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German server provider | NVMe VPS from $6.99 or €4.99 a month | Data Centers in EU, US & Asia | 17+ years of experience | 100k+ happy customers | #cloud #hosting #infrastructure
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Free domain
Money Back: Anytime

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.99 - $12.99
VPS $4.99 - $119.99
Dedicated Server $38.99 - $229.99

Data Centers

Contabo Awards

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Yo Nopiensomas

Pinned Review

Yo Nopiensomas,
After a week of emails about the product Object Storage offered, they have only been problems and more problems, and for more emails that have been sent to support these do not answer and have a produ...Read Morect that claim to be compatible with API S3 and the available tools as S3FS , RClone, etc. Do not work or give errors, do not have documentation and as indicative help or documentation are requested and do not respond.

Quite disappointed with the support.

I change my opinion.:

It is of sages correct and in this case you have to say it that support after very active emails I could solve all the doubts and problems that is genre with object storage. So my valuation climbed points.
Keep in that way .


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Landmark Technologies
Landmark Technologies from Albania,

Worst hosting ever

With totally incompetent support and responsible for data loss together with the cloud backups. This all happened with just a "restart" of the server which they did without first notifying us. After the restart, we were not able to retrieve any data from the server
Guillermo R.
Guillermo R. from Argentina,

Terribly speed transfer

Hi had to move a site for cliente between to servers inside contabo ( one server in Germany and other in US ) the transfer speed never was more than 3 Mbps , i have had to move more than 300G it tooks me more 10 days, they said it...Read More was due the differents countries ( a lie ), days after have to move from contabo in US to OVH in canada and the speed still working terribly slow , i continue movie files very very very slow. Not recommend at all!Less
Safras sammoon
Safras sammoon from Sri Lanka,

Support sucks. Server offline for 6 hours

I had a SSD XL 1600GB package. They have blocked the server saying using IP of contabo that is not owned by us. So they requested to remove the IP from the server. I did what they asked within few minutes. Also replied to their t...Read Moreicket mentioning the solution what we did. They haven’t put the server back online for more than 6 hours. So I have lost nearly 67% clients in that server.

1. They haven’t given a warning or any notification before blocking the server

2. They haven’t answered any support ticket for nearly 6 hours.

3. We lost our hard earned clients within a day.

This period may take longer as our server still offline
Khaled Suliman
Khaled Suliman from Turkey,

Fair company

I lost my domain and they tried to help as much as they can
hope they will have a better and faster way of communication in the future
prices are good
Nikita Petrishin
Nikita Petrishin from Israel,

not have support at all

you need to know, never, i repeat NEVER not provide support when you need.
now my dedicated server offline 3 hours, not respond not on phone and not on email and this is morning of working day.
start look something else company
Ahsan Javeed
Ahsan Javeed from Pakistan,

They suspend my server without warning

They suspend my server with out warning these are not a professional like other one they suspend our services without warning these are not professinl in services we have lost alot of money without warning and direct suspension now i will move my all data to other hosting palteform
Don Omajemite
Don Omajemite,
That is how they suspended my hosting without any single warning claiming that I didn't buy cpanel licence from cpanel or from them...
Azhar Umar
Azhar Umar from India,

Daylight Robbery

Update: The following issue was sorted within the day by their Customer Support within a day. The customer support reached out to me and explained that the issue was because of misinterpretation and the issue has been resolved. I ...Read Moremust say, their customer support is extremely good and has always been very responsive.
Original Post:
Do not host your public sites on Contabo server, they have the worst TTBF ever in the market. They also have weird policies. I paid for a year, cancelled on their dashboard within 14 days, waited 8-10 days for refund, but did not receive a refund. Upon reaching out to customer care, they said their policy states that just cancellation is not enough, the customer has to send them a refund request in a prescribed format either via a mailed letter, a fax, or email. C'mon, which year are they living in?

