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5 Best Django Hosting Providers Of 2023 | HostAdvice

Get the best out of Django through hosting providers that won’t quit and check out the best ones available on HostAdvice.


Top 5 Django Hosting Providers

  • 1
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 0 B
    $1.99 / mo
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  • 2
    100 GBPS Inc review Incl. 7 user reviews
    • Space 1 TB
    • RAM 16 GB – 64 GB
    $560.00 / mo
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  • 3
    1072web review Incl. 15 user reviews
    • Space 5 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 0 B
    $4.00 / mo
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  • 4
    1dedic review Incl. 3 user reviews
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 8 GB – 128 GB
    $17.73 / mo
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  • 5
    1gbits review Incl. 5 user reviews
    • Space 1 TB
    • RAM 8 GB
    $94.00 / mo
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  • 6
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 48 GB
    $3.24 / mo
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  • 7
    • Space 5 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 16 GB
    $1.26 / mo
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  • 8
    2domains.ru review Incl. 11 user reviews
    • Space 1 GB – 120 GB
    • RAM 512 MB – 8 GB
    $0.75 / mo
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  • 9
    2MakeU, LLC. review Incl. 2 user reviews
    • Space 100 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 32 GB
    $3.99 / mo
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  • 10
    3v-hosting review Incl. 1 user reviews
    • Space 20 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 32 GB
    $14.00 / mo
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Django is a popular web framework based on Python that focuses on fast-paced development with clean codes and pragmatic design. However, it does demand a specific environment for deployment. As lovers of Python and Django, we decided to dig deep to find some of the best Django hosting providers to help other Django enthusiasts like you.

We conducted independent research, performed tests and collected reviews from multiple forums. Our rankings are based on features, reliability, support, pricing, and developer friendliness. You can learn more about these ranking parameters at the end of this article.

The providers we have selected offer various kinds of servers such as fully managed, managed, and unmanaged hosting, which are also reflected in the price of the server.

Key Considerations When Choosing Django Hosting

  • Choose Django-specific hosting or VPS hosting.
  • Ensure you have root access to your server.
  • The resources allocated for your server should be capable of handling your Django project.
  • Confirm that you get Python 3.2 or above version.
  • Choose a hosting provider with reliable customer support and support resources.

The Best Django Hosting Providers of 2022 (Bought and Tested):

ChemiCloud Reviews Incl. 537 user reviews
CA$3.98 /mo
13 hosting plans
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Free domain
Moneyback 45 Days

Chemicloud offers a dedicated and pre-configured python environment to host your Django apps with ease. One-click installation of python application with the python selector, free Cloudflare CDN to manage the delivery of your project contents, and daily back-ups to secure your server from losing data in an outage are some of the key features.

Chemicloud also offers features to improve the speed and security of your Python hosting with tools such as Litespeed cache, advanced firewall protection, malware protection and multiple server locations. Additionally, it also offers specialized and dedicated 24/7 python assistance to help you configure and deploy python projects on Chemicloud.

  • Overall Score: 4.3
  • Features: 4.6
  • Reliability: 4.5
  • Support: 4.7
  • Pricing: 4.6
  • Developer Friendly: 4.0

Features: Free Django app migration, Free Cloudflare CDN, One-click installs, Daily back-ups, Free SSL certificates, Email service, Litespeed cache, Imunify360 Proactive Defense, Advanced Firewall Protection, SSD Storage, Email features, and Memcached.

Reliability: Chemicloud offers high-end security features, continuous monitoring of your server along with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Support: Chemicloud claims a 7-second response time for any support requests, 37 minutes to solve any issues and a 98% customer satisfaction rate. It has 24/7 customer support and a wide array of resources, such as a Knowledge Base, Video tutorials, and Blogs to help with project deployment.

Pricing: The pricing plans for Python hosting start from as low as $1.99/month to $3.99/month when you subscribe triennially. Chemicloud also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like their service.

Here are some of the pricing plans offered by Chemicloud for Python hosting:

  • Starter – $1.99/month / 20 GB NVMe Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Pro – $2.99/month / 30 GB NVMe Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Turbo = $3.99/month / 40 GB NVMe Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth

Developer Friendly: Chemicloud offers various databases and tools to set up your Django project on the server and also a secure environment for developers to test and deploy the projects.


  • Dedicated Python Hosting with a pre-configured environment
  • Tools and features in aiding Python/Django deployment
  • Continuous monitoring of server and security updates


  • Cannot be used for large Django projects

Final: Best Django Hosting Providers

With dedicated Python hosting plans, Chemicloud offers you the best deal for your Django Project deployment. Check them out today.

