this matter, but want to assure you that we are constantly working to improve our service in regards to resiliency to DDoS attacks. The past year has been spent increasing our capacity and upgrading different piece of network hardware, so that we can handle these attacks with less of an impact on our customers, as well as the additional benefits that come with more capacity and redundancy. Despite this unfortunate events we still managed to meet our SLA and what I do know is that FastComet has a team dedicated to improving the quality of our network and ensuring the best service for our customers. This extends to our handling of situations like this one.
From this point we can only work on improving our service and I can assure you we will do everything in our power to prevent such issues in the future.
We wish you good luck with your projects.

Kind regards,

FastComet Team
i am satisfied till now...caz u guys really want to grow. thats why providing the services.
But i am concern about a reply from a user. he told that you guys do change after a certain time and force to buy a higher priced plan...

thats why i am confused about this company.....
Steven Leigh
Steven Leigh from United States,

Signed up for VPS that never got up and running

After reading the many good reviews and few bad reviews I decided to sign up for a VPS. The first problem started during the sign up process. I used the 10% coupon code that was provided by this site(host advice). The coupon code ...Read Morewas accepted and I completed the checkout process. I received a credit card charge receipt by email soon after, but I had been charged the full price not the discounted price as indicated on their checkout page. I opened a support ticket asking them to correct my credit card charge. They replied by telling me they would put a credit on my account to be used for future charges. This is not the correct and professional thing to do but I decided to overlook it.

I while late I received a welcome email with instructions on how to log in to the VPS. Everything appeared to be working as expected. I logged in and looked around then logged out again, A little later I attempted to log back in but the VPS did not respond. I opened a new support ticket. After a few hours I received a reply saying that I was being given root access. But this did not address the fact that the sever was unreachable. I still could not access as root or as the user. The VPS appeared down to me. I replied to the support ticket explaining this. A few more hours passed and I received a response saying that maybe I was being blocked by their firewall. They requested my IP address so they could investigate. I provided the IP address right away. Now approx a day and a half later I am still waiting for a response from tech support.

I think that this level of service would be OK for a $3 a month shared hosting product, but I would expect a lot more from a $50 a month VPS. I have decided to cancel now rather than find out if the service gets any worse. As a business owner I understand what minimum levels of service are required and FastComet falls very short of this. I cannot recommend them.

Expert Review

Aviran Zazon
Aviran Zazon
Hosting Expert

Fastcomet expert review cover image

Last Update | January 2022

Monthly Update - January 2022

Hosting Plans Web Hosting; Cloud VPS Hosting; WordPress Hosting; WooCommerce Hosting;
Top Features Free Domain Transfer; SSD-Only Cloud; Free Cloudflare CDN; Powered By cPanel; Daily and Weekly Backups; Free 24/7 Priority Support; Free Managed Migrations; 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee
Customer Support Live Chat; Phone and Email Support; Ticketing System


During January, FastComet:

  • Offered 70% off on all shared hosting plans and locations with free migration and 24/7 support with coupon: HELLO70, which expired during this month.
  • Offered 20% off on all Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers with free migration and 24/7 support with coupon: HELLO20, which expired during this month.

FastComet offers 24/7 Live Chat Support, Email Support, Ticketing System and Knowledge Base.
It Is Home to Plenty of Free Applications, Including the Softaculous App Installer.
Offers Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, and Other Types of Hosting.
Has Strong Uptimes and Solid Server Performance.

FastComet as a hosting service started its journey all the way back On January the 1st of 2013 and is a privately-owned, independent global web hosting company. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its high server speeds, free SSL, amazing uptime, consistent live chat support, and low starting fees.

Note: Since its beginnings, FastComet has grown into the provider of choice for more than 50,000 personal and small-business website owners.

Now, the interesting part about all of this is the fact that I’ve never really used FastComet in the past, it never really got onto my radar before I began this review, and truth be told, I probably would have never even found it, but damn, I’m so glad I did.

I will take you on a trip with me as we take an in-depth look at everything it has to offer, so you can see why I ended up loving it so much.

Your expectations might not be as exceeded as mine were, but keep in mind that I went on it expecting not that much to be honest. Anyway, without going on and on about how amazing this hosting provider turned out to be, let’s actually take a look at everything.
Read More

Rated by Aviran Zazon
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  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Getting Started With FastComet

When you first attempt to sign up for the service, you are greeted by three offers.

Shared Hosting – cPanel shared Hosting

Screenshot of the shared hosting plans

Here you’ll have access to FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra, all of which have their own distinctive feature sets.

