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Certified Hosting is an independent, non EIG hosting brand, that been in business for over 15 years. We care about clients and pride ourselves on our first class service and support.
We don't have 20 minute wait times. We do not out source our support. We have an owner that is present and accessible to all clients, no matter the size and that over sees our day to day operations.
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Renee Bryan

Pinned Review

Renee Bryan,
Our IT person of 10 years up and quit on horrible terms. The staff at CERTIFIED HOSTING was right there for us going above and beyond to assist us in extra security measures as well as setting things ...Read Moreup for a development environment to help in the hiring process. This service was 24 hours and honestly, without them, I'd be a nervous wreck unsure what my next step would be.

I am a business owner--not a tech person and they have walked me through and held my hand EVERY step of the way. I HIGHLY recommend them...HIGHLY!


Marvin KS
Marvin KS from Hong Kong,

Very very slow Server speed

Totally unacceptable speed even it is the beginner plan, just like useless if the loading time is such slow...
Certified Hosting
Certified Hosting,
Hi Marvin,

We are sorry to hear you're not happy. If you have not yet done so, please open a support ticket so we can review your account and help further trouble shoot the issue with you. Our technical support team is availa...Read Moreble 24/7 to assist you. If you already have an open ticket that you would like to discuss here, please comment back with the information and we will get back to you.Less
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith from United States,

On your own

I was consistently having issues with server response time that they were unable to solve. If you're ok with staring at a blank screen for 8-10 seconds before your site starts to load this is the host for you.
Certified Hosting
Certified Hosting,
Hi Jordan,

Based on the information you have provided, we were able to locate your account so we could take a deeper look into this for you.

I am sorry that you are unhappy and to tell you the truth, we don't like those loa...Read Mored times either! We are happy to analyze your account and to work with you in figuring out what's going on. If there are any server side changes we can make to improve these load times for you, we have no problem doing so. Many times, even if they are not server related issues we can still provide clients with some helpful information as to what they can do on their own to help improve load times. This type of account analysis and review must be done through ticket. I do see that you had a couple of chats regarding this and you were asked to open a ticket so we could look into this for you but it does not seem that you did or have, as of yet at least. Without a ticket we will not be able to properly assist you in trouble shooting these issues for you. We hope that you will work with our team through the proper channels to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

You can submit a ticket directly on our site here: https://support.icertified.net/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

Or you can email our support team directly at support@certifiedhosting.com

We look forward to hearing from you!
Gary Chesnut
Gary Chesnut from United States,

Highly recommended!

I've been using them for a couple of years now and can honestly say that they have been the absolute best hosting that I have ever used. Each and every time that I have contacted support, they have been quick to reply, gone above ...Read Moreand beyond by taking the time to either explain to me what to do or they have fixed my problems and then explained to me how they fixed it. My sites have always been online except when I jacked them up. And then when I contacted support to help me get them back online... they have always helped me and have never made me feel bad about doing stupid things to screw up my site. Believe me when I say that I have used their support system on multiple occasions. But I have learned so much by them because they took time out of their busy schedule to help me and explain to me. I have nothing but great things to say about their support team! And for the naysayers reading this, I am not affiliated with them in any way except for being a customer. If you are looking for a great hosting provider... give them a try. They are the best that I have used and I have tried several over the years.Less
Erik Svensson
Erik Svensson from Sweden,

Stay far away from Certified Hosting

I used to host about 40 sites at Certified Hosting. And one day all sites just said "Index of /" when visiting them.

The server had deleted all my files. The worst part is that their backups they were supposed to have didn't work! I lost everything! We're talking about years of work.
Renee Bryan
Renee Bryan from United States,

Super Impressed!

Our IT person of 10 years up and quit on horrible terms. The staff at CERTIFIED HOSTING was right there for us going above and beyond to assist us in extra security measures as well as setting things up for a development environme...Read Morent to help in the hiring process. This service was 24 hours and honestly, without them, I'd be a nervous wreck unsure what my next step would be.