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Kamatera Reviews Incl. 139 user reviews
CA$5.34 /mo
25 hosting plans
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Moneyback Free Trial

Kamatera is the best fully managed host provider on the market. This Israeli hosting provider offers fully managed, managed, and unmanaged VPS hosting, which can easily run Django apps. It is also very easy to upscale or downscale your Django server whenever you want from the user dashboard or by contacting support.

If you are opting for the fully managed Django VPS server of Kamatera, the team will help you configure your Django apps on the server, provide security upgrades, and manage the server for you. If you already have a team to manage the server, you can opt for the managed or unmanaged server for your Django app.

  • Overall Score: 4.9
  • Features: 5
  • Reliability: 5
  • Support: 4.9
  • Pricing: 4.9
  • Developer Friendly: 4.9

Features: Kamatera offers offsite back-ups, Free SSL certificates, Blazing fast SSD storage, and centralized control of the server.

Reliability: Kamatera has 13 data centers worldwide, reducing the chance of losing data. It also offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee making it a very reliable host for your Django apps.

Support: Telephone, Live chat, and email support are available in case any issue arises. Kamatera has a reputation for having one of the best technical and customer support teams.

Pricing: Kamatera offers flexible pricing for its servers. You can pay hourly or monthly, which is great if you want to test your Django app first and see if you are satisfied with it. You can always opt-out if you do not like their service as you only have to pay as much as you used their services by the hour. There is also a 30-day free trial. However, it does need your card information.

Some of the pricing plans offered by Kamatera for your Django hosting are:

  • $0.005/hr or $4/month Unmanaged

[1024 MB RAM / 20 GB SSD / 1vCPU / 1000 GB per Month Bandwidth]

  • $0.129/hr or $94/month Fully Managed

[8192 MB RAM / 100 GB SSD / 4vCPU / 1000 GB per Month Bandwidth]

  • $0.184/hr or $134/month

[10240 MB RAM / 200 GB SSD / 8vCPU / 1000 GB per Month Bandwidth]

Developer Friendly: Kamatera is a service focused on developers. It provides hourly pricing, which is attractive for developers in terms of testing their Django apps on Live servers. It also offers a friendly control panel and centralized account management.


  • Pay-per-hour pricing.
  • You can choose from 13 data centers.
  • Great customer service.


  • Does not offer shared hosting for Django.
  • A bit complicated for intermediate level users.

Final: Best Django Hosting Providers

Kamatera Hosting, with its flexible pricing options, offers VPS servers capable of running your Django project within minutes. Check them out.


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RoseHosting Reviews Incl. 118 user reviews
CA$37.35 /mo
13 hosting plans
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Moneyback 7 Days

Rose Hosting is a managed hosting provider. It offers various VPS servers to its customers that are monitored, maintained, and serviced by Rose Hosting itself. The support staff provides Django optimization and fine-tuning of the server to help you deploy your Django app in a safe and optimized environment.  If you are already hosting your Django app on another server, Rose Hosting will help you migrate to its servers for free and with ease. The Enterprise NVMe Storage For Django gives a server speed that is unmatched by other competitors.

  • Overall Score: 4.8
  • Features: 4.8
  • Reliability: 4.8
  • Support: 5
  • Pricing: 4.8
  • Developer Friendly: 5

Features: Free unlimited migrations, fully managed support, root access, dedicated/static IP address, free SSL certificates, NVMe SSD storage, free weekly back-up, unlimited domains, and free monitoring.

Reliability: Rose Hosting guarantees 100% uptime with SLA and a 10% money-back guarantee in case of a server outage. It also claims high-quality servers built by Dell.

Support: Rose Hosting provides 24/7 managed support, a Ticket support system, and a Vast Knowledgebase of FAQs, support, and solutions.

Pricing: Rose Hosting offers a wide range of pricing options starting from $27.67/month. The great thing about Rose Hosting is that the price remains the same even when renewing the plan. Consistent pricing is what attracts customers to Rose Hosting.

Some of the price plans offered for Django hosting are:

  • NVMe 2 VPS - $29.67per month / 2 core CPU / 2 GB RAM / 50 GB NVMe storage / 4 TB Bandwidth
  • NVMe 16 VPS - 119.99 per month / 8 core CPU / 16 GB RAM / 200 GB NVMe storage / 12 TB Bandwidth
  • NVMe 64 VPS - 329.99 per month / 12 core CPU / 64 GB RAM / 400 GB NVMe storage / Unlimited Bandwidth

Developer Friendly: Rose Hosting provides root access to its servers and a friendly interface for developers to manage the hosting such as WHM/cPanel and DirectAdmin.


