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1. HostZealot
User Ratings
"Tech Support" – Tony P
"One of the best hosting companies!" – Razvan Ben
$1.00 – $549.00 30 Days
Amsterdam London Stockholm Ashburn Chicago Toronto Hong Kong
2. Namecheap
User Ratings
"All is good ... until it isn't" – Pierre Bisaillon
"Great Hosting" – elad k
$0.82 – $379.88 14 Days
United States
3. MifiHost
User Ratings
"Great provider." – Jay Dalley
"True VPS flexibility, good customer support" – Noelle Peters
$2.99 – $55.99 30 Days
Kiel Maryland Heights
4. BroHosting
User Ratings
"great experience" – Sam B
"My Bro" – Berdan Can Yetkiner
$2.29 – $8.06 30 Days
5. SIM-Networks
User Ratings
"Much faster then AWS" – Kristijan Beljaars
"Thanks for effective cooperation!" – Edward Smyshlyaev
$0.58 – $287.00 14 Days
6. AwardSpace
User Ratings
"Great offers for shared hosting" – Christopher Vans
"Worst ever Customer Service" – Younes Meknassi Lagraoui
$0.00 – $43.24 30 Days
8. V-sys
User Ratings
9. Hostgai UK Ltd
User Ratings
$1.20 – $196.00 30 Days
Union Chennai Manchester Neuss Moscow
10. QHoster
User Ratings
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