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123-reg Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.64 - $190.21
VPS $14.62 - $65.83
Dedicated Server $159.50 - $291.19
Cloud Hosting $86.33 - $130.23


Rachel Burrowes
Rachel Burrowes from United Kingdom,

Terrible service

Raised an issue via chat on Tuesday, no reply. Raised again thursday via phone and asked to speak to manager. Called again friday, ticket raised, told manager will call monday. No call, so all called at 16:50 - told someone will g...Read Moreet back to me in a day or 2. Not good enough. I need a call back asap.

I have a package which gives me 10,000 email addresses - i use 210. Apparently you no longer offer this but i have this until September and i accidentally bought the package twice last year, which u refused to refund and said the package would run for an additional year - you refused to refund so i am in contract with you until sept 2021. All documented in support. The add email address feature is not working - i have staff needing to work from home, your inability to provide this is going to force me to make vulnerable staff members redundant.
Agnieszka Kurzawa
Agnieszka Kurzawa from United Kingdom,


I fell into a sales trap and signed up for hosting with them along with a domain purchase and I couldn't be more disappointed. I would be getting approximately 10 notifications per week about my websites b...Read Moreeing down and whenever I tried to speak to 123-reg rep I would hear that 'the website works fine for them now' or 'there is nothing wrong with our servers'. When I eventually said I will leave they admitted 'there may have been a problem with their server and it will work in the next 24 hours'. For the next 7 days I would receive Pingdom updates that the website was down in the middle of the night.

They also don't have any support over the weekend which means you're stuck with what you've got - for me it meant I couldn't do any work - because the website was down. Again
David Collier
David Collier from United Kingdom,

Totally Unsuitable for Business, of any size.

There is no way to separate web site maintenance from your main billing account. We are a small company that wishes to delegate the maintenance of the website to a colleague. To access the website this colleague will need the cred...Read Moreentials used to maintain the actual billing account. The impact of this is that our relatively new colleague will have access to manage and maintain our domain records, our billing information and our email accounts.

If you are a 1 man band, selling cup cakes from your kitchen, then maybe 123-reg are adequate. For anything else it's a waste.
This has been a learning exercise for my business, 123-Reg may have some of our money, but at least I've discovered their inadequacies before we go live. Time to move to another, more professional, provider
Hamid Khajehpour

Astonishingly Poor Service

Astonishingly poor performance any time of the day or night but especially during mid night to 2 am. I go online at night hoping to find better response from their servers but it actually gets worse!! A nightmare for a developer w...Read Moreho wants to work online. The support service keep fobbing you off and blaming it on your web pages being complex or saying that’s the best you can expect from shared services !! And then recommending Dedicated Server as a solution.
If 1-2-3 Shared services are so overloaded with customers that their servers sometimes take 5+ minutes to load a page then why do they keep promoting with pretentious false advertising promising lightening speeds and selling more shared services?

For £100+ pounds a year (first year promotional is cheap though) there is no way that 123 are giving an even reasonably professional web hosting service. Calling this a great service for Businesses to grow is frankly laughable and perhaps, in my opinion, dishonest too. I wonder how many who take on the cheap first year service actually stay for the 2n and 3rd year at full price. Given this performance I certailnly wont.
You can NOT run a prefessional Business site with this. The customers give up after 30 seconds, they are not going to wait 2 mins or often more to load your home page!!
Tim Chris
Tim Chris from Romania,

Completely incompetent customer service lacks even reading ability

I've been trying to have them recognise my EU VAT ID since three months now. Their form just simply doesn't have a field for it and they customer service thinks I am missing something. It is so highly annoying and such a waste of time. Save yourself from this.
Amanda Souter
Amanda Souter from United Kingdom,

Very dishonest with billing processes

Since they were purchased by Go Daddy, 123.reg has sadly gone downhill. They charged me twice for both my domain and my hosting accounts. When I requested a repayment on the domain overcharge, they refused to reimburse me because ...Read MoreI called them more than 5 DAYS after they withdrew the money twice from my bank account.Less

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert


The UK’s biggest hosting provider

123-Reg are the biggest domain and website provider in the UK, with over 3 million customers across the country. The offer a simple way for individuals and small business to create their websites, and they have some of the best customer support you are likely to find anywhere on the internet.

123-Reg have a wide number of packages available and they offer competitive prices on all of them. They have an incredibly user-friendly website, which is why they are often the number 1 choice in the UK and across the world.

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Rated by Eliran Ouzan
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Good uptime, but slow shared hosting speeds

The lower marks account only for shared hosting plans, which is what the major of 123 Reg customers use. The dedicated hosting plans are fine, the servers are quick and there is rarely any issues, but the same can not be said for the shared hosting. 123 Reg have a tendency to overload their servers, stuffing as many web-sites as they can onto one and the reducing the speed and efficiency of all.

During peak times, if your hosting plan has been shoved onto one of these over-crowded servers, it means that your website, regardless of how small it is, can take a long time to load. So long that many 123 Reg customers say they can’t access their own websites as they constantly time out.