  • Enterprise-grade SSD storage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free Migration of Django projects
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee


  • No free domain name is available
  • US-only data centers
  • Quite expensive compared to other providers

Final: Best Django Hosting Providers

With excellent and widely recognized customer support, Rose Hosting is a great place to host your beloved Django Projects securely. Do check them out.


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InterServer Reviews Incl. 412 user reviews
CA$3.34 /mo
68 hosting plans
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Moneyback 30 Days

Interserver is a cloud VPS provider which is extremely developer friendly. With its Webuzo control panel and Breadbasket scripts, it is much easier to configure the Django environment and deploy your Django apps on the server. The VPS servers offered by Interserver are also very powerful, with the right choice of hardware that you can customize. Interserver also claims that its hardware is self-healing, which means that once it detects any issue with the server hardware, it automatically transfers the data to another server minimizing any outages of your Django app.

  • Overall Score: 4.7
  • Features: 4.7
  • Reliability: 5
  • Support: 4.7
  • Pricing: 5
  • Developer Friendly: 4.7

Features: 12 OS and 3 control panels, Free cPanel, Hyper-V and KVM virtualization, Top-notch security, Quick installation databases type, Free manual back-up, and cheap remote back-up.

Reliability: Interserver uses various virtualization techniques to ensure the integrity and reliability of the hardware server. It also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all its servers.

Support: Interserver offers phone support with its call centers located across the globe. Additionally, you can choose email, Live chat, and ticket support in contacting the support center for help 24/7.

Pricing: The pricing of Interserver VPS is affordable and of a wide range. It offers price-lock to avoid users paying more at the time of renewal. You can get your slice of a server to host Django for as low as $6/month.

Some of the pricing options you get on Interserver are as follows:

  • $6/month / 1 core CPU / 2048 MB RAM / 30 GB SSD Storage / 2 TB Bandwidth.
  • $42/month / 7 cores CPU / 14336 MB RAM / 210 GB SSD Storage / 14 TB Bandwidth
  • $78/month / 13 cores CPU / 26624 MB RAM / 390 GB SSD Storage / 26 TB Bandwidth

Developer Friendly: Interserver gives root access to its servers to help developers create environments and deploy their Django projects. It also offers a wide range of Scripts that can be installed with one click.


  • Webuzo control panel and DirectAdmin access
  • A large number of one-click install Scripts
  • 24/7 support and dedicated help resources
  • Self-healing hardware in case of outages or issues with servers


  • A free trial is not available.

Final: Best Django Hosting Providers

interserver logoWith great customer support and various tools, Interserver is a great option for developers and development teams to deploy their Django projects. Check them out now.


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A2 Hosting Reviews Incl. 1831 user reviews
CA$3.99 /mo
61 hosting plans
Visit A2 Hosting
Moneyback Anytime
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best overall Django hosting because its turbo plans make its servers 20x faster than any other servers. You can choose an unmanaged VPS plan that is well equipped with python 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 that can run Django with ease. Since it is an unmanaged VPS, you will need better support if any issue arises, which A2 Hosting provides with its Guru support. A monthly plan can be as low as $4.99. But if you want better performance with top-notch hardware, you can opt for its supersonic plans with NVMe storage.

To run Django apps on the A2 Hosting VPS, simply set up the virtual environment and run the Pip installer, and you are good to go.

  • Overall Score: 5
  • Features: 5
  • Reliability: 5
  • Support: 5
  • Pricing: 5
  • Developer Friendly: 5

Features: A2 Hosting is equipped with Python 3.2 and above, Free Hackscan Protection for security, up to 20x faster turbo speed, Free Account Migration, DDoS protection, and more.

Reliability: A2 Hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime, making it very reliable in its service. The reliability and performance reviews from its users also deem A2 Hosting reliable.

Support: A2 Hosting provides Guru crew support with 24/7/365 friendly and knowledgeable support. User reviews across different forums also back up this claim.

Pricing: The pricing plans for Django hosting offered by A2 Hosting are budget-friendly. The cheapest plan starts from $4.99 and goes all the way up to $34.99 per month. There is also a money-back guarantee if you dislike their services.

