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EasyCGI Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Shared Hosting $7.49 - $21.56
VPS $39.96 - $143.96

Data Centers


Linda Ramsay
Linda Ramsay from United States,

Were Pretty Good, Changed to Really Bad--Bait and Switch to the Worst Performance You Can Imagine

Were Pretty Good, Changed to Really Bad. I was with them since their beginning and their service went up and down and then completely down. You can't trust them to keep your websites up and running. Smoke and Mirror Reliable Service.
Andrew Menner
Andrew Menner from Australia,

Do not ever use Easycgi!

I was with easycgi for many years from the early 2000's. I had up to four websites online at a time. They were wonderful for many years... then for the last three years there was constant web server downtime, constant mysql outage...Read Mores, constant hacks from internal staff to the websites, I could tell as they would leave odd files, change the code in my asp and html files, you could tell because the last updated dates in our ftp client would change when I know no editing or updates had been completed by us. Once they even attempted to rewrite a whole database with fields of a different data type after they obviously broke it somehow... absolute nightmare, luckily we kept monthly full sql backups, which obviously they didn't.
So after giving them the benefit of the doubt for a long time, I finally moved 3 sites away from Easycgi early this year (2017), and now have just found out they are still billing me by direct debit for one of the sites... The ridiculous effort to try to get them to understand they are still billing me for a site that has been turned off for 8 months has been comical to say the least... 'can you tell me which website you are being billed for sir', no I cannot because I cannot log into any of my accounts because they don't exist... 'would you like to restart those services sir'... er, no... no way... 'can you send a copy of you bank statement sir', yes, bit strange but here you go... 'can you send me your credit card number sir'... er, no... please just look up my three accounts that I have given you the username for each and work out which one is still being billed... 'we cannot do that sir the accounts are closed'...yes, I told you that at the beginning... You get the picture, I have had to cancel a credit card just to stop them taking out the money!!!
I just had to warn people never to use this company... if you build a brilliant website that you want your host to care for as much as you do then go to GoDaddy or somewhere big... that is good! The bigger and more complex your website becomes the harder it is to mover later... so get it right the first time, do not use Easycgi!
Jim R
Jim R from United States,

Stay away from EasyCGI

DO NOT USE EasyCGI! Stay far away!

Our companies stuck with them for many years. They used to be great in the early 2000s, very reliable, excellent support, plenty of features. Then sometime in the late 2000s they went through ...Read Morea transition. (I think they were acquired by another company?) We had several headaches with them migrating our websites to their new "beta" platform. Then things started getting worse. There were numerous times when our sites were simply not available or down. I was filing support tickets at least once or twice a month because something was broken. They were not keeping up with enhancements in web technologies which would have added security benefits. Half the settings on their "beta" platform don't work and it's still the same "beta" platform it's been for nearly a decade. As a result, we also started seeing lots of malware and random code injections to pages on our sites with ad links. Changing the passwords had no effect. Every time I logged into their control panel I was bombarded with ads trying to up-sell me on useless services and junk I didn't need. It was getting ridiculous! Finally the last straw, a site of ours was experiencing connection issues to its mySQL database for weeks, I pleaded with their support many times to fix it, and we were getting lots of end-user complaints. When it was down during a period when it was critical that it be working, I finally gave up.

We've moved our sites to another, wonderful host which offers security features, awesome load times, modern enhancements to web technologies, and guess what? Cheaper than EasyCGI.
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah from Pakistan,

Stay Away From Easycgi Actually HARDcgi

My all sites are down now, I am using their services from 2009. They was good but now they are useless, always down and showing "Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed". My websites ra...Read Morenkings are effected day by day because of easycgi issues.

Secondly my sites were affected by malware and they are not taking responsibility for it they promote to buy Bitelock software from them to protect my websites. Few days back they blocked my account and closed all my websites because of malware, they even did not allow me to download the infected files so I can remove the malware which is actually their security fault. They down my sites for 7 days. Their support team always said that they are forwarding my issue to their senior technical support.

If you want to host your website then easycgi (HARDcgi) is the hell for your websites.
Gary Harkins

always down. change .htaccess with out informing us

Got a email from easycgi that our ssl certificate would auto renew on 4/23/17. The issue was that it expires on 4/9/17. So on 4/10/2017 got a email from google about a expired ssl certificate. SERP went way down to nonexistent! Ea...Read Moresycgi support was well we will escalate this (this is their canned answer to everything). Four hours later and still have ssl issues. Calls to our call lines went to almost zero. Sent people home. Issues like this are now common with this hosting company. I would not wish this company on my worse enemy. AVOIDLess
isak ellis
isak ellis from United States,

Wow! Those renewal prices!

Most companies charge $9.99/year for privacy. Easycgi charges $9.99 for the FIRST year, then it jumps to $12.99/year. Non-refundable, of course. My domain name jumped $2/year this year. They only handle my domain name and that's o...Read Morenly because I forgot to move it. Somehow renewal jumped to 2 years which I did not realize either.