A huge number of features

123-Reg offers it shared hosting customers a feature rich and easy to use control panel. Even those with little to no previous experience hosting a website will easily be able to find their way around. The standard VPS hosting packages may be a lit-tle more difficult to use, but for an extra fee you can add a cPanel to your package to make it much easier.

Anyone wants to use apps such as Wordpress and MediaWiki, along with many others, can integrate them into their website with just a few clicks.

Feature Description
Disk Space and Bandwidth The cheapest shared hosting option at 123 Reg provides 1 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth; unlimited disk space begins with the professional package which costs three times as much as the beginning package.
Site Builder 123-Reg have their own site builder for customers to take advantage of. It is very easy to use and comes with simple What You See is What You Get interface.
Email Most of the packages at 123 Reg, including the cheapest ones, come with a number of email addresses and many of them have unlimited email addresses.
Stats Shared hosting customers will need to integrate their own statistics to see who is visiting their 123 Reg website.
FTP Access FTP access is straightforward. Users simply need to input their unique username and password and use an FTP program in order to upload to their website.
Domains 123 Reg customers can attach a domain to their hosting plan for just a few dollars, regardless of the extension that is uses. There are offers available that give them free domains if they purchase certain hosting plans.
MySQL 123 Reg allows for MySQL databases and comes equipped with a comprehensive troubleshooting file for those who are new to it.
Shopping Carts Shopping carts include OpenCart, Prestashop, ZenCart and others. There is a wide choice avail-able for all hosting packages bought through 123 Reg.


Unbeatable customer support

123-Reg has some of the best, quickest and most friendly customer support around. Their staff are knowledgeable and incredibly quick to respond. Not only can they provide advice to assist you with any problems, but they can also access your website or account (at your request) and fix things for you.

The 123 Reg support works on “tickets” rather than emails. If you have an issue you submit it through a form on the “My Support” section of the website. A member of the support team will then respond and you will be sent an email to tell you they have responded. They are very quick and more often than not, providing it is during working hours, your problem will be solved within the hour.

If I had to pick holes in the 123 Reg support system it would be that when you receive the emails to tell you that your ticket has been updated, you can’t view any responses through this email and need to go to the site and login to do so. This is minor though and not enough to stop 123 Reg from getting full marks when it comes to customer support.


Some of the cheapest hosting around

123 Reg is one of the cheapest web hosts around and also provides very cheap domain names. Their shared hosting plans begin from just over $4 a month and customers need only pay three times that to get the top shared hosting package available. The VPS hosting is also fairly priced, beginning at just over $16 a month — up to around $73 a month for the top end VPS hosting package.

123 Reg dedicated hosting and cloud hosting are a little more expensive, but customers are assured plenty of value as these are some of the best hosting packages available.

User Friendly

One of the easiest hosts to use for first timer web masters

With great customer support and a What You See is What You Get interface that everyone can handle, 123 Reg is very user friendly. This is the perfect host for anyone who is new to website creation and is hoping to be guided through the process. The staff are on hand at all times and not only are they very quick to respond but they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Experienced web developers will also enjoy the ease of use at which this hosting provider operates. It truly is a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer support.


Great host provider that is let down by poor shared hosting speeds

123 Reg is a very good web host that is only let down when it comes to providing a quick and reliable service for its shared hosting providers. Despite the fantastic customer support on offer, if it’s a shared hosting package that you need then you will probably be better off elsewhere. If you’re looking for a VPS hosting package, a cloud hosting package or a dedicated server, then you really can’t do much wrong with 123 Reg.

Most of 123 Reg’s customers are based in the UK and it is one of the biggest and most well known hosting providers in that country, but their services are open to customers from all over the world and they also sell all of the available domain name extensions alongside their hosting packages.

Pros and Cons:


  • Unbeatable customer support.
  • Cheap shared hosting packages and VPS hosting packages.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple integration with apps such as Wordpress and MediaWiki.


  • Poor speeds for shared hosting packages.

123-reg Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Essentials 10 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.64 2.3 Details
Business 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.30 2.4 Details
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $13.15 2.0 Details
M 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $73.15 2.3 Details
L Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $102.41 2.3 Details
XL Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $190.21 2.3 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter 25 GB 1 core 512 MB $14.62 2.0 Details
L 70 GB 1 core 1 GB $27.79 2.3 Details
XL 100 GB 2 cores 2 GB $43.88 2.3 Details
XXL 150 GB 3 cores 3 GB $65.83 2.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
L 3.91 TB 12 cores 48 GB $159.50 2.3 Details
XL 3.91 TB 16 cores 64 GB $218.03 2.3 Details
XXL 7.81 TB 24 cores 96 GB $291.19 2.3 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
L 1000 GB 4 cores 24 GB Unlimited $86.33 2.3 Details
XL 1000 GB 6 cores 32 GB Unlimited $108.28 2.3 Details
XXL 1.6 TB 8 cores 48 GB Unlimited $130.23 2.3 Details

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