I am a business owner--not a tech person and they have walked me through and held my hand EVERY step of the way. I HIGHLY recommend them...HIGHLY!
Neel kherwed
Neel kherwed from India,

Poor security

Yestreday my certified hosting account was hacked. They didnt help me i send all invoice and proof wich is enough for recover account but still didnt help me
Please dont go with certified hosting.. poor security .
Poor suport
Still my site redirected .. they didnt reply me back
Total Server
Total Server,
We take any claim of hacking very seriously and it is thoroughly investigated. As you know, we were not able to find any evidence that this was the case and have attempted to assist you in getting access to the account by verifyi...Read Moreng you are the account owner but have unable to do so.

You stated that was in part do to the fact that you purposely used “wrong” information when signing up. If that is truly the case, we hope you can understand the situation that you have caused by doing so and therefore not being able to verify yourself as the account owner. Yes, you did send us the information we requested to help assist us in trying to get you access to the account but it did not pass verification. Sending a copy of an invoice is also not proof enough that you are the account owner.

While we understand your frustration in this matter, I hope you can see that it is not that we have not tried to help or are not willing to help you, it is that our hands are tied as you are not able to provide sufficient documentation that you are in fact the account owner. No reputable company, hosting industry or not, will provide you access to an account in which you are not the owner.

We have provided you with an option to get an account set up with all of your correct and true information so that this is not an issue for you ever again and we hope you will do so. The details were provided to you in our last email reply to you.

I know that you have had multiple pages of correspondence with our team via email. If you are able to provide valid documentation or want to bring anything else to light in this matter, please do not hesitate to do so via the tickets.
Ray Munoz
Ray Munoz from United States,

Stop don't do it.!!

I used this host for a three week period and it was horrible,, the tech team manly jeff was slow and not very good at what he does. my site was down to much due to the host not having the right settings on my site for space and th...Read Moreen it started to get hit with fatal errors that just wiped out my sites visibility completely.. He said it was a plugin I erased cancelled the wordpress and reinstalled it with no plugins and the fatal error showed again and lost visibility again . along with not having the unlimited space as agreed in advertising it was like the tech. team was asleep at the wheel.. i'm trying to run a business and this team just doesn't cut it.. Don't do it !!Less
Total Server
Total Server,
We are sorry to hear that your experience was not as expected.
Unfortunately dedicated server do not come with unlimited space.
The space available is predicated on the size of the hard drive you select.
Regarding the errors y...Read Moreou were receiving, we cannot comment unless you would like to provide a ticket ID for reference.
stan z
stan z from Canada,

Certified Web Hosting barbarian action against its long time customer

We used the service for 4+ years until now. After one year hosting with SSL certificate one tech person named Jeff with unprofessional behavior removed our SSL certificate without giving us a chance to discuss anything. This perso...Read Moren after 1 year suddenly decided that we are not allowed to have an SSL because of our hosting plan. This cannot be true since 3 people from the support were helping us before and during installation of the certificate. This person demonstrated deep lack of business understanding causing our website users frustration, to us loss of traffic and may affect our Google ranking etc. Recommendation: Stay away if Jeff is still working for this host. Check it before you even open an account with them. The troubles Jeff can cause you are far beyond the saving and the service. This is really bad.Less
Total Server
Total Server,
First, let me thank you for being a long time valued Certified Hosting client. We do appreciate your business and loyalty.

Let me apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunications that have taken place. It is not our intent...Read Moreion to cause harm to you or your business. In review of the correspondence regarding this particular issue, I found our staff to be very polite and helpful. Unfortunately, you were using a service that was not allowed on the hosting plan you had at the time. The reason that service is enabled is for customers wanting to install self-signed certificates. You were using an IP address that is shared and ultimately causing issues for other users on the server.

I understand that you were using the service for quite some time, and believe that our support team helped you set up the service, however your questions were generic regarding an SSL install, it was not known which hosting plan you were on at the time. Otherwise, we would have quickly informed you that you needed to upgrade plans in order to use an SSL.