Some of the Django hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting are

  • Runway 1 - $4.99 per month / 1 core CPU / 1 GB RAM / 150 GB SSD / 2 TB Bandwidth
  • Runway 2 - $7.99 per month / 2 core CPU / 2 GB RAM / 250 GB SSD / 3 TB Bandwidth
  • Supersonic 8 - $34.99 per month / 2 core CPU / 8 GB RAM / 150 GB NVMe storage / 2 TB Bandwidth

Developer Friendly: A2 Hosting’s Django hosting is developer friendly with root access to the server, server boot, shutdown, and reboot control. It offers a great experience for developers with its


  • Root access with full control of the server. Very useful for the development, deployment, and management of the server.
  • Turbo plans with 20x speed which helps in SEO optimization.
  • A number of resources such as with 1 click install.


  • Increased price when renewing the plan.

Final: Best Django Hosting Providers

A2 hosting with its turbo plans and Guru support offers a great hosting experience for Django apps. Check them out.


Visit Kamatera

Final Recommendations

Among all the on the market, our research and tests showed the listed 10 providers as among the best. We have selected our top 10 Django hosting providers from a large pool of providers, based on our research and testing.

Our recommendation for the best overall provider is A2 Hosting with its overall balanced features and services. It provides a reasonable pricing option, easy to use interface along with the security and reliability of its servers.

However, since all the listed providers are already selected from a large pool, they already qualify as the best on the market, and choosing any other provider above it will not be a mistake.

How Do We Rank And How Should You Choose Django Hosting?

  • User reviews30%
  • Performance and reliability10%
  • Types of hosting offered5%
  • Customer support10%
  • Site speed8%
  • Bandwidth and storage3%
  • Traffic volume4%
  • Developer Friendly4%
  • Features included10%

The above chart shows how we filtered and ranked our top 10 contenders for best Django hosting providers. The percentage of each metric shown above gives you an idea of how big the impact it has made on our reviews. For example, the largest of them all, User reviews – 30% means that the user reviews we collected from various forums and platforms have had the most impact.

To ensure we are providing the correct information in this review, we conducted our own tests on the servers and completed our research. This hands-on experience impacts the rankings in the form of performance and reliability metrics. The types of hosting offered by the hosting provider, the speed of the server (claimed by provider vs. test result), the features offered by the provider, etc., also impact our rankings. While not all the metrics are quantifiable, we try to present you with as much as we can quantify.

What Is Django Hosting And Who Is It For?

Django hosting is an environment created on a server (Remote, on the Cloud, or In-house) that is capable of running the Django-based program and its instances. Django framework is based on Python as the programming language. This also makes Django an OS-independent framework that just needs Python in a virtual environment to run. Django can also be run on your local machine in order to ensure the program runs as intended and no issue arises.

Django hosting is particularly for developers and businesses that operate apps, sites, or systems built using the Django web framework. Many developers and businesses use the Django framework to build needed programs in a short interval. Django web framework is a lean framework that does not require many resources to run. However, it does require a special environment and a version of Python above 3.2.

If you are a developer yourself, a business, or a stakeholder on a Django project, you are the primary person who should know about Django hosting so that you can deploy your project in a safe and secure environment. It will also help you give an idea of what constitutes the Django environment and what are the needed resources for Django to run on VPS servers.

Currently Top 3 Django Hosting Companies


Is Interserver A Good Choice For Django Deployment?

The VPS servers offered by Interserver are well equipped to handle and run Django projects. Simply install the latest Python, create a virtual environment, install pip and deploy your Django project with ease on Interserver.

Django Vs. WordPress | Which Is Faster?

Django is a lean web framework based on Python that is fast, reliable, and secure. It is also very fast to build a project using Django compared to other frameworks. On the other hand, WordPress is bulkier and needs more resources to run.

However, WordPress, with its vast library of themes and plugins, can build a website within minutes, while Django takes days and even months to build the same level of a website. But once built, Django can be optimized and made to run faster than WordPress. But it will again be very hard to scale the website on Django compared to WordPress.

Can Django Handle High Traffic?

Django is a scalable framework that is capable of building large projects. Thus, you can always build a website using Django that can handle much higher traffic. Django can also be optimized to handle high traffic and also run fast.

How Much RAM Is Needed For Django Server?

A Django server needs at least 4 GB of RAM to run a moderately sophisticated Django app. However, you will need more RAM if your app is of large scale and expects high traffic in the coming days.

Is Django Good For Building Small Websites?

Django can build small websites with ease, however, Django was meant to build large and complex projects. A good alternative in this situation would be Flask, which is a Python web framework meant for small apps.

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