Anyhow I lost the money 1 year subscription money. They lost a customer forever. I still have my ERP instance running on contabo. I am waiting for the contract period to end to switch back to GCP.

Here is the story about TTBF.

On recommendation from an ERP consultant, we moved our ERP from Google Cloud VM to a Contabo server. Everything seemed fine. But few of our employees complained that the ERP has become a bit slower. I dint give it much concern.

Later that month, we decided to move our public wordpress site to contabo's server. Our website have a very minimum traffic, approximately 1000 to 2000 vistors per month. But the website was loading very slow. When we checked the GTMetrix it showed that TTBF was above 3500 ms. Originally our total load time used to be only 280 ms. To make sure it is not an issue with our theme and plugins, we tried a plain installation of wordpress on contabo, digital ocean and google cloud. All on their chepest servers. Digital ocean and google cloud servers selected for testing was on a fraction of the specification of contabo servers. We discovered that there was some real issues with Contabo server, because DO and Google Cloud was delivering TTBF below 80 ms. I read online and found that this was a common issue with Contabo and they were also throttling disk IO. It was hardly 5 to 7 days since we purchased the server and I had read that they had a 14 days refund policy. We had paid for an entire year. We immediately cancelled the services and waited for the refund to happen. It never happened.

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Contabo expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansWeb Hosting; VPS Hosting; Dedicated Hosting
Top FeaturesNo Extra Fees For Transfers; DDoS Protection Included; 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Network; Snapshot Technology; VNC Access; OS Reinstall and Reboot Through Web Interface; DNS Management Through Web Interface; One-click Upgrades Through Web Interface; Uptime Monitoring; Domains and SSL Certificates; Additional IPs; Additional Backup Space
Customer SupportEmail and Phone Support; FAQ; Tutorials

During May, Contabo Hosting:

  • Offered a no setup fee deal for bare metal Dedicated Servers.
  • Continued its launch promotion for its Object Storage.
  • Offered no setup fees for Storage VPS, a discount of up to 60% for Outlet Servers and no setup fees and reduced monthly prices for the Intel 10-Core Server.
  • Received 1st place for Best VPS for April 2022.

Contabo is a Germany Hosting Company established in the Spring of 2003 in the city of Munich. At the time, it was known as Giga-International and it’s managed to grow from a single server to more than 10.000 servers.

Note: Contabo has grown from 2 employees to more than 100 employees since its humble beginnings in 2003.

It offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), and Dedicated Servers.

They offer Linux and Windows servers which are highly dependent on what you need. The stand-out factor about them is their colocation services, smooth scaling options, and products they offer.



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


The main selling factor for me when it comes to Contabo servers is the fact that it offers you the ability to build your own dedicated servers. You can select the processing power, hard disk space, and RAM that you need, with additional features such as backup space as well as ongoing monitoring and management. Keep in mind that this is only the case when it comes to the dedicated servers, and is not valid for VPS hosting or Shared Web Hosting packages.

DDoS protection is offered free of charge across all Contabo offers and is activated automatically. The unique aspect about all of this at Contabo is the fact that it has developed its own in-house DDoS protection.

To test what they are like, I decided to take a deep dive into their website and see what makes them tick.

Getting Started With Contabo Hosting

Screenshot of the home page

From the very first second that you enter their website, you’ll get clear information. In fact, you’ll learn everything you need to know within the first few seconds. You see, they have three main offerings here, they tell you about the pricing of VPS, VDS, and Dedicated Servers, and they clearly showcase the pricing. You also learn when they were established and where they operate. This is the perfect website design and what I love to see, as the last thing I want to do is scroll for 15 minutes just to figure these things out.

Now, the thing about the website itself, and you’ll see this throughout the entirety of the article, is that, while it is designed well in terms of what content you are seeing, the design language, as in art, vectors, and overall feel and fluidity of everything feels outdated. It’s functional, but it feels like an early 2000s website, and you should keep that in mind going forward.

