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A few words from Donweb.com (Ex. Dattatec.com)

DonWeb.com is a leader company in LATAM with more than 120.000 customers, 110.000 registeres domains and 150.000 web sites hosted.

15 years in the LATAM Market and the company with most clients in Argentina.
Shared, reseller, dedicated and Cloud hosting. SSL, domains, SiteBuilder (SitioSimple.com) and email marketing platform (EnvialoSimple.com)
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.50
Dedicated Server $82.00
Cloud Hosting $14.00 - $160.00

Data Centers

Sebastian del val

Pinned Review

Sebastian del val,
La verdad que el servicio no es perfecto, pero en 10 años alojando varios sitios ahí, no he tenido grabes inconvenientes, tampoco son grandes sitios, son paginas básicas, y muy pocas veces se han caído.



Publicidad Engañosa NO COMPREN ACA NADA

He comprado un hosting donde me decian que posia alojas sitios web ilimitados, soy diseñador de paginas wep para clientes y necesito este tipo de hospedaje, no son paginas web muy grandes, y me resultan que si puedo tenes las pagi...Read Morenas web ilimitadas pero todas apuntando a un mismo dominio. Igualmente Me vendieron con certificado SSL supuestamente gratis pero este certificado realmente solo es para los dominios que a ellos les da la gana.
Que desagradable expariencia no dejen que los estafen.
Favio Varela
Favio Varela from Spain,

Pathetic customer service

Servers are fair, bit expensive considering the 2 giants (AWS and GCP) but still affordabel
Customer care is awful.

They increase prices without telling you (12% for same service, without notice on an account paying in US doll...Read Morears, unbelievable!)
And when you want to write off your account and get a refund for services not being used, they will refuse giving a bunch of silly explanations.

Keep well away of this company.... they will cheat your moeny away.

Apart from the customer service area..... servers are a bit clunky, they get unexplained downtime once and then.
Free control panel is awful (ferozo). IF you want somethinf a bit more friendly... you must pay for that

Nikolai M
Nikolai M from Malta,

Rude customer service, really really bad

Not providing the paid service until verification, can't verify due virtual one time usage credit card. (Glad these exist for places like that)
They want me to snap a picture of the credit card which i no longer have (thats the p...Read Moreoint of virtual credit cards isn't it?
Asking for a refund is denied until i verify the credit card.

So they are not providing the service nor refund the money when requested.
Edward Stoever
Edward Stoever from Colombia,

Very poor uptime for cloud servers

I have hosted 4 cloud servers with DonWeb over the past 12 months. I wanted to use a provider in Latin America. I was hopeful. However, they have suffered 2 major outages of service with no access to hosted VPS servers for over 12...Read More hours. I am tired of their excuses and will be moving my servers to something more reliable.Less
Josefina Elisii
Josefina Elisii from Germany,

Awful service

The CloudServer has been down for almost 72hs already. and the only answer we received 48hs ago is 'The service is momentarily interrupted. We are working on it...we don;t know when the service will be active again"

The custome...Read Morer support is absent - it does not exist. Donweb hosts our e-learning platform that has been inactive for the last 3 days. We are receiving complaints from our clients and we have no other answer rather than 'be patient. there's nothing we can do to solve it and we don't know when it will be active again'

We loose face, and the worst is that we don't know if the information of our clients is compromised or not.

Awful service. Nightmare experience.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Quality Hosting Solution

Don Web is a good quality hosting solution that will meet or exceed your needs no matter what type of site you need to run.  They are best known for their shared hosting and dedicated servers, but they also offer VPS solutions and cloud hosting too. The cloud hosting technologies are quite nice and will help keep you up and running smoothly no matter how much traffic you are getting.

They offer good quality hosting solutions as well as domain name registration, professional web development, streaming audio options and more.  They really area  good overall hosting and IT company that will be able to meet your needs.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Very Stable Hosting

The hosting with this company is very stable thanks to their advanced technologies and focus on quality.  They have a proven network with 100% uptime for the past three years.  In addition, they built their data center specifically for redundancy to help minimize any risk of downtime for your sites.  When looking through what real users were saying, I didn’t see anyone complaining about downtime, which is a very good sign.


Lots of Nice Features

The features with this company are all very nice.  Whether you’re getting a shared hosting solution or a dedicated server, you will be able to get the power you need at a reasonable price.  To start with, you will get solid state drives on all the servers no matter what level you select.  This can help dramatically improve uptime and make your site load faster.  You can choose from Linux or Windows for your operating system, which is a nice feature.

All their hosting packages include anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.  This helps to keep your server clean and operating the way it should.  When you move up to higher level hosting they do keep the same simple site layout and description of the features, which makes everything easy to understand and use.


Friendly & Helpful Tech Support

The tech support with this company is very friendly and helpful.  They can help to diagnose issues or give you directions on how to proceed with something you’re not sure about.  They do have a fully developed support system where you can watch videos, read posts and get help from other users, which is really quite nice.  Bottom line here is you will get all the tech support you need without any trouble.


Very Nice Prices

The prices with this company are very fair.  You can start as low as $2.75 per month for shared hosting, and their high end dedicated servers only go up to $101 per month.  While not the most powerful servers possible, they will give just about any type of site the solution they need.  In between you can find a wide range of great services at very reasonable prices.

User Friendly

Everything is As it Should be

Their site is very easy to navigate and they have a lot of nice features that are laid out in a very simple way.  Some pages have multiple sub-pages that could have been combined for ease of use, but beyond that there is nothing to complain about.  The sales team and tech support are all easy to get in touch with and responsive to your questions or issues.


Overall Very Nice Hosting

There is really not much negative to say about this company.  They have high quality hosting at reasonable prices that will meet the needs of just about everyone.  They do make it a point to show that they sell .xxx domain names, which may be a concern to some people.  Some individuals and companies don’t want to host their servers in the same data center as this type of site so their IPs aren’t similar.  Whether this is a concern for you or not, it is good to know about.


  • 100% Uptime for 3 Years
  • Fully Redundant Systems
  • Solid State Drives


  • Lacking very high end hosting solutions


Donweb.com (Ex. Dattatec.com) Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Plan Inicio Ilimitado Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.50 3.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
A medida. Configura el tuyo. 500 GB 2 x 2.80GHz 1.98 GB $82.00 3.5 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Cloud Server 10 GB 1 x 3.20GHz 1 GB 1 TB $14.00 3.3 Details
Cloud Server 20 GB 2 x 3.20GHz 2 GB 1 TB $20.00 2.0 Details
Cloud Server 60 GB 8 x 3.20GHz 16 GB 1 TB $160.00 2.8 Details

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