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123-reg Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.64 - $190.21
VPS $14.62 - $65.83
Dedicated Server $159.50 - $291.19
Cloud Hosting $86.33 - $130.23


Michael Nosek
Michael Nosek from Poland,

Useless and Con Artists.


I emailed them in March requesting to renew my domain name. Since then only thing I got back was to provide more papers/documents to proof that I'm an owner.
I could provide them only wit...Read Moreh the things I have
Bank Statements
HMRC documents
tel number
Bank Account details!
and they still couldn't provide me with the access.
After all this they sent me an email that someone else owns domain from MAY 2019.

I feel that they want to sell my domain at higher price and also extract my personal sensitive details.
Perhaps to commit fraud but this I'm guessing going to find out in the future.
No more
R Yu
R Yu from United Kingdom,


123 Reg is the worst company to buy a domain from. I brought several domain names with privacy protection and their customer service team said that you could get a refund within 5 days. But when you call up they transfer you to th...Read Moree billing team and no one ever fucking answers! Please do not use them they are just scamming people from their money. WORST COMPANY EVER.Less
Ragini Varia
Ragini Varia from United Kingdom,

Appalling Customer Service! Not suitable for Businesses

123 Reg designed my website and ecommerce shop 1 year ago. They lost all my google rankings from my previous site which they denied was their fault. Since they have build my ecommerce site I have had nothing but nightmares every t...Read Moreime I want to make a change on my site! The design team is based somewhere else to where my account manager is and communication between them seems to be via emails only or in some cases via pigeon messenger as a small amend takes 2 days.....and that is always incorrect! Save yourself time and alot of grief as customer service from an "online-expert or account manager" is non existent. They don't return calls and there is no time management or need for urgency however urgent your website amend is. For a business especially an ecommerce site this is unacceptable.Less
Andrew Peasey
Andrew Peasey from United Kingdom,

Disgusting Customer Service

Spent 2 days building a website only for it not to be available on Day 3 went into account and nothing has been saved ! 123 -Reg blaming me for using their free web builder have subsequently used the same process and works fine bu...Read Moret 123reg are just burying their head in the sand and not interested ! Shower of 5h1TLess
Steve Bright
Steve Bright from United Kingdom,

123Reg scam.

I signed up and they were more than willing to take my money. I decided I didn't need the web site so closed it down. I soon noticed the monthly recurring charges continued. A lengthy phone call and the services were cancelled, or...Read More so I thought.
Yesterday they took money from my account for an annual subscription.
I phoned the support and spoke to a man with a heavy Indian accent, so possibly an Indian call centre. He was treating me like an idiot and talking down to me. He advised me that I needed to disable the service and needed the password that was supplied originally. I have no idea what it was so effectively can't disable it. I noticed that it is an annual subscription so next year they will try to take more money from me. They will try, but I have blocked them at the bank and this as placed them on the suspicious debitors list.
Be VERY careful with these people, they are in business to make money and don't care who they walk over or how they trick you into parting with your money.
I will be taking them to the small claims court as dealing with them is so difficult and time consuming. Time is money,
Tony F
Tony F from United Kingdom,

Dodgy Billing Methods

Be very, very careful if you use this lot. My renewal date came up recently, and was notified by an autogenerated email giving me a few weeks notice. Fair enough. However, I log into my account, and see that the price has gone up ...Read Moreto more than I wish to pay, so decided to look elsewhere. In the meantime, I get an email from PayPal saying that they've taken money from my account, a whole week before the renewal date, and without any notification that they'd do this.

I logged into my 123-reg account, and found out that the "auto renew" feature had been ticked - I had deliberately unticked this some time ago, so why it was ticked, I have no idea. Giving you notice of a payment deadline but then charging you beforehand, thus tying you into their services - very naughty practice in my opinion.

I've filed a dispute with PayPal as this is an unauthorised transaction (I would have been unimpressed by the early payment even if I was staying with them), and will be calling them up to see what they're going to do about it tomorrow - currently Sunday evening so doubt anyone will be available.