I also found that you were provided ample opportunity to make the upgrade to avoid any disruption with the SSL services.
I see that you have now upgraded to the proper hosting plan and your SSL is in working order.

it's unfortunate that your great 4+ year experience was effected over this.
Again, our apologies and we thank you for your continued trust in Certified Hosting.
Thank you so much for this review, after reading all this review i pull of my shoes and am running from this host with that guy Jeff in there lol LOL LOOOOOL

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Good quality hosting with multiple US locations

CertifiedHosting.com is a California web-based hosting company offering a variety of professional hosting and reseller programs. Their highly attentive team specializes in web and domain management services using a high quality network for your website. CertifiedHosting.com has two centralized data centers in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ. Their company has won the award for Best Unlimited Host and 100 Best INC.'s Top Hosting Providers.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
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Uptime & Reliability

Good, reliable hosting

CertifiedHosting.com  runs on a safe encrypted server and guarantees 99%  24/7 uptime and security for your domain. Their network runs on two separate power connections and back up generators. They provide multiple connections to a Tier 1 carrier for accelerated speed and data transferring.


Three basic plans with some add on options

CertifiedHosting.com offers three different types of hosting plans to choose from. You have the option of choosing between their Dork plan, Geek plan or Nerd plan. All three plans include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited sub domains as well as unlimited email accounts. The difference between their three plans is based on the amount of domains on the account. Dork plan offers single domain registry. Geek and Nerd offer unlimited domains. With the Nerd plan you are also given a free dedicated IP and Private SSL. You may also pay for addons to either account but you would be paying more than what the Nerd plan offers if you were to just sign up for that plan originally. CertifiedHosting.com web hosting plans are very straight forward and all share the same amount of features. If you are interested in reselling or in need of dedicated servers for your company, CertifiedHosting.com also offers 100% managed servers with full support and installation of either server you choose from. There is three different levels of dedicated servers. They have entry level, mid ranged managed servers and pro series. The difference between the three plans is based on the amount of ram, bandwidth and series of intel processors. Their customer support is unmatched. When it comes to committing to a hosting provider, customer support is very important. It is important to have a live dedicated team that will help you troubleshoot if you ever run into an issue. I really admire companies that use live support as a means of communication. You can quickly have a question answered right off the website by simply clicking the live chat button located on their webpage. They also have chat support by phone, email, support ticket and also through social media.


Easy to contact support teams

This company offers several options to get in touch with them for technical support.  You can use their toll-free phone number, email or even submit a tech support ticket, which they get back to you on quickly. They also offer support through their Twitter account, which is quite nice.  Overall, their tech support is very good.


Easy to understand pricing options

CertifiedHosting.com has a very transparent price structure. Their costs per service is very competitive compared to other larger name hosting companies. There is a small set up of $5.00 if you pay monthly for the dork plan. Their Dork plan starts at $3.95/mo. Geek plan is $3.48/mo and their Nerd plan is $11.95/mo. If you need upgrades or additional add ons to your hosting plan you can do so at anytime. Additional fees will apply. The greatest feature is their anytime money back guarantee. Many companies only offer a 30 day or 45 day money back guarantee. CertifiedHosting.com also offers a price match guarantee on their website. You can simply toggle between well known hosting providers and compare prices. If your business operates multiple websites then CertifiedHosting.com  Reseller plan is the right choice for you. They are perfect for people who want to resell web hosting accounts commercially with their own web design or web hosting  company. There is 3 different type of plans to choose from all varying in storage and bandwidth. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95 a month.


Very nice hosting option

I recommend CertifiedHosting.com for their web hosting and reseller services based on their price structure and amount of unlimited hosting features they make available to you at an affordable price. They have a dedicated technical support and sales team that will help navigate you through any issue or concern. Pros:

  • Fair prices
  • Great live support
  • Many great resources


  • Additional set up fee on the 'Dork' plan
  • Long term commitment required for the 'Geek' plan

Total Server Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
ENTERPRISE 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $0.00 4.4 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
INTEL E3-1241V3 128 GB 4 x 3.00GHz 16 GB $0.00 4.7 Details
DUAL INTEL E5-2620V3 256 GB 12 x 3.00GHz 32 GB $0.00 4.7 Details
DUAL INTEL E5-2640V3 256 GB 16 x 4.00GHz 32 GB $0.00 4.7 Details

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