Snapshot of VPS Dropdown

When it comes to VPS, you can select between:

High-Performance VPS

Snapshot of VPS plans

Storage VPS

Screenshot of storage VPS plans

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Screenshot of VDS plans

On the Dedicated side of things, you can get:

Screenshot of Dedicated Serves dropdown

Dedicated Servers

Screenshot of Dedicated Serves plans

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Screenshot of VDS plans

Outlet Servers

Screenshot of Server Outlet plans

Question: Can I order additional IP addresses?

Answer: Yes, you can order 1 additional IP for VPS. You can order 5 additional IPs for VDS, and you can order 25 additional IPs for dedicated servers.

For this example, I’ll pick the cheapest VPS server.

Next, Screenshot of VPS plans

Next, you will need to pick a location, and this can either be from the European Union (Germany), or in the United States (Missouri).

Note: Also, you can choose the data center in Asia if it better suits your needs.

Screenshot of VPS S SSD plan

After that, you’ll need to pick an operating system. I adore CentOS, so I’ll pick that one.

Keep in mind that you can also choose between Ubuntu, Windows Server, cPanel, Plesk + Windows, and Plesk + Linux.

Screenshot of popular OS list

Next, you’ll arrive at the networking tab. Here you will be able to select your transfer, IPv4, backup space, server management, monitoring, SSL, and Setup.

When it comes to the backup service on offer, Contabo has an add-on that gives you the ability to save encrypted backups through the use of FTP. Alongside this service, you also have another service which is known as 100% Auto Backup, and this provides you with automatic and regular backups for the entire contents of your web hosting account.

Through the usage of add-ons such as these, you can take backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

However, if you want to retrieve the backup, you will have to contact the support team and request the files. There is no free backup solution on offer here, so you will have to pay for them.

Screenshot of networking tab

I’ll just leave everything as it is here, but if you’re really interested, you can open up these settings and tinker as much as you want.

Next, you’ll need to enter some private information.

Click on Private Individual or Business, depending on what you are.

Screenshot of customer details page

Aside from this, you will need to enter your salutation, first name, last name, address, city, postcode, country, telephone, email, and a confirmation of your email, then just click on next.

Screenshot of additional information about customer

Next, you will have to choose a payment method that you want to use.

The most common two types of payments you can use include Credit Cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

choosing payment method page screenshot

You will have a final overview of the order before you can actually click on order and pay, this is just here for you to check if everything is in order.

Screenshot of the Order

Wait for the payment to process.

Screenshot of "Please Wait" window (Loading)If everything succeeded, you should see a “Payment Received” message.

Screenshot of "Thank you for your Order" message

Okay so here is one thing I did not expect and was surprised when I saw it in the mail.

Please note that I’m quoting the email here:

We are obligated by law to perform customer data verification for each new customer. To fulfill this duty, we need additional information from you.

First of all, we would kindly ask you to provide the following information again, just to make sure there are no typing errors causing the verification issue:

  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • ZIP code:
  • Country:
  • Telephone Number:

In addition to the above, please also send us a document that proves the address. This could be:

  1. A scan of your passport, driving license, or national identity card.
  2. A scan of your telephone, electricity, or any other utility bill as long as it contains your name and the address mentioned above.

Please note that the provisioning of your order is on hold until you provide us this data. Once we received all relevant data from you, we will complete the verification process and we will continue the setup of your order right away.

It’s okay, I get it, they are in the European Union and they are indeed required by law to perform data verification on all of their customers, and it is nice to see that Contabo is indeed following the law. However, I did not feel comfortable giving out this information to a hosting provider, as this is my own, personal information, and you should be aware that they are required to have this information from you and that you always have options outside of Europe that do not require you to provide this information.

Nevertheless, if this does not prove to be an issue for you and you feel comfortable providing them with this kind of information; go right ahead and do so, at least you know that your hosting provider of choice is following all of the laws and regulations.

With that out of the way, you will receive an email with your login credentials, and all you have to do is log into your account.