Cloud VPS Hosting- Private SSD Based Cloud Servers

Screenshot of the Cloud VPS Hosting

Here you have four plans to choose from, Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Cloud 3, and Cloud 4. Things can get a little bit more tricky here, but you shouldn’t have too many issues here if you know what you want.

Dedicated CPU Servers – High-Performance Solutions

Screenshot of the Dedicated CPU Servers

I absolutely love the dedicated server part of this hosting provider. You get a lot, and the prices seem quite fair compared to many others out there. What you end up picking will ultimately rely on what you really need here, and the descriptions are self-explanatory.

For the purposes of this review, I went with the Shared Hosting plan FastCloud, which offers a single website, free website transfer, free domain transfer, cPanel and Softacolous, and 15GB of SSD space.

Keep that in mind as we move further along this review. If you’re going to go the cheap and accessible route, this is the perfect review for you.

Screenshot of the FastCloud Plan

Click on “Get Started” to begin this adventure.

Screenshot of selecting a domain name for your account

You can register a new domain or simply transfer your pre-existing one.

Screenshot of account information

On the account information tab, you’ll need to enter your first name, your last name, your email, your master password, your country and state/region, your zip code, city, address, phone, and optionally, the company you work in.

Then you can select the hosting plan you’ll want to use. In this case, I’m using Shared Hosting – FastCloud, the data center location, and the time period through which you’ll be making the initial purchase.

Note: With FastComet, you can choose from 11 enterprise-class data centers and 200 Global CDN Anycast Network access points.

You also have other features, such as domain registration, domain privacy, search engine submission, search engine optimization (SEO) audit, and GoogleSiteMap.

Last but not least, you’ll just need to add your payment information, which can be done through a Credit Card or through PayPal.

Screenshot of the payment information panel

That is all there is to it, so you should be good to go.

You should then receive an email that the credit card payment has gone through.

Screenshot of email that the credit card payment has gone through

You will then receive an email showcasing everything, including the login details and the control panel URL. Your hosting password will be randomly generated, and you have the ability to change your account password with the link they will provide you. You will additionally receive information about the server name, server IP, nameserver 1 and nameserver 2, as well as the FTP hostname.

Using and Managing Your Website on FastComet

The very first time you end up logging into the FastComet website, you are greeted by this screen.

Screenshot of the FastComet website

Here you have access to support tickets, invoices, domains, and orders.

Under that, you can see all of your active products on the service.

On the support tickets tab, you can submit tickets to the support team.

Screenshot of the "My tickets" tab

You can review all of your invoices on the invoices tab, see which ones are paid, and which ones need to be paid.

Screenshot of the "My Invoices" tab

You can see your domains on the domains tab, register a new domain, renew or transfer a domain.

Screenshot of the "My Domains" tab

On the Order tab, you can basically upgrade or downgrade to a certain package.

Screenshot of the Order tab

Now, we’ll move on to the cPanel.

On the email you received, you should see your cPanel login as well as password.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by this screen.

Screenshot of the cPanel

You have many categories here, and although they may seem overwhelming after we go through all of them together, you should feel right at home using FastComet.

Question: How to restore accidentally deleted files in cPanel?

Answer: There is a button called “View Trash” on the toolbar in your cPanel File Manager. There you can find the deleted files and restore them, essentially, it works like the Recycle Bin we have on our computers. However, in order to be able to restore accidentally deleted files, you need to keep the “Skip the trash and permanently delete the files” box unchecked.


File Manager

The file manager is your good ol’ cPanel file manager, where you can, as the name might imply, manage your files.

Screenshot of the File Manager


An inode is this simple data structure that is used to describe a file or a directory in Unix-style file systems. This lets you see the inodes in each folder.

Screenshot of a panel with two columns: Folder and Inodes


The images tab lets you modify and manage images that are saved to your account. This includes the thumbnail, the scaler, and the converter.

Screenshot of the Images Panel

Directory Privacy

Directory privacy lets you set a password to protect certain directories of your account. When this feature is enabled, a user who tries to open a protected folder will be prompted to enter a username and a password before they can access your content.

Screenshot of the Directory manager

Disk Usage

Here you can monitor the available space on your website.

Screenshot of the Disk Usage window

FTP Accounts

Here you can configure FTP accounts and get your website online quickly. There’s even the FTP client that can manage your website’s file.

Screenshot of the FTP Accounts window

FTP Connections

Here you can monitor the visitors that are logged into your site through the usage of FTP.


