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WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and is used to create the majority of websites today. If you are thinking of starting a WordPress based website, you will want high quality hosting that will quickly and reliably load your website for your visitors. The following web hosting companies offer high quality hosting for WordPress pages, and have been well rated by our expert staff as well as actual customers of these companies. In addition, they offer convenient ‘one-click’ installation of the WordPress system so you can get your site up and running in just a few minutes. Whether you’re looking to set up a personal blog, an eCommerce site or something completely different, WordPress will have what you need. Browse through the top 50 WordPress hosting companies below and find the one that will be right for your site.
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1. A2 Hosting
From $3.92 / month
User Ratings
"Fast and furious with customer support!" – Bruce Spear
"They are wonderful - easy to use and very reliable" – Wyliam Holder
$3.92 – $10.78 Unlimited 120 Days Windows
2. Hostwinds
Hostwinds Logo
From $4.50 / month
User Ratings
"Stellar service!" – Harry Lumsdaine
"I like the prices!" – Mark Jones
$4.50 – $6.50 Unlimited 60 Days Windows
3. Host1Plus
From $2.25 / month
Free domain
User Ratings
"Friendly after-sales service" – nindrin Yang
"Need cheap hosting with powerfull support" – Adem Ozturk
$3.00 – $9.00 Unlimited 14 Days Windows
4. Contabo
From $3.21 / month
Free domain
User Ratings
"Excellent quality and support!" – Dmitriy Matyashov
"Best VPS host" – Mike H
$3.21 – $10.72 50 GB – 500 GB N/A Windows
5. HostSailor
From $0.95 / month
User Ratings
"Great prices, great servers and great support" – Klaus F
"VPS Review" – Jimmy Guerra
$0.95 – $9.45 1 GB – 30 GB 14 Days Windows
6. JVMHost
From $0.50 / month
User Ratings
"Every Support Instance and even beyond standard support" – David Williams
$0.50 – $35.95 10 GB – 20 GB 30 Days Windows
7. Hostmalabar Hosting Solutions
From $0.55 / month
Free domain
"Good for money" – Akhil Chandran
"Friendly Provider" – Krishnamoorthy k
$0.55 – $3.00 1 GB – 5 GB 14 Days Windows
From $150.00 / month
User Ratings
"I'm pleased with them." – Belisarda Coudert
"I'm grateful them for their excellent services." – Alison R. Grogan
$150.00 – $400.00 2 GB – 5 GB 30 Days Windows
9. CloudOYE
From $32.00 / month
User Ratings
"Best Data Center Provider in India" – Amit Yadav
"Cloud CDN Provider" – Chhaya Jaiswal
$32.00 – $529.00 50 GB – 2 TB 40 Days Windows
10. ShapeHost
From $0.01 / month
User Ratings
"Great ddos protection! And with great support" – Yekaterin Sanchez
"5 start service all round!" – Jesse Sam
$0.01 – $11.00 Unlimited 7 Days Windows
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