Hosting through them was the worst nightmare... my website crashed one day. No changes to anything on my end and they were of no help whatsoever. After MANY conversations, I rebuilt my site with another hosting company.

Customer chat? They are helping too many people at one time to do better than answer your questions once every 4-5 minutes.

Hmmm... if I could uncheck the stars in my score, I would because there is nothing I like about this company. A score of two is too high.
Gary Kogut
Gary Kogut from Canada,

EasyCGI Is the worst

For 14 years EasyCGI had great service and great product. Price reliability everything positive. Now they are as bad as they come. I use my site 10 days a year for a auction and it has been down half the time for 7 straight days. ...Read MoreLast year in middle of auction they upgraded servers to new OS and took my site down for two days in the middle of the only 10 days I need site up. Support is awful. You can never talk to anyone that can actually do anything. I have spent 16 hours on chat support in 7 days. I have reopened the same ticket 16 times. Each time with a "sorry for..." And each time saying issue was fixed. SIXTEEN TIMES, more then once every day for 7 days. They are understaffed and under qualified.Less
Derek Nagle
Derek Nagle from United States,

LONGTIME customer lied to & charged extra $ for a standard service!!

Wow, I am beyond pi$ right now. I have over 2 dozen accounts with these people, and tonight just ended that relationship!!

I just opened another account today, and upon taking their little survey at the intro, I accidentally hi...Read Moret the wrong button for which editor I use, which has always been Weebly, which is and will probably be free with the hosting...until now!! Because I hit the wrong button, I figured a quick call to tech support would fix it. After putting me on hold so he could speak with "admin", he got back on the line and told me it would be $10.49 to add Weebly. I about flipped, I thought he was joking!!!

Long story short, this company prefers making $11 over $1,000's, so I hope they meet their demise sooner than later!!

Way to lose a big customer, you stupid morons!!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

One of the largest hosting companies in the world – Focused on small-mid sized sites

EasyCGI is another hosting company that is owned by the Endurance International Group, which operates dozens of other hosting companies.  Prior to being bought by EIG, they opened in 1996 and have been providing great services the entire time.  They are focused on smaller to mid-sized companies, and don’t have any dedicated hosting packages.

They have kept the number of different hosting packages fairly small, which can make it easier to choose, especially for newer webmasters.  Anyone who is looking for a good shared hosting service, or VPS options will likely have a good overall experience with this company.

Their entry level prices are a little higher than you would expect for what you get, but not so much so that it is a major turn off for customers.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable with 99.9% uptime guarantee

You’ll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all their packages, including the shared hosting.  They don’t offer a set rebate or discount if they fall below this level, however. Most customers don’t complain about downtime, so that is a good indication that they do indeed have a stable hosting environment.

They operate two data centers, both in Boston, MA.  They are well maintained with both the technology that operates them and the physical data center itself.


Easy to understand packages with nice features

This company limits the number of different package configurations, which makes it much less confusing overall.  They are clearly focused on those who aren’t looking for anything extremely advanced, but still don’t want to miss out on the essentials of hosting.

They offer advertising credits from Google, Bing and Yahoo and also have a nice free website builder that makes it really easy to get up and running fast.  Their custom control panel is surprisingly easy to use and functions largely the same as cPanel so webmasters won’t have too much of a learning curve.


Good support offered 24/7/365

They have an in-house staff of talented support technicians that are there 24/7/365 to assist you in any way you require.  They do have a toll-free phone number as well as live chat available, and an internal ticketing system to report problems.

For do-it-yourselfers, they have a number of tutorials, user guides and a well done knowledgebase to help you along the way.


Prices are slightly higher than you would expect

When you compare the price points of EasyCGI with those of similar hosting companies you will find that they are a little bit overpriced.  In addition, you don’t really get anything great for the extra money.  That being said, however, the prices are only a small amount above the competition so it likely won’t be too much of a concern for most customers.



A very nice hosting option for US customers needing entry level services

It is fairly easy to see why this company is among the largest hosting providers in the world.  They do give a nice, reliable service that is easy to work with.  You don’t need to be an expert to figure out what package you need, and their support teams area all friendly and helpful with all types of problems.


  • Easy to understand package options
  • One of the largest hosting companies in the world
  • Two data centers
  • Great support
  • Windows servers available for shared hosting


  • No dedicated server options
  • Pricing is somewhat higher than you would expect

EasyCGI Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Advanced X 350 GB 3.4 TB Unlimited $7.49 4.6 Details
Advanced X2 500 GB 4.88 TB Unlimited $15.99 3.0 Details
Advanced X4 750 GB 7.3 TB Unlimited $21.56 3.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Linux VPS X 20 GB - 256 MB $39.96 2.0 Details
Linux VPS X2 30 GB - 512 MB $55.96 3.0 Details
Linux VPS X4 50 GB - 1 GB $95.96 3.0 Details
Linux VPS X10 100 GB - 2 GB $143.96 3.0 Details

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