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Hosting Services
Our Hosting Services are ideal for any kind of website. Start a blog, launch an online store or establish an online presence for your business. No matter what new venture you’re taking on the Web, our Web Hosting has got you covered.
Our Hosting has everything you need to make your site a success. Tons of space for your files, lots of bandwidth to handle traffic, and 24/7 support to guide you every step of the way. Powerful, flexible, and fast. Linux Hosting gives you more control over your site with advanced tools.
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Shared Hosting $5.96 - $19.68
VPS $15.00 - $120.00


Robert Cannon
Robert Cannon from United States,

Incompetent billing practices.

I have been with eNom for over 5 years with a single domain registration. As it came up for renewal in the past week, I got a taste of how incompetent their sales and billing departments really are. I has been a nightmare with mul...Read Moretiple duplicate charges on my credit card account in spite of multiple calls and emails to the company. (their explanation: just being "posted"sir...)
What a nightmare! I am renewed for 5 years, but will be in the process of moving my registration to another company ASAP.
Trevor Davis
Trevor Davis from Kenya,

Worst Hosting Services Ever

eNom has been hosting my website for 2 years and it has been painstaking in every sense, as i write my website has been offline for 2 days even though i still have 1 month to go, for my subscription to expire. The re seller is not...Read More replying to my emails on what could be wrong, or even getting an authorization code which will enable me to transfer my website. I guess they are buying time so that the expiration date reaches and i pay them the subscription fees again. Oh , and did i mention that this is not the first time this is happening? Stay away from eNom hosting service!Less
Patrick D
Patrick D from Canada,

Non-existent customer service. They have not invested in their platform for years.

I submitted a ticket, then...
- Day 2: Called, waited 40 mins, hung up.
- Day 4: Called at a different time, waited 43 mins, hung up
- Day 6: I finally got email feedback, only to be told that .name domains require a manual int...Read Moreervention and I need to start the transfer, then let them know (hopefully they’ll process in less than 6 days!)… it’s concerning that they didn’t invest to automate this, and even more that they didn’t even invest to document this in their knowledge base.

I’ve never seen a registrar asking to call them as standard procedure in the middle of a transfer process. It makes you wonder what else have they not invested in.

PS: This review board doesn't allow zero star, which means the minimum score is 2/10.
James Fera
James Fera from United States,

Been with them over 15 years. Cant wait to leave them.

Their service has become so bad I have to move. Literally no support. No email responses other than automated. Calling just puts you on hold for hours until the phone disconnects and most importantly their service doesnt work. Ran...Read Moredom problems causing me to refund my customers yet Enom takes my money. Its sad how bad they have become!Less
A Martin
A Martin from United States,

Poor Support

Support is not accessible, despite advertising that it is 24/7. Expect long wait times for calls. To compound the support problem, documentation on services & configuration is virtually non-existent.
Ed Eck
Ed Eck from United States,

Run Away!!

On hold with them for the second time in a row...the last time I was told to leave a message. 24/7 support...hardly. If I call a company and can't even get through to sales then you know they have a problem. I think it's just two ...Read Morecollege kids in the basement of their parents house, some days they're just too hung over to care.Less
Kevin B.
Kevin B.,
Ed, I agree! I would call the customer support horrible, if it actually existed. I was on hold 3 times. Once for 38 minutes, then asked leave a message before I was immediately disconnected. Second 46 minutes before just disconnec...Read Moreted. 3rd time 112 minutes before i hung up, called back and got thru to sales. Sales told me customer support is in training from 7am until 10pm and that I should call back NEXT WEEK!. It's Wednesday btw. Avoid this company at all costs. They do not have customer support.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Hosting & Web Services Company

eNom is a web services company that can offer you a variety of different options to help you improve your company.  They offer basic web hosting, which includes shared and VPS solutions.  In addition, they are a domain registration company, email hosting, web security company and more.  Many businesses will be happy to use them because they can be your one partner for all the web services that you need.

Their website is easy to navigate and loads up quickly, and the services they offer are explained clearly so that even non-technical people will be able to understand them without a problem.  This company has done a good job positioning it self to serve their clients well.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
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  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

100% Uptime Guarantee (for VPS)

This company has a very good platform in place for hosting and with that they are able to offer a great uptime guarantee.  For VPS systems, they have a 100% uptime guarantee.  This is quite impressive.  While it is impossible to ever have something be truly up 100% of the time over the course of a long period, this guarantee shows that they are confident in their systems.  Even the shared systems use high quality hardware and network connections so you're not going to have issues with downtime.


Lots of Nice Features

This company has a lot of great features available starting with their hosting services, and going well beyond too.  First, with their hosting options you will be able to choose from either shared hosting or VPS options.  In both cases the services are quite nice.  With the shared options you get to choose from several packages.  While they do have limits, they are high enough so that almost nobody will run into trouble.  The disk space limits are between 100 and 1000 GB, which is more than enough for any site that could run on a share hosting platform.

When you move to the VPS solutions you'll get solid state drives, which are a great feature.  At this level the bandwidth limitations are completely lifted and your hard drive space is going to be more than enough for any site.

In addition to hosting, this company offers security options such as ID protection, SiteLock, GeoTrust Anti-Malware, SSL certificates and more.  They also offer a variety of website promotion options such as the ability to get your site listed in the search engines, pay per click ad management and more.


Easy to Reach Tech Support 24/7

The tech support team is available to help you 24/7.  When you reach out to them they will reply quickly and have the skill needed to handle most any problems.  They also have a nice set of social media accounts that can be used to interact with other users, which can be helpful when you're having trouble with your site or just want to talk with other webmasters.  They do have a toll free number to call to get in touch with them, but they don't provide much else on how they can be contacted, which is unfortunate. I also don't see a knowledge base or anything like that.


Reasonable Prices

The prices with this company aren't the cheapest I've seen, but they certainly aren't out of line either.  For the basic shared hosting plan you'll pay as little as $4.88 per month with a long term payment option.  Move up to the highest shared package and it is still just $17.60 per month.  The VPS packages start at $15 and go up to $120 depending on the package.  For the price, you really do get a lot of nice features and system specs.


Great Overall Hosting & More

This company should be on your list of options to consider.  They just offer really nice services at a fair price.  There is very little bad to say about them.  Unless you require hosting that is of a higher level than what they can offer, you will almost certainly be happy with this company.


  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSD on VPS
  • Lots of Extra Features


  • No Dedicated Servers

eNOM Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Starter 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited $5.96 2.0 Details
Advanced 40 GB Unlimited Unlimited $9.76 4.0 Details
Business 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited $19.68 2.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter Plan 30 GB - 1 GB $15.00 2.2 Details
VPS 2 60 GB - 2 GB $30.00 2.0 Details
VPS 3 120 GB - 4 GB $60.00 2.2 Details
VPS 4 240 GB - 8 GB $120.00 2.0 Details

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