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Ralf Schmidtke
Ralf Schmidtke from Taiwan,

No Privacy Protection

Some Costumer from EDIS have publish my personal Data at his Website without my allowance. I contract the EDIS Support many times that he should please remove my Data there. They dont follow and ignore my eMails. Very bad behavior...Read More. Looks like EDIS dont know what is Privacy Protection and dont follow the Privacy Law.Less
Gerhard Kleewein
Gerhard Kleewein,
Ralf, thanks for flooding every feedback-form on this planet ;-)

You are not a client of ours!
We don't have your personal data.
We don't know you!

We told you many times and through all the different channels you reach...Read Moreed out to us, that we are not the operators of the website from which you ask something to be removed. EDIS provides infrastructure. We kindly ask for your understanding, that we are not able to modify or take down someones databases or websites. Please report to police and/or consider filing a case at court against the operator of the website in question. Once you are able to provide a court-order or a valid take-down request, we'll be able to help.Less
It's like when I am renting a Car. The Owner is responsible. You are the Owner from this Server that have published illegal my Personal Data. If your Customer dont follow to remove this Data then you are responsible.
DJ Buzz
DJ Buzz from France,

They are Scammers

Their interface is very bad, and if you don't want their service they continue to make invoices, threatening to use their "International billing collector"
It's a pity that waiving multiple invoices leads to this response.
Arnold Kernes
Arnold Kernes from Ukraine,

They stole the money!

Yesterday I bought 15 servers from this company.
After 3 hours, I receive a notification in the mail that my money has been returned. The question is where are they returned? And returned to your account. The account was blocked....Read More I am writing to technical support, to which they answer me "Our compliance department has reviewed and declined your order.
We cannot accept you as our customer. ". Well, why there is no return. I don't understand. They stole money and are silent! I highly do not recommend this company.
Hello! we refunded the payment to the originating BTC address the same days your orders were rejected. The payment process was handled through Coinbase.
Maybe it just took longer for the funds to be confirmed by the network.
nima vash
nima vash

support not answering

I contact support before buy, they answered quickly, but when i paid for service they didn't answer at all, the service is working but they dont have a control panel you cant see anything, just the restart and power on off that's ...Read Moreall they have. and the ip range is not the range they give you for test in the looking glass section of their site, the ip they sell you have worst ping of that country they offer, this action is named stealing.Less
Nima, thanks a lot for your feedback!
We just came across your posting and would like to comment as follows:

EDIS strives to complete every single customers’ querys withing 24 hours during weekends and public holidays,
duri...Read Moreng office hours we’re working on requests as they get in.

Our fully integrated VPS panel features

* Shutdown / reboot / Power-ON
* AutoInstall OS section with SSH-key injection and Post-Install Script execution
* VNC incl. fully integrated noVNC
Quick-Search for location by ISO country-code, IP-address or KVM_ID
Upload your own ISO functionality
Additive, exponential bandwidth graphs
Graphical daily traffic overview
100+ Turnkey images
and much more.

EDIS locations are hand-picked and offer high bandwidth and low latency.
This is the reason why many of worlds leading VPS providers choose EDIS for their infrastructure needs.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Global Web Hosting & More

EDIS is based in Austria, but they have datacenters and server options in a wide range of countries around the world.  Most of the locations are in Europe, though they also have options in Chicago, USA, Hong Kong, Vina Del Mar, Chili, and other areas. This is a great way to make sure you are able to get the hosting you need nearby the audience you are trying to reach.  To help make it easier to work with the company, they have offices in Germany, USA, Asia, Austria, England and South Africa so you’re talking with someone who speaks your language.

They primarily offer web hosting services, though they also have spam filtering, SMS delivery, domain name registration, and other exciting options. The overall reputation for this company is quite high, with very few people complaining about any issues at all. They have also been doing business for years, which means they have the experience needed to meet the needs of their customers.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Hosting has a History of Excellent Stability

The hardware and software used for this company are both high quality and remain up and running at all times. They operate out of datacenters that have redundant power and network connections. In addition, the free DDoS protection that is included with all hosting packages will help to dramatically reduce the risk of a site going down due to any outside attack. There is no clear uptime guarantee offered though, which will be a concern to some people.


Lots of Different Hosting Options

The hosting options are quite diverse with this company. They start with very low server specs and move up from there to try to ensure their customers get everything they need. The hosting packages come with Barracuda DDoS protection, which is a great addition to any hosting package. The most basic shared hosting plan is just €1 per month. This only gets you 200MB disk space for the website, and another 200MB for the database. Oddly, you do get 2000MB for email addresses, but you are limited to just three of them.

As you move up to higher levels of hosting, you’ll get additional amounts of disk space and other features. The highest end shared hosting option provides just 75GB of disk space for the sites, 75 for the database, and 750GB for email addresses. You can move up to VPS solutions as well, which are all configured in the specific datacenter locations that you prefer. This is a great option for getting the hosting you need, where you need it, with a variety of great features to ensure your site runs smoothly.


Excellent Customer Support

Most people won’t run into any significant issues with the hosting from this company. Their hosting is good, stable, and easy to use once you sign up. If you do have issues, their tech support teams are happy to assist to ensure you get up and running again quickly. They also provide quite a bit of information on their website so you can learn more about hosting and potential issues that can be avoided.


Some Hosting Packages are Overpriced

The hosting starts out at just €1 per month for very basic shared hosting services. This is a decent deal for those who just want the simplest of hosting options. Once you start moving up to higher level packages, however, the prices get far higher than they should be. The top of the line shared hosting package is €49 per month, which is too expensive for almost any type of shared hosting solution. The VPS options are more in line with industry standards, but in general you will be able to find other companies that offer similar services at lower prices.

User Friendly

User Experience Could be Improved

When looking through the website of EDIS there is a lot to be desired. They don’t clearly list what each package contains, and the site is hard to navigate to what you need. Once you sign up for an account, however, they have standard hosting interfaces that are easy to use. Their tech support and sales teams are also friendly and will get issues fixed quickly.


Some Serious Concerns but Mostly Good Hosting Experiences

This hosting company has the potential to provide a good quality hosting experience to people throughout most parts of the world. They have high quality servers, and do a great job at making sure they are always housed in great quality datacenters.


  • Plenty of Options to Choose From
  • Multiple Geographic Locations
  • Good Customer Service


  • Many Hosting Packages are Overpriced
  • Website is Difficult to Navigate

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