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Ruby is a server-side scripting language that can be used with the development framework Rails to create web and mobile applications with MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, etc. database support. Almost all of the major web hosting companies now support Ruby and RoR on their LAMP stack in shared web server environments by default. Most of the professional development for Ruby/RoR takes place on VPS & dedicated server plans, which can be scaled in production with containers and elastic clusters. Ruby on Rails is a small development community compared to other programming languages although there are still a large number of resources available online for learning and using the code for web/mobile applications. There are not many open source Ruby/RoR scripts that are common in web development where most examples tend to be custom coded applications where the solution outperforms PHP and other programming languages in performing the same tasks.
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From $3.92 / month
User Ratings

Craig Timmins Craig Timmins: A2 Hosting is an exceptional hosting provider for those who rely on the Ruby on Rails framework. They can add support for this framework to any of their different hosting types, including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. The technical support team is also familiar with RoR and can offer helpful assistance should you run into problems. Read More

"These guys have wonderful support!" – JC Chowdhury
"Great Support, Fast Hosting" – Senne Trenson
$3.92 – $290.49 Unlimited 120 Days Linux
Amsterdam Singapore Southfield
From $5.00 / month
User Ratings

Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: InterServer makes it fast and easy for customers to add support for specific frameworks based on their needs. To make it even easier, they have one-click install scripts for Ruby on Rails and other popular frameworks. Developers and other users agree that InterServer is among the very best when it comes to RoR support and service today. Read More

"Thank You" – Yasser Bechaouch
"More Than Exellent" – Febryan Valdo
$5.00 – $310.00 Unlimited 30 Days Linux
Secaucus Los Angeles
From $14.95 / month
User Ratings

Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: If you have a web site or app that requires the Ruby on Rails framework, LiquidWeb is an excellent hosting provider to consider. They not only support this framework, but their tech support team are also very experienced working with it, and they will be happy to help you configure your hosting to run perfectly on this, or any other needed framework. Read More

"Very Happy" – Philip Franckel
"Better Support & services" – jellina smith
$14.95 – $599.00 5 GB – 3.6 TB 30 Days Linux
Lansing Phoenix
From $3.20 / month
User Ratings

Michael Levanduski Michael Levanduski: Having a hosting provider like Host1Plus will ensure you can run any type of apps or other features that you require. This is because Host1Plus offers full support for development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. These are popular tools used to develop some of the most common apps and other functionalities used on websites today, which is why it is so important to choose a hosting company that supports them. Read More

"Good support but not a bit overpriced" – S. M.
"Amazing Service ALWAYS" – Lee-Roy Christianson
$3.20 – $189.00 20 GB – 1000 GB 14 Days Linux
Los Angeles Chicago Sao Paulo Johannesburg Frankfurt am Main
From $2.75 / month
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Michael Levanduski Michael Levanduski: eHost is a very popular hosting provider that has a quality reputation for making web hosting easy enough that anyone can do it. They support virtually all types of hosting, including support for Ruby on Rails, so you don’t have to worry about whether your particular type of site will work or not. If you want no hassle, high-quality hosting, eHost is an excellent option. Read More

"Good solution for small sites" – Jack Tall
"The Future of Website Management and Hosting" – Marcus Wetherall
$2.75 1 GB 45 Days Linux
From $3.95 / month
User Ratings

Michael Levanduski Michael Levanduski: The Ruby on Rails is one of the most commonly known development frameworks around. It is used on millions of web apps. If you need Ruby on Rails on your hosting server, you’ll want to consider hosting with HostUpon. They not only offer a free script installer for this framework, but they also have full North American based support teams that are very familiar with the technology. Read More

"VERY HAPPY" – Kevin Darryl
"Excellent support and service" – D D
$3.95 – $595.00 Unlimited 30 Days Linux
From $3.49 / month
User Ratings

Yuriy Gandyak Yuriy Gandyak: InMotion Hosting supports all modern frameworks on all of their hosting services, which makes it possible for customers to run apps from just about any developer. To enable Ruby on Rails on their servers, simply use their one-click installation scripts available from their control panel. Their helpful support teams can also install this on your behalf. Read More

"Excellent customer service" – Scott Gamboa
"Highly recommended!" – Hector Perez
$3.49 – $539.99 Unlimited 90 Days Linux
Los Angeles Herndon
From $3.00 / month
User Ratings

Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: MilesWeb supports Ruby on Rails development on their shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting plans. Server extensions for RoR on Apache are pre-installed on a LAMP stack with a managed approach to platform security. MilesWeb has earned a good reputation in the India market for being a reliable source for Ruby on Rails developers to procure low cost hosting services. Prices start as low as $1.67 per month for a three year plan and include a free domain name registration. Read More

"Good Customer support" – deepan chakravarthy
"Help I got" – Abhishek Abhishek
$3.00 – $349.00 5 GB – 600 GB 30 Days Windows
Brooklyn Atlanta Mumbai London Bucharest
From $2.85 / month
User Ratings

Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: TMDHosting offers a number of hosting packages to help ensure they can meet the needs of any type of customer. In addition to simply offering different hosting specs, they also allow customers to add web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails to any hosting package. They fully manage all their hosting packages, so if you need RoR added to your hosting package, you simply submit a request to the support team and they will take care of it for you. Read More

"Wonderful Hosting" – Miroslav Demirev
"Best in class" – Alekh Singh
$2.85 – $389.00 Unlimited 60 Days Linux
Chicago Amsterdam Singapore London Sydney Tokyo
From $5.95 / month
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Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: RoseHosting is a hosting provider that has been offering fully managed hosting solutions since 2001. If you require your hosting servers to run the popular Ruby on Rails framework, simply open a support ticket with the RoseHosting team and they will make sure everything is optimized for your specific needs. Read More

"Excellent service" – James Crawton
"Goes the extra mile" – Abhidevananda Avadhuta
$5.95 – $449.00 2 GB – 500 GB 7 Days Linux
St. Louis

Summary of 2017’s Best Ruby on Rails Hosting Hosting:

Web Host Monthly Price Range User Ratings
1. A2 Hosting $3.92$290.49
9.4 (485 reviews )
2. InterServer $5.00$310.00
9.5 (272 reviews )
3. LiquidWeb $14.95$599.00
9.5 (56 reviews )
4. Host1Plus $3.20$189.00
8.8 (80 reviews )
5. $2.75
6.1 (22 reviews ) provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.

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