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Updated on January 15, 2022 1:39 PM

Our Choice of CDNs of 2022

Accelerate your apps and websites with the best-in-class CDNs. The well-distributed server network reduces latency, delivering faster response and download times.

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    M Rejin
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CDN Hosting – The Contenders For the Best Service Around

Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting has in recent years become one of the most popular forms of hosting, as more and more hosting services look to capitalize on the speed and reliability CDN can provide at a lower cost.

While CDN hosting may seem to be everywhere, not all CDN hosting solutions out there are of the same caliber. You can make your search for the perfect CDN hosting solution for you much more efficient by prioritizing the following issues:

  • What security precautions are in place?
  • Can you count on the service’s speed and reliability?
  • Does it actually reduce bandwidth usage?
  • Does it provide SSL certificates?

What is CDN Hosting?

A Content Delivery Network utilizes multiple data centers to transfer data quickly and securely from an origin server to local servers and finally to users’ computers.

There are several reasons why increasing numbers of hosting providers are offering CDN, such as its speed-enhancing cached storage solution and its robust protection against DDoS attacks.

Ultimately, CDN has a lot to offer thanks to its interconnected network of servers. Much like a tight-knit community, the servers within the CDN network give each other the support they need to manage heavy site traffic, the occasional hardware failure and more.

Why do You Need CDN Hosting?

Your website may have the most magnificent web content the world has ever seen. However, without servers that are primed for consistency, speed and security, that excellent content is going to remain your little secret.

CDN hosting ensures that your audience is able to access your site quickly thanks to cached data that’s stored in local servers and through file compression. You also don’t have to worry as much about random service disruptions, as CDN hosts have other servers in the network to call on in case one server’s hardware malfunctions or if hackers target a specific server.

Moreover, because CDN distributes traffic across servers your site isn’t subject to downtime every time a nefarious actor tries to take down a server.

Finally, CDNs caching also requires less bandwidth, since much of what your website’s visitors are seeing is coming from a nearby source. In this way, CDN is actually a cost-efficient hosting option while still leading the way in terms of performance and security.

What are the Benefits of CDN Hosting?

Before you set off to compare and contrast different CDN hosting companies, it’s important to know what you can expect to get out of CDN hosting in the first place. Here are some key benefits you can look forward to with CDN hosting:

  • You can optimize your website for speed and reliability – Whether you’re launching a niche blog or opening an e-commerce store, one thing you can’t afford to neglect is page speed. If your website is loading even just a few milliseconds faster than your competitors, it can give you the edge you need to win over readers or customers and keep them browsing your website. CDN hosting’s superior caching system and network of local servers help your site stay fast with minimal service disruptions.
  • You can make your site safer – customers are warier than ever about hackers gaining access to sensitive information like their home address or their bank account. When you choose CDN hosting, you signal to customers that their security is your priority by providing SSL certificates. You also are effectively stopping DDoS attacks in their tracks, which will help you build your reputation as a secure and reliable website.
  • You can cut back on bandwidth costs – CDN hosting is a good example of how most expensive isn’t necessarily best. Rather, by storing a lot of your website’s data in servers closer to your audience, CDN hosting requires less bandwidth and is consequently cheaper than other hosting solutions that don’t used cached content.

What Factors to Consider for CDN Hosting

  • Does it test well for load times? CDN is supposed to speed up your site load time thanks to its localized servers and optimized server-side caching system. If the CDN host you’re testing isn’t showing you ultra-fast load times, it isn’t providing the conditions you need to keep customers engaged and buying.
  • Can you count on the service for reliable uptimes? Another promised attribute of CDN hosting is that it can easily cope with sudden traffic surges or even server failures thanks to the interconnectedness of its server network. While testing a CDN hosting product, make sure to pay special attention to service disturbances – if you’re seeing a lot of downtimes, it’s time to check out the next CDN host on your list.
  • Is it simple to scale up and down? Businesses aren’t static, and you need your website to be able to grow (and sometime shrink) along with your business prospects. Keep your eyes open for CDN hosting solutions that enable you to change plans on your own with just a few clicks or that guarantee customer support staff to help you through the scaling process quickly.
  • Is its security lineup impressive? CDN hosting is known for its ability to mitigate DDoS attacks and for its SSL/TSL encryption. Take a few moments to glance through the CDN host’s history to see if the service had any glaring security issues in its recent past, and whether it incorporates other advanced security features, such as firewalls and backups, into its hosting plans.

Choose the Best CDN Web Hosting

Now that you’re familiar with CDN hosting, the next step is to find a CDN hosting solution that really fits your needs and wants. CDN’s distributed network of servers helps you shape an outstanding customer experience by matching your phenomenal content with consistency, speed, and high-end security. To zero in on the right CDN hosting product for you, take a look at what our CDN hosting reviews are saying and find one that fits your goals and budget.

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