Here you can back up and download a full backup of your website.

Screenshot of the Backup window

Backup Wizard

This is essential as the previous step, although it’s done through a wizard.

Screenshot of the Backup Wizard

Git Version Control

Here you can create and manage Git repositories and you can use Git to maintain any set of files and track the history of all of the changes from multiple editors.


JetBackup is the software that you can use to back up your servers to the disaster recovery server located in a remote facility.

Tip: Once you start restoring files, you can monitor the progress of the restore by going into the Queue from the main JetBackup screen.

Here you have access to full account backups, file backups, cron job backups, DNS Zone Backups, Database Backups, Email Backups, and Queue.

Jetbackup window



phpMyAdmin allows you to manage all of your settings, including Databases, SQL, Status, Export, Import, Settings, Variables, Charsets, Engines, and Plugins.

Screenshot of the phpMyAdmin window

MySQL Databases

Here you can create a new database and check your pre-existing databases so you can modify as well as repair them.

Screenshot of the MySQL Databases window

MySQL Database Wizard

Here you can create a database through a more streamlined process.

Remote MySQL

Here you can add a specific domain name that allows visitors to connect to your MySQL databases.

SEO and Marketing Tools

These are tools specifically made to help you rank up higher on search engine results.

This is done through Attracta, where your account is integrated with their web host’s control panel.

Screenshot of the Attracta site

Keep in mind that the free SEO tools provided by Attacta allow for guaranteed inclusion in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, and will get your website listed in the Powerful Attracta Directory. You also gain access to malware scanning as well as Google Blacklist checks, and in-depth SEO tips for better rankings. You always have access to the support team as well.


In terms of domain management, you have access to site publisher, domains, addon domains, subdomains, aliases, redirects, Zone Editor, and Dynamic DNS.

Site Publisher lets you select a template for your website, while the domain tab lets you create new domains, new addon domains, subdomains, and even aliases and redirects. This is all really straightforward and should allow you to manage everything with ease.


Here’s where FastComet gives you truly amazing tools.

You have access to set up email accounts, forwarders, email routing, autoresponders, default addresses, track delivery and so much more. I specifically love the global email filters, email deliverability settings, address importer, spam filters, and email disk usage. This just lets me manage everything with ease and not waste storage on spam emails. Keep in mind we’re getting just 15 gigs of SSD storage, so every megabyte counts.

Email Panel


  • Visitors – View up to 1.000 of the most recent entries in the Apache log
  • Errors – Review the most recent entries in the website’s error logs.
  • Bandwidth – See how much bandwidth usage your website has used for the past 24 hours, week, or year.
  • Raw Access – see who’s visited your website without the usage of graphs, charts or other graphics.
  • Awstats – See visual statistics about the visitors to your website.
  • Resource Usage – See how many resources your website is currently using.


  • SSH Access – allows for secure file transfer as well as remote logins through the internet.
  • As the name implies, IP Blocker lets you block an IP address from accessing your website.
  • SSL/TLS – allows you to generate SSL certificates, certificate signing requests, and private keys.
  • Manage API Tokens – lets you create and manage API tokens for cPanel API 2 and UAPI.
  • Hotlink Protection – prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website.
  • Leech Protection - This allows you to prevent users from giving out or publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of your site.

Screenshot of the Leech Protection

SSL/TLS Wizard – This lets you purchase and installs SSL certificates for your account.

Screenshot of the SSL/TLS Wizard

ModSecurity – This is a web application firewall that protects servers from malicious traffic at a network layer.

SSL/TLS Status – This lets you view the SSL status of your domains.

Screenshot of the SSL/TLS Status window

  • Looks like I need to do quite a bit of configuration here.
  • Two-Factor Authentication -  This lets you set up multiple ways of identification, such as a password as well as a generated security code.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL – this gives you access to free domain-validated certificates in an automated way.


Here you have access to the following features:

  • Ghost Publishing Platform – a professional publishing platform that is based on the Node.js runtime environment.
  • Cloudflare – this lets you speed up and optimize your cPanel website.
  • FastComet Website Builder – their own website builder with themes.

Screenshot of the FastComet Website Builder

  • WordPress Manager by Softaculous – you can essentially manage your WordPress website from here.
  • PHP Pear Packages – This lets you install PHP extensions as well as applications.
  • Perl Modules – Perl modules are essentially collections of functions that let you perform tasks in Perl.
  • Optimize Website – You can optimize your website’s performance by tweaking the way Apache handles the requests.
  • Softaculous Apps Installer – this lets you install apps through scripts.

