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Adrian Nagy

Pinned Review

Adrian Nagy,
Like the title says, it;s the best hosting I've encountered in a long time. Lightning fast support and good prices. Thank you!


Adolf James
Adolf James from United States,

Good Hosting

I signed up for an account with Alfa for my small business. They are always up and have no problems. The hosting is also easy to use. I do think the price is higher than it needs to be, but it is worth it for me to pay.
M. Johnson
M. Johnson from United States,

My site is always up

If you want a wonderful German hosting company, Alfahosting.de is there for you. I signed up for them because they were the first option I found when searching. I have stayed with them for a long time because they really don't h...Read Moreave any problems. SOmtiems their control panel is a little confusing, but that might be becasue I'm not a hosting expert or anything. I highly recommend this hosting company.Less
Di Lamm
Di Lamm from Trinidad and Tobago,

OUTSTANDING Customer Service

Anytime I have an issue the team is patient enough to help me solve it. No matter how ignorant my questions are. Everyone get back in a timely manner and is very patient.
T. Forge
T. Forge from United States,

Low Maintenance

When I was looking at different hosting companies I wanted to make sure I went with a German company since that is where most of my audience will be. I decided to give Alfa a try and am glad I did. i really don't have much good to...Read More say about them because I have nothing to say about them at all, which is how you want your hosting company. They just do their work in the back ground and I almost never have to give them a second thought. Perfect for my blog.Less
Nicholas D'Ombrain
Nicholas D'Ombrain from Germany,

A bad choice for small businesses!

I spent a lot of time researching and decided to go for Alfahosting.de as the reviews were mostly good and the Business L plan had what I needed.

But.. no longer than 2 days with them and I felt the need to cancel immediately.....Read More. File uploads via FTP would constantly dropout and the reliability was very poor. I tried with my other host to check and had no problems. I rang telephone Support and they had no suggestions and were not very sympathetic at all. Sort of an: 'It is how it is attitude!' On my first day with them I expected a lot more... But I see it as a blessing in disguise as I would only have to move again later.

They did not seem worried that they may loose a customer.

What is worse is that they state that you can try for free with no hidden fees, etc, etc but in a plan like the one I chose, 3 domains are included. I must now pay for these domains with Alfahosting.de (costing more than most other hosts). This is certainly not made obvious and I could not find it anywhere in the small print. Most hosts offer a refund / cancellation on domains if you do so within a 48 hour period and or have a good reason... I was trying to cancel within a 48 hour period with good reason.

Furthermore, the user interface 'Confixx' is clumsy and ugly at best...

All in all I wasted a lot of time with these guys as they fooled me!
NOT recommended for anyone serious about reliability!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

German Hosting since 1999

AlfaHosting has been an IT services comapny, which provides good web hosting and other services, since 1999.  This is a very long time in this industry, and shows that they are able to grow and adapt.  Web hosting has changed dramatically in the past couple decades and this company has been able to keep up. THey operate out of a state of the art facility in Halle where they work hard to keep their services running smoothly.  They say that they allow their employees to remain focused on specific projects to help ensure everything works well and avoids problems.

The company offers shared hosting, VPS solutions, dedicated servers, SEO, e-Shops and more.  They can help you get your site up and running quickly and keep it running well.  If you're looking for good quality hosting in Germany, this company should be on your short list.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Few Complaints About Reliability

When looking for what users had to say about uptime and reliability I didn't find too much.  A couple people mentioned being out of service, but that is not enough to identify it as a trend, especially with a company that has been around this long.  They don't, however, have an uptime guarantee that I could find, so some people might be worried about that.  You will get a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like the stability of the hosting, you can always leave.


Good Features with Some Limitations

The features offered by this company are fairly standard for the most part.  Some of them, however, are too low.  For example, for the entry level hosting package you only get 250 megs of disk space.  Most people won't use more than that, but it is still really low.  Move up one level and you get a gig, and then 2 gigs.  They should really start you off with at least 500 megs, as that is what most other companies are doing.

You'll get a .de domain for free when you sign up as well, which is nice.  Another thing that is lacking for entry level hosting, however, is the automatic installation of software.  You don't get that until the third level of hosting.  This is very unusual as almost all hosting providers today offer that as a service to all customers.

As you move up to their higher level hosting options you will begin to get all the standard features that you would expect.  VPS and dedicated hosting services are both quite nice and will meet most people's needs.


Limited Information Available

From what I can tell the tech support seems to be fine.  They have apparently won awards for top hosting service, but I couldn't find much actual objective information about it.  This isn't always a bad thing though as most people won't write about service unless they had a bad experience.  The company doesn't seem to have any real self-help documentation available, but they do have a forum so you can ask questions and learn from others.


Pricing is Very Affordable

The pricing is quite nice with this company, starting at just .99 Euro per month.  The prices go up from there, but the most expensive shared hosting solution is only 2.19 Euro, which is still quite cheap.  Of course the prices for higher level hosting are more expensive, but not by too much.  Overall you will find that their pricing is quite a bit lower than most other companies, so if you want discount hosting, this is a nice option to consider.


Nice Hosting with Some Issues

This company has good overall hosting, but there are a few concerns to be aware of.  The entry level services are missing some important items, and their limitations are too strict.  They don't have an uptime guarantee.  If you want a hosting company in Germany, however, this isn't the worst option out there.  They have been in business a long time and will likely give you a good overall hosting experience.


  • Free .de Domain
  • Been in business since 1999
  • Low Prices


  • Very restrictive on entry level hosting

Alfahosting GmbH Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Multi L 75 GB Unlimited 3 $4.28 9.8 Details
Multi XL 150 GB Unlimited 4 $7.49 9.8 Details
Business L 300 GB Unlimited 6 $10.71 9.8 Details
Business XL 600 GB Unlimited 10 $21.43 9.7 Details

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