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A few words from CloudSigma

TRUE FLEXIBILITY - No fixed server sizes, unbundled resources that deliver your needs. Need lots of CPU but little RAM (or vice versa)? No problem.

STATE OF THE ART NETWORKING - We could go on and on with technical buzzwords that explains why our networking is blazing fast. As a customer however, all you care about is that it is stable and really fast (and it is).

SUPER FAST STORAGE - Traditional hard drives are slow and Solid State Drives (SSD) are fast. Why settle for slow? We've gone all-in on SSD and the result is amazing.
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Money Back: 14 Days

Pricing Range

Cloud Hosting $10.30 - $526.65

Data Centers

Yasar Bayar

Pinned Review

Yasar Bayar,
I have been working with these guys for over 6 months and never had any unsolvable issue. Their online chat for support is instant and very responsive. The control panel is very detailed and easy to use. Overall, I am quite satisfied so far.


Ano Niem
Ano Niem from Netherlands,

Unreliable service

Tried a trial server but was banned after a day without a notice. I certainly did not violate the TOS, so they randomly throw away all their trial servers whenever there are too little new trial servers left.
Gareth Lloyd
Gareth Lloyd,
CEO of CloudSigma Robert Jenkins is the same scam artist who ran Bulgarian Dreams where hundreds of people lost their life savings in failed property developments - no surprises their cloud platform stinks.
Bric Abrac
Bric Abrac from Switzerland,

I strongly advise against Cloudsigma

It has been my worst experience with cloud providers.

I had tons of issues, and when I wanted to leave they refused to refund my unused credits (you have to buy credits in advance).

Cloudsigma are thieves.
Yasar Bayar
Yasar Bayar from Turkey,

Probably not the best, but very good

I have been working with these guys for over 6 months and never had any unsolvable issue. Their online chat for support is instant and very responsive. The control panel is very detailed and easy to use. Overall, I am quite satisfied so far.
Ian Thorpe
Ian Thorpe from United States,

Worthless System

Registered for a free trial. Followed all instructions explicitly. Nothing worked. Communicated with support, again followed all instructions. Support conclusion was to try back next week. Honestly I never got to test the systems,...Read More they failed to work as described. Does not bode well for the reliability of their systems.Less
Antonio Benito
Antonio Benito,
Registered for a free trial. Followed all SIMPLE instructions. EVERYTHING worked just fine. VERY FAST !
Craig Timmins

Expert Review

Craig Timmins


Dedicated Cloud Hosting for Large Organisations

Cloud Sigma specialise in, yes you’ve guessed it, cloud based hosting and claim that they have the most advanced public cloud solution out there. With the ability to easily scale up and down when you like, along with fast loading websites and data, you can see why Cloud Sigma are on the ladder up in the web hosting world.

As expected with a cloud based host, prices aren’t cheap which means that Cloud Sigma are more geared towards the professionals and large organisations.

Why Choose Sigma Cloud Hosting?

  • Flexible Scaling
  • Step-by-Step Wizard
  • Plenty of Tools and Features
  • Reliable and Secure

Want to know if Sigma Cloud Hosting is right for you?

Let's check it out.

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Rated by Craig Timmins
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Features That Will Speed Up Your Site

The need for a fast and efficient cloud hosting platform is solved with Cloud Sigma, because they offer such a flexible way of hosting a big site in the cloud. With the ability to scale up and down to suit the level of traffic your website gets, you can’t get much better.

There are no fixed server sizes; state of the art networking that provides a stable and fast server for your site, and Solid State Drives that are new to the scene and much faster than the traditional models. You will also find a hand marketplace where you can purchase software licenses, security software and much more.


Good Support Features but Lacking a Few

The support area is quite sparse in all honesty but after you have navigated your way around the site you spot a few support areas here and there. In the footer of every page you have access to social media channels where you can reach out for real-time support, and you also have a live chat box in the bottom right.

Video tutorials on how to setup a server, along with a step-by-step wizard are definitely useful features but finding an email, phone number or ticket support system have been unsuccessful here.

  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat
  • Tutorials
  • Wizard
  • No telephone support
  • No email support
  • No ticket system in place
  • No support team location mentioned


Expensive Hosting, Not For Beginners

Pricing is calculated by a customised system where you get to select memory capacity, CPU speed, SSD size, and duration of contract. Therefore there are no specific prices we can give you but the cheapest setup with all the scales at the smaller end works out at £33.35 per month when you set 0.25GHZ CPU, 2GB of Memory, 80GB SSD and a 1 month term.

Prices can advance right into the thousands, with the highest setup costing over £3,000 per month for 78.25 GHz CPU, 126.5GB memory and 8050GB SSD.

The longer you take out a plan the more money you will save with a total of 6 time periods. You can commit to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, with a 45% saving on the 3 year package.


Not The Easiest Interface, But Wizards Will Guide You

If you are a novice then this kind of hosting solution isn’t really for you because of the price and technical side of things, but usability kind of adds to this as well. It’s not the easiest interface for beginners, but because its aimed at professionals you shouldn’t have a problem getting around.

When you sign up for an account you will be guided by a pop-up wizard which will show you how to create a server, along with a video tutorial if you get stuck.


Great if You are a Big Company Looking for Cloud Hosting

Cloud Sigma is undoubtedly a great cloud hosting system that is perfect for large businesses that want the flexibility to be able to scale up and down when they need to, add to that the small commitment terms and it makes this Cloud host very tempting.

It certainly isn’t for novice or intermediate users or business sizes, and prices are massive in comparison to your general providers. What you do get here though, is a dedicated cloud provider that is worth the time in looking at.


  • Dedicated to Cloud Hosting
  • Very flexible with scale-ability
  • Discounts for longer commitments
  • Walk-through Wizard to help setup a server


  • Some support features missing
  • No fixed pricing
  • Only cloud hosting
  • Not suitable for small to medium sized companies

CloudSigma Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Small-2 50 GB 1 x 3.00GHz 1 GB 5 TB $10.30 2.0 Details
Small-3 50 GB 1 x 3.00GHz 2 GB 5 TB $13.37 5.4 Details
Medium-1 50 GB 2 x 4.00GHz 2 GB 5 TB $22.63 5.4 Details
Medium-3 80 GB 4 x 4.00GHz 8 GB 5 TB $69.00 2.8 Details
Large-1 160 GB 8 x 8.00GHz 16 GB 5 TB $151.20 5.4 Details
Large-2 320 GB 12 x 12.00GHz 32 GB 5 TB $276.69 5.4 Details
Large-3 480 GB 16 x 16.00GHz 48 GB 5 TB $401.15 5.4 Details
XLarge 640 GB 6 x 20.00GHz 64 GB 5 TB $526.65 5.4 Details

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