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VPS or Dedicated Hosting — What to Choose?

Internet technologies develop very fast, and that gives you a chance to create something really unique and become popular as short as time as one year. The web has its own rules, and it likes great ideas. When your project starts growing, you have to meet ever-higher quality standards, so choosing a good hosting package is very important.

Logically, as you get more website visitors, shared packages won’t be enough. That’s when you have to consider if you should opt for VPS, which is the golden mean, or for a dedicated server, which is the top solution. Both options have their pros and cons, so we’ve decided to compare VPS and Dedicated plans for you to understand what you really need at this or that stage of project growth.

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting technically is very similar to shared plans but with higher performance. You get impressive traffic capacity, disk space, CPU productivity, and loads more, which is great for well-developed projects. In most cases, VPS is the middle stage between shared and dedicated hosting, as it combines their features in perfect balance.

Another big advantage of VPS plans is their price. As compared to dedicated servers, VPS offers are much more affordable. It often happens that your project grows and many parts will require additional investments. When this is the case, VPS is the best solution — it will enable better website performance and won’t cost you a pretty penny.

You also have to know that VPS hosting has a range of disadvantages when contrasted to dedicated servers. First of all, you still get only a part of a server, so many fine adjustments are still impossible. Also, VPS plans are not too “prestigious,” so most web host do not provide VPS customers with the privileged support as often happens with dedicated plans.

Why Choose Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated hosting, beyond any doubt, is the highest market standard. If you want your website to be secure and speedy, you have to think well of opting for a dedicated solution. With such a plan you get a whole server, so you can manage it the way you like. Even if you don’t need any fine adjustments, many providers offer Managed Dedicated solutions, which means you pay and relax.

Purchasing dedicated hosting means getting great resources, such as any OS you like and special treatment from customer support. Extended security is another advantage of such plans — you have no neighbors, thus you get no malware, server reboots, RAID protection (in many cases), and more.

The biggest disadvantage of dedicated servers is the price. Indeed, VPS solutions can cost you half the price of a dedicated server. Still, if that solution will improve the performance of your project, which also means attracting new clients, then why not?

VPS vs Dedicated — What Is Better?

Again, it’s up to you to decide. Decide if spending that much money on a dedicated server is reasonable — maybe there is point in investing it to some other parts of the project.

Secondly, consult your webmaster on server adjustments. If he says it’d be great to have extended possibilities for server management, opt for a dedicated solution. If not, VPS is the best option for an expanding website.

Finally, consider performance. Try to predict the growth of website load for the next 6-12 months, and determine if it would be more logical to purchase a dedicated server at once, rather than getting a VPS plan and shifting to a dedicated solution in half a year (which can also be problematic, as many web host companies ask for a 1-year contract when you purchase VPS hosting).

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