Screenshot of customer control panel

Screenshot of the login page

Screenshot of message about security when you login

Finally, you’ll arrive at the control panel. And wow, that’s an outdated design. As long as it is fully functional, and provides me with the options and features that I need, I don’t really care what it looks like; but still, I have to point out that the last time I saw a website like this or a control panel In general that was this basic, well, it was before the 2010s.

Screenshot of client area

Setting Things Up at Contabo Hosting

So, here’s what you can do while using Contabo. On the home screen, you will find some basic information as well as Contabo news. Don’t let the design fool you, the news actually always remains up to date.

Now, on the left side of the control panel, you will have access to the following things:

  • Your services

Here you’ll be able to see a list of the services you are using at Contabo where you will see details such as the monthly fee, setup fee, and when the next payment is.

Screenshot of the services page with highlighted Manage button

If you click on manage, you can enter the control panel, reinstall it, rescue the system, upgrade the VPS, see the server name or cancel the service.

Screenshot of control panel

The control panel itself is simple, and it can show you the status of the server, allow you to restart, start or stop it, reinstall it, rescue the system or create and restore snapshots.

  • Customer details

Without revealing too much of my personal information here, the customer detail tab allows you to view as well as update your customer details.

Screenshot of the customer details tab

  • Billing

The billing tab, as the name might imply, showcases exactly what your balance is, and what your monthly total cost is. You will also be able to review your entire payment history.

Screenshot of the billing tab

  • Payment Method

Here you will be able to review your payment method and change it.

Question: Which payment methods does Contabo Hosting accept?

Answer: Contabo Hosting accepts Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers and Direct Debit for payments in EUR currency. For payments made with US Dollars, they accept PayPal and Credit Card.

Screenshot of the Payment Method tab

  • Server control

Here you will be able to manage your dedicated servers.

Screenshot of the Server control tab

  • VDS control

Here you can manage your VDS instances.

Screenshot of the VDS control tab

  • VPS control

Here you will be able to manage your VPS.

Screenshot of the VPS control tab

  • IP Management

This section allows you to see all IP addresses that are assigned to your customer account as well as their configuration details.

Screenshot of the IP management tab

  • OS reinstalls

This menu will provide you with an overview of the pending, running as well as recently finished reinstallation tasks for your servers.

Screenshot of the operating system reinstallations

  • Domains

Here, you can manage your existing domains or register new ones.

Screenshot of the Domains tab

  • DNS Zone Management

Here you can create and manage DNS zones for all of your domains, and all of the entries you create are actually free of charge.

Screenshot of the DNS Zone Management

  • Reverse DNS Management

Here you have the ability to manage the reverse DNS (PTR) records for your IP addresses.

Screenshot of the Reverse DNS Management

  • Tutorials

This is essentially the Contabo blog page where you can learn just about anything they’ve published.

  • FAQ

This is just the frequently asked page where you can check any kind of information you are interested in.

Keep in mind that on the bottom, you will always have the ability to scale up and order additional services such as:

  • VPS
  • Storage-VPS
  • VDS
  • Server
  • Outlet-Server
  • Webspace Package
  • Domain

Level of Support

When you click on the support tab, this screen will pop up.

Screenshot of the Support Information pop up message

So you can contact them either through phone or through email.

Note: Also, you can find multiple FAQs and tutorials on Contabo’s website.

I sent them an email asking for a refund as well as account termination just to test out how it would work. I received an email 6 hours afterward.

Screenshot of the email conversation with support

So I simply confirmed this request and received my refund while having my account terminated.

Keep in mind that you are not refunded for the setup fee, just the monthly payment itself.

Security and Backups

Contabo Hosting offers DDoS Protection. The feature comes for free in each server and webspace package to protect you from malicious attacks on the web.

Warning: Contabo’s protection recognizes 99% of all attack patterns, however there are some DDoS attacks which cannot be mitigated.