Oh, and had a seriously weird phone call from them a couple of months back. Wasn't even sure what they were trying to get me to buy as it was so unprofessional. Fearing it was a scam call, I fobbed them off and ended the call.

Seriously, look somewhere else if you can. It's only 2/10 and not lower because of the way this review site collates the star ratings.
I had the same thing, I even called/emailed them and said if they take the money I would report them for fraud as I knew they would take it. Lo and behold....
Reeta Brack
Reeta Brack from United Kingdom,

website crashed

couldn't get onto our website after being with them for a few years. contacted them and they told us to contact wordpress and wordpress told me to contact 123 back and then they told me that I should not have contacted wordpress a...Read Morend that they did not advise this! then after spending ages on the phone they said they couldn't see a problem even though I could not get onto the site itself and I could not get onto the log in page to edit the site! they said they would have to contact others and that would take up to 24 hours so our site would be down for then! really unhelpful serviceLess
Somesh De Swardt


I just wanted setup SSL i.e. secure socket layer, which is the secure way to transfer data over the internet, and allows users to feel secure when on your website.. apparently 123-reg, don’t give it for free with their hosting, th...Read Moreen they ask you to purchase it for £60 per year.. thing is that other hosting providers give SSL for free, and you can also purchase it for approximately £5 per year from other companies. I was also surprised when I purchased a SSL certificate from another company, then tried to set up on my 123-reg website to find that they don’t accept SSL certificates from other other companies..

So in summary it looks like 123-reg.co.uk
1. Don’t provide free SSL certificates
2. Charge 500% more than other companies for the SSL certificate and
3. Don’t allow you to purchase your own SSL certificates from other companies.
4. They use the fact that customers are already using their services and use this commitment to hoodwink their customers into paying huge fees unnecessarily.

Most hosting companies provide SSL services for free and are ranked much higher in hosting company rankings.

Unfortunately 123 is the largest provider in the UK, but don’t rate very highly when tested..

I've just moved all my services away from 123-reg, as I refuse to give anymore money n to a company with these morals. I suggest you don’t purchase any services from 123, and spread the word to other 123-reg users. Together we can make sure that companies like these don’t rip off any more customers.

I believe in people power - the power of the common people to make change...

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert


The UK’s biggest hosting provider

123-Reg are the biggest domain and website provider in the UK, with over 3 million customers across the country. The offer a simple way for individuals and small business to create their websites, and they have some of the best customer support you are likely to find anywhere on the internet.

123-Reg have a wide number of packages available and they offer competitive prices on all of them. They have an incredibly user-friendly website, which is why they are often the number 1 choice in the UK and across the world.



Rated by Eliran Ouzan

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Good uptime, but slow shared hosting speeds

The lower marks account only for shared hosting plans, which is what the major of 123 Reg customers use. The dedicated hosting plans are fine, the servers are quick and there is rarely any issues, but the same can not be said for the shared hosting. 123 Reg have a tendency to overload their servers, stuffing as many web-sites as they can onto one and the reducing the speed and efficiency of all.

During peak times, if your hosting plan has been shoved onto one of these over-crowded servers, it means that your website, regardless of how small it is, can take a long time to load. So long that many 123 Reg customers say they can’t access their own websites as they constantly time out.


A huge number of features

123-Reg offers it shared hosting customers a feature rich and easy to use control panel. Even those with little to no previous experience hosting a website will easily be able to find their way around. The standard VPS hosting packages may be a lit-tle more difficult to use, but for an extra fee you can add a cPanel to your package to make it much easier.

Anyone wants to use apps such as WordPress and MediaWiki, along with many others, can integrate them into their website with just a few clicks.