Screenshot of the Softaculous Apps Installer

  • Setup Node.js App – This lets you create Node.js apps.
  • Select PHP Version – This lets you change the PHP version.
  • Setup Python App -  This lets you create Python apps.


  • Terminal – command-line access.
  • Cron Jobs – automate certain commands or scripts.
  • Indexes – customize the way a directory appears when no index files are in the directory.
  • Error Pages – an error page that informs visitors when there’s a problem.
  • Apache Handlers – control how the Apache webserver software manages certain file types and extensions.
  • MIME Types – tell browsers how to handle specific extensions.
  • Virus Scanner – scan for a virus.


Here you can change the cPanel language, change contact information, and manage the users.

Screenshot of the cPanel Preferences

FastComet Website Builder – Themes

Screenshot of the FastComet Website Builder

This lets you create your own custom websites through their own website builder.

Softacolous Apps Installer

Here you can install apps such as WordPress, Joomla, AbanteCart, and phpBB through scripts.

Planet WordPress

Last but not least we have Planet WordPress.

  • Here you have AThemes – this lets you design, build and launch a WordPress website without programming.
  • Solo Stream Themes – This is a collection of themes that work with WordPress.
  • Themify Themes – This is a drag and drops WordPress builder.
  • Theme Forrest – A store where you can purchase from over 51.000 WordPress themes.
  • CodeCanyon Plugins – This lets you purchase WordPress Addons.
  • Mojo Themes – Yet another theme store.
  • Template Monster - You guessed it, a themes store.

This is what I like to call the advertisement corner.

Server Speed and Uptime

When it comes to uptime, throughout my testing period, the website did not drop its connection once, which means that they do indeed live up to the 99% uptime claim.

In terms of speed, the fastest my website loaded was 0.300s, while the slowest was 2.100s. The global average was around 0.800s.

This makes it an exemplary hosting provider, however, keep in mind that the speed can vary from website to website, depending on what you have to showcase. Text and images are one thing, but videos and animations are another.

Note: Also, FastComet meets the industry average uptime of 99.9%, which is great.

Because there is no great hosting without great technical support that cares about your website.

FastComet Level of Support

FastComet is known for having a high level of support, and to test this, well, I decided to close my account and see how fast they would actually respond.

I opened the chatbox and entered my name, email and selected a department.

Screenshot of the live chat

Here’s how that went.

I got an instantaneous response, with a person from the support staff saying hello.

Conversation with guy from FastComet support

I was kindly asked for the reason as to why I wanted to cancel, and once I explained, they told me how to. Even though the message states that the account is not eligible for a refund, since the account was made on the same day, I would receive it in either case.

So I did exactly as I was instructed to do.

Screenshot of the Account management panel

Screenshot of the My Products panel

Screenshot with order details with highlighted "Request Cancellation"

Remember to state a reason, and click on Request Cancellation.Screenshot of the reason, and highlighted "Request Cancellation"

You’re also prompted to enter your master password.

Screenshot of the master password request

Message of submitting the request on green background

That’s all there is to it.

Email to confirm that they received your cancellation request

Security and Backups

As mentioned before, FastComet provides SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, SSL/TLS Wizard, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, Two-Factor Authentication, and Let’s Encrypt SSL in the cPanel.

FastComet is a superior provider when it comes to backups. As I explained in one of the previous sections, the company provides you with several features to manage your data and maintain copies for safekeeping. After all, not all web hosting providers allow for free daily backups, so I must give FastComet credit for it.

Note: To mitigate DDoS threats and attacks, FastComet is partnered with Cloudflare, which provides DDoS protection and can improve your website speed.

Specific Features of FastComet

There are certain features of FastComet that make it stand out when compared to other hosting packages. Keep in mind that none of these features make it the perfect all-in-one solution. However, they give a clear incentive as to what one can expect when picking this as their hosting option.

For one, it has fantastic uptime, and a lot of tests by various users have shown it to be at 99.95% throughout a 12-month average. Then you have the speed, which is around 500 ms, which is by far an excellent speed for any website, especially one that runs the heavy resource-intensive WordPress.

You also get quick as well as personalized support, or in other words, you aren’t talking with a robot. Still, you can resolve your issue quickly and efficiently, which I genuinely enjoyed, primarily through the live chat option.

The 45-day money-back guarantee lets you be a lot more flexible with your testing. You can basically push your website through its monthly usage, test out everything and then decide if you’ll stick with it or get your money back, which is another thing I genuinely enjoyed.