You can also purchase a signed SSL Certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate, with the signature of each SSL certificate being valid for 12 or 24 months. Once this period ends, the provider will ask you whether you would like to extend the feature instead of doing this automatically.

While you can order the SSL together with a hosting service, you can also choose to add it to your offer later on.

Furthermore, access to the cPanel comes with two-factor authentication. So, apart from your personal password, the provider also requires a one-time password each time you log onto the platform, further protecting you from third parties.

As mentioned before, Contabo Hosting lets you purchase additional backup space for dedicated servers but not for VPS or Shared hosting plans. In addition to it, you can use the Auto Backup to automatically backup your content daily, weekly, or monthly, but not for free.

Specific Features of Contabo Hosting

Contabo essentially carefully checks the relation between purchase price as well as the performance offered. They also look at the energy efficiency as well as the durability of each hardware component. They use proprietary optimization scripts in order to manage the load on all of their servers, and they are able to provide stable performance for all of their customers as a result.

They feature a fully unified hardware platform in all of the Data Centers across the globe, and as such they get better discounts on purchase prices that they pass on to customers.

They have 5 data centers in 3 regions.

  1. USA1 – Missouri
  2. EU1 – Germany
  3. EU 2 – Germany
  4. EU 3 – Germany
  5. SIN1 – Singapore

Aside from that, they have a premium support team of 64 highly-trained support specialists that can assist you at any time.

Note: Contabo’s data centers are large enough to house 15,000 servers across all data center facilities, which allows for great growth.

They are affordable, perform quick provisioning, have no extra costs associated with transfers, and full virtualization.

You even get additional features such as:

  • Snapshot Technology
  • DNS Management through a web interface
  • Domains and SSL Certificate availability
  • DDoS protection that’s included
  • VNC Access
  • One-Click Upgrade through the web interface
  • Additional IPs that are available
  • 1 IPv4 and 64 IPv6 Network included
  • OS Reinstall and Reboot Through a Web Interface
  • Uptime Monitoring Availability
  • Additional Backup Service

Performance Speed and Uptime

When it came to the uptime, I can straight up say that I experienced no downtime throughout my testing.

I saw a response time between 750 and 420 ms, with an average of 570 which was interesting, even with the most basic website. All I can say that this is a speedy hosting provider if you are trying to run just about anything from a blog to an eCommerce website.

Note: Even though Contabo delivers a great response time, it’s average uptime guarantee is 95%.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Contabo Hosting:

  • Offered a launch promotion for its Object Storage.
  • Offered a no location fee in the US deal for Cloud VPS.
  • Offered a no setup fee deal for Cloud VDS and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers.
  • Performed maintenance on its backup-n-3 backup server.
  • Performed urgent maintenance on all VPS on host system 3688 and all VPS on host system 5290.
  • Received 2nd place for Best Value VPS for March 2022.
  • Made its Object Storage available in the US.

During March 2022, Contabo Hosting:

  • Introduced its brand new Contabo Object Storage and offered a 20% lifetime discount for it.
  • Performed urgent maintenance on all Virtual Dedicated Servers on host system 17958, all VPS on host system 3127, all VPS on host system 3076, all VPS on host system 1519, all VPS on host system 16089, all VPS on host system 15398.

During February 2022, Contabo Hosting:

  • Performed scheduled maintenance on all Webspace packages on host system m3668.contabo.net, all VPS on host system 2691, all VPS on host system 2231, all VPS on host system 17936, all VPS on host system 18417, all VPS on host system 16422, all VPS on host system 15338, all VPS on host system 17423, all VPS on host system 12421, and all VPS on host system 13982.

During January 2022, Contabo Hosting:

  • Contabo Hosting users were targeted with phishing emails.
  • Scheduled several VPS maintenance.