Disk Space and BandwidthThe cheapest shared hosting option at 123 Reg provides 1 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth; unlimited disk space begins with the professional package which costs three times as much as the beginning package.
Site Builder123-Reg have their own site builder for customers to take advantage of. It is very easy to use and comes with simple What You See is What You Get interface.
EmailMost of the packages at 123 Reg, including the cheapest ones, come with a number of email addresses and many of them have unlimited email addresses.
StatsShared hosting customers will need to integrate their own statistics to see who is visiting their 123 Reg website.
FTP AccessFTP access is straightforward. Users simply need to input their unique username and password and use an FTP program in order to upload to their website.
Domains123 Reg customers can attach a domain to their hosting plan for just a few dollars, regardless of the extension that is uses. There are offers available that give them free domains if they purchase certain hosting plans.
MySQL123 Reg allows for MySQL databases and comes equipped with a comprehensive troubleshooting file for those who are new to it.
Shopping CartsShopping carts include OpenCart, Prestashop, ZenCart and others. There is a wide choice avail-able for all hosting packages bought through 123 Reg.


Unbeatable customer support

123-Reg has some of the best, quickest and most friendly customer support around. Their staff are knowledgeable and incredibly quick to respond. Not only can they provide advice to assist you with any problems, but they can also access your website or account (at your request) and fix things for you.

The 123 Reg support works on “tickets” rather than emails. If you have an issue you submit it through a form on the “My Support” section of the website. A member of the support team will then respond and you will be sent an email to tell you they have responded. They are very quick and more often than not, providing it is during working hours, your problem will be solved within the hour.

If I had to pick holes in the 123 Reg support system it would be that when you receive the emails to tell you that your ticket has been updated, you can’t view any responses through this email and need to go to the site and login to do so. This is minor though and not enough to stop 123 Reg from getting full marks when it comes to customer support.


Some of the cheapest hosting around

123 Reg is one of the cheapest web hosts around and also provides very cheap domain names. Their shared hosting plans begin from just over $4 a month and customers need only pay three times that to get the top shared hosting package available. The VPS hosting is also fairly priced, beginning at just over $16 a month — up to around $73 a month for the top end VPS hosting package.

123 Reg dedicated hosting and cloud hosting are a little more expensive, but customers are assured plenty of value as these are some of the best hosting packages available.

User Friendly

One of the easiest hosts to use for first timer web masters

With great customer support and a What You See is What You Get interface that everyone can handle, 123 Reg is very user friendly. This is the perfect host for anyone who is new to website creation and is hoping to be guided through the process. The staff are on hand at all times and not only are they very quick to respond but they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Experienced web developers will also enjoy the ease of use at which this hosting provider operates. It truly is a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer support.


Great host provider that is let down by poor shared hosting speeds

123 Reg is a very good web host that is only let down when it comes to providing a quick and reliable service for its shared hosting providers. Despite the fantastic customer support on offer, if it’s a shared hosting package that you need then you will probably be better off elsewhere. If you’re looking for a VPS hosting package, a cloud hosting package or a dedicated server, then you really can’t do much wrong with 123 Reg.

Most of 123 Reg’s customers are based in the UK and it is one of the biggest and most well known hosting providers in that country, but their services are open to customers from all over the world and they also sell all of the available domain name extensions alongside their hosting packages.

Pros and Cons:


  • Unbeatable customer support.
  • Cheap shared hosting packages and VPS hosting packages.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple integration with apps such as WordPress and MediaWiki.


  • Poor speeds for shared hosting packages.

123-reg Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Essentials 10 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.64 2.3 Details
Business 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.30 2.4 Details
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $13.15 2.0 Details
M 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $73.15 2.3 Details
L Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $102.41 2.3 Details
XL Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $190.21 2.3 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter 25 GB 1 core 512 MB $14.62 2.0 Details
L 70 GB 1 core 1 GB $27.79 2.3 Details
XL 100 GB 2 cores 2 GB $43.88 2.3 Details
XXL 150 GB 3 cores 3 GB $65.83 2.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
L 3.91 TB 12 cores 48 GB $159.50 2.3 Details
XL 3.91 TB 16 cores 64 GB $218.03 2.3 Details
XXL 7.81 TB 24 cores 96 GB $291.19 2.3 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
L 1000 GB 4 cores 24 GB Unlimited $86.33 2.3 Details
XL 1000 GB 6 cores 32 GB Unlimited $108.28 2.3 Details
XXL 1.6 TB 8 cores 48 GB Unlimited $130.23 2.3 Details

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