Note: Usually, you will receive your refund within 24-48 hours after you ask for it.

One thing that cannot go understated is the importance of free daily backups. You see, FastComet offers free daily backups, where these backups are stored off-site for up to 30 days, and the company will even help you restore older versions within a single click. Aside from this, the free Cloudflare CDN is an excellent touch and something I loved seeing.

Now let’s assume for a second that you already have a hosting provider and want to transfer your website and your domain to FastComet. They also offer this as a service, and the best part here is that it is entirely free. In fact, instead of just giving you an automated tool, the team will manually transfer the site for you, so you will not have to do anything by yourself.

Question: How can I transfer my website to FastComet hosting plans?

Answer: In order to initiate a transfer, you need to submit a ticket to FastComet’s support team via your Client Area. In the ticket, you need to provide FTP details and Control Panel details so that FastComet can transfer your files and database. The rest is up to FastComet’s support team.

Monthly Updates

During December, FastComet:

  • HostAdvice Special Deals: 35% off on all of FastComet Cloud VPS and Dedicated CPU Plans.

During November, FastComet:

  • Black Friday Rush Sale: 60% off all shared hosting plans and locations and up to 10% off all cloud VPS and dedicated servers
  • HostAdvice Special Deals: 75% off on all FastComet services

During October, FastComet:

  • Finished the deployment of Imunify360 on all FastCloud shared hosting servers
  • HostAdvice Special Deals: 75% off on all Shared Hosting Plans & Locations

During September, FastComet:

  • Birthday Blowout: 70% off on all Shared Hosting plans and locations and 20% off on all Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers
  • HostAdvice Special Deals: 75% off on all Shared Hosting Plans & Locations

During August, FastComet:

  • Hot Summer Sale on all web hosting plans: 70% off on all Shared Hosting plans and locations and 20% off on all Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers plus free migration and 24/7 support

During July, FastComet:

During June, FastComet:

  • Shared Hosting Plans at 75% off
  • Updated their Dashboard; added a new banner rotator feature
  • Made the payment authentication more convenient with the new 3D Secure 2.0

During May, FastComet:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues


FastComet surprised me with its ease of use, speed, uptime, and set of features that truly make it shine. The support team also ended up being extremely quick, and I was instructed on how to cancel my account and get a refund within minutes. I honestly had a wonderful time going through all of the menus and setting everything up. Installing WordPress or other apps is a breeze, and you get a solid deal with even the cheapest plan in terms of Shared Hosting if you are just starting out.

I would recommend FastComet for both newcomers and experienced users, as their Dedicated CPU Servers look solid as well.

Read Less

FastComet pros

  • Amazing Server Uptime and Speed
  • 45-Day Refund Policy
  • cPanel Support
  • In-House Website Builder
  • Global Server Network
  • Free Daily Backups

FastComet cons

  • Some Features are Locked to the Higher Plans


Is FastComet safe?

FastComet allows for many security features, such as SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Leech Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and Free Daily Backups.

Is FastComet good for WordPress?

Yes, FastComet is optimized for WordPress. Its managed WP Hosting comes with free domain transfer and managed migrations, SSD Only-Cloud, Free Cloudflare CDN, cPanel, free daily and weekly backups, free 24/7 priority support, fixed prices with no additional fees, and 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

Who owns FastComet Hosting?

FastComet is a privately-owned, independent global web hosting company headquartered in San Francisco, led by a team of over 70 employees disclosed on their site.

FastComet Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
FastCloud 15 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $2.49 9.3 Details
FastCloud Plus 25 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.70 9.7 Details
FastCloud Extra 35 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.99 9.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS Cloud 1 50 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 2 GB $38.95 9.2 Details
VPS Cloud 2 80 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB $45.45 9.5 Details
VPS Cloud 3 160 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB $58.45 9.7 Details
VPS Cloud 4 320 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB $90.94 8.8 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
DS 1 80 GB 2 cores 4 GB $90.35 9.7 Details
DS 2 160 GB 4 cores 8 GB $109.85 9.9 Details
DS 3 320 GB 8 cores 16 GB $148.85 9.1 Details
DS 4 640 GB 16 cores 32 GB $226.85 9.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Cloud 1 50 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 2 GB 2 TB $38.95 9.6 Details
Cloud 2 80 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB 4 TB $45.45 7.9 Details
Cloud 3 160 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 5 TB $58.45 9.7 Details
Cloud 4 320 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 8 TB $90.94 9.8 Details

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