During December 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During November 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During October 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During September 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During August 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During July 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During June 2021, Contabo Hosting:

During May 2021, Contabo Hosting:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Completed scheduled server maintenance, incurred interruptions, and connectivity issues


I feel like I was a little harsh on Contabo hosting by judging their design. Sure it is outdated, but whenever I clicked on just about anything, I was instantly loaded onto the next screen. In fact, I think I saw zero loading time from one tab to another, it was simply amazing. Due to that simplistic design, their own website loaded things quickly, and the control panel was a breeze to go through. That being said, they do not offer live chat support, only call support and email support, and you will likely wait a few hours for a reply. In any case, they are knowledgeable and do live up to their claims. The hosting services on offer are affordable and exceptional when it comes to value-for-money, and they should fill the needs of anyone that’s specifically located in Europe. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process can be an inconvenience, but if you do not mind going through that hassle and providing your information, you should have an amazing experience using Contabo Hosting.

Contabo pros

  • Large Range of Hosting Plans Available
  • Easy Setup Process
  • Scaling Options
  • Colocation Services on Offer

Contabo cons

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) is a requirement
  • Outdated Website Design


Can You Request a Refund?

You can request a full cancellation and refund within 14 days of the transaction.

How Long Does Provisioning Take?

By using PayPal or a Credit Card, the provisioning process is instantaneous. VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers, and Workplace Plans are set up within minutes but can take up to three hours.

Does Contabo Have an Affiliate Program?

Contabo features an Affiliate Program at Commission Junction and Awin. You can earn up to €150 for every new customer you refer to them.

What Does the Name Contabo Actually Mean?

Contabo is an abbreviation of Content Across Borders.

Does Contabo Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Contabo Does not offer a free trial period, but you can cancel within 14 days and get your money back. However, this does not count the setup fee.

Contabo Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
M 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.99 8.5 Details
L 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.99 9.1 Details
XL 250 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $10.99 5.9 Details
XXL 500 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $12.99 6.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
300 300 GB 2 cores 4 GB $5.99 8.9 Details
700 700 GB 4 cores 10 GB $10.99 9.7 Details
1400 1.4 TB 6 cores 20 GB $16.99 9.6 Details
S SSD 200 GB 4 cores 8 GB $4.99 8.6 Details
S NVMe 50 GB 4 cores 8 GB $6.99 8.7 Details
M SSD 400 GB 6 cores 16 GB $8.99 9.3 Details
M NVMe 100 GB 6 cores 16 GB $11.99 5.9 Details
L SSD 800 GB 8 cores 30 GB $14.99 9.1 Details
L NVMe 200 GB 8 cores 30 GB $19.99 7.6 Details
XL SSD 1.6 TB 10 cores 60 GB $26.99 9.6 Details
XL NVMe 400 GB 10 cores 60 GB $34.99 3.2 Details
Virtual Dedicated Server S 180 GB 3 x 2.80GHz 24 GB $49.99 7.3 Details
Virtual Dedicated Server M 240 GB 4 x 2.80GHz 32 GB $59.99 7.4 Details
Virtual Dedicated Server L 360 GB 6 x 2.80GHz 48 GB $89.99 5.0 Details
Virtual Dedicated Server XL 480 GB 8 x 2.80GHz 64 GB $119.99 6.6 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 3 TB 10 x 2.20GHz 256 GB $169.99 8.7 Details
2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 3 TB 20 x 2.20GHz 256 GB $199.99 8.7 Details
AMD EPYC 7282 3 TB 16 x 2.80GHz 256 GB $229.99 8.7 Details
2 x AMD EPYC 7282 3 TB 16 x 2.80GHz 256 GB $229.99 9.1 Details
Outlet Server 4-CORE INTEL SERVER HDD 2 TB 4 x 2.80GHz 12 GB $38.99 8.7 Details
Outlet Server 4-CORE INTEL SERVER SSD 500 GB 4 x 2.93GHz 12 GB $40.99 8.7 Details
Outlet Server 6-CORE INTEL SERVER SSD 2 TB 6 x 3.20GHz 64 GB $78.99 8.7 Details

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