Is Your WordPress Website Too Slow?

Is Your WordPress Website Too Slow?

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According to research, about half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. If your site doesn’t load within 3 seconds, they are likely to abandon your site altogether. As you see that bounce rate going higher, you should assess how fast your site is. Perhaps it is time to switch to a new host that can better fit your WordPress needs. We have listed out our top recommendations to help get your site freaky fast.

Fast Web Hosting

Fastest Overall WordPress Hosting Service: SiteGround

Every WordPress host should fit in within specific criteria such as PHP 5.6 or higher and MySQL 5.5 or higher). However, most hosts should fit within this specifications. Next, you should look at the features you want.

You should find a hosting service that offers 1-click installation. This will allow you to install WordPress and other software with just one click. You can even find a host that already has WordPress pre-installed. Other features you can look for are email forwarding, free domains, and panels on the admin side. Top hosts will have 24/7 support that is very responsive and helpful if any issues come up.

The very best host providers will also give you SSD (solid-state drive) storage that makes your page load 20 times fast. They will also optimize caching technology for added performance, and occasionally they will even add a free content delivery network (CDN). Something else you should consider is the plug-ins and tools that you can install to make your page load even faster. Not all plugins will be compatible. Look out for a host that keeps their software up to date. While this may seem simple, it can have severe effects on speed due to incompatible software causing unnecessary slowdowns.

If you want speed and efficiency, you should be looking at the web hosts guaranteed uptime. The uptime shows what percentage of the time your site will be up and running. You want a high uptime, and all the top hosts will have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% or higher.

SiteGround is an excellent all-around choice. WordPress themselves has endorsed them as one of the best and fastest sites. SiteGround uses SSDs on all their servers. SSDs essentially are hard drives that deliver data quickly, sometimes even 30% faster than regular HHDs.

SiteGround uses the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN), which has the highest number of connections to internet exchange points worldwide. All these connection points mean smooth content delivery.

They also have upgraded their caching systems to their own SuperCache, which stores data in the system’s RAM. When a website requests the stored information, it can access the data faster and send out that information as efficiently as possible. Not only are they super fast, but they perform data backup and have great around-the-clock customer service.

Fastest SSD Shared WordPress Hosts: TMDHosting

Shared hosting services are when you lease a server from a provider who has split up the server and the resources into individual units. As the user, you only have access to a small portion of the all the resources on that server. It is great for a website owner who is just starting out, gets low levels of traffic, or doesn’t need to use a lot of resources.

But just because you aren’t using many resources, it doesn’t mean you don’t want a fast website. SSD shared WordPress hosts are a great way to go for someone who wants speed but doesn’t need tons of resources or control over their server.

SSDs are a reliable way to speed your website up to 30%. Hosting providers always used to use hard disk drives (HHDs), which use a mechanical arm that reads and writes data on a spinning disk called a platter. Instead, SSDs have no moving parts which make them more efficient. SSDs have become the preferred method of storage in many VPS and dedicated hosting plans, and they are even becoming the norm in some shared hosting plans.

As a bonus, SSD is greener because they consume about one-fifth the electricity than a traditional hard drive uses. They also generate less heat than a standard hard drive. When a colossal hosting provider starts to switch over to SSds, it can help reduce their carbon footprint significantly!

TMDHosting is an excellent option for SSD shared hosting. On their most basic plan, you get unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free cPanel. They also offer necessary caching to help keep your website running quickly. For an affordable way to get speed, TMDHosting is worth checking out!

Fastest SSD VPS WordPress Hosts: InMotion Hosting

A VPS (virtual private server) is a server that is separated so that each user has its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. It is very similar to a dedicated hosting server but within a shared hosting environment. You will most likely still have to share memory and CPU time, and only you use a part of the server.

Top VPS hosts are trying to keep up with the demand for fast speeds, high uptime guarantees, and advanced caching tools, so they have started to rely on SSDs.

One of our top recommendations is InMotion Hosting. They use free SSDs so that your page will load 20 times faster. They also offer cloud infrastructure with real-time redundancy, which means virtually no downtime. InMotion Hosting plans also come with a simple cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) included for free. Their SSD VPS hosting plans also come with optimized configurations with WordPress which can handle up to ten times more traffic.
Fastest Dedicated WordPress Hosts: A2 Hosting
Dedicated WordPress hosting is when the user leases the entire server. Because they don’t have any neighbors on the server, security tends to be a bit better, and you have full control over the server. It is incredibly flexible, but it is one of the most expensive options.

A2 Hosting is a solid choice for a dedicated WordPress hosting provider. Their plans will help your page load 20 times faster than other WordPress hosts and will bring you dependable service and responsive customer service.

They can bring you faster speeds thanks to their caching plugin that works with the Turbo server and LSCache to statically cache your WordPress pages. The plugin helps reduce overhead and therefore, caching is more efficient.

Fastest Managed WordPress Hosts: Cloudways

You can choose between unmanaged and managed hosting plans. With the former, you will need more technical skills to deal with any unexpected issues as well as install and upgrade all software. With the latter, the hosting company deals with the maintenance of the server as well as installing and updating software for you. They will also help you with any issue, no matter what it is.

Managed will be more expensive but they can be great for someone who wants a more hands-off approach to the technical side of their website. The faulty software is one of the leading causes of WordPress site downfall. Unfortunately, this is almost always due to human error. Having that support team beside you to help you through any issues can be a great way to keep your site up and running fast.

Cloudways has a managed WordPress hosting plan that is at the top of our list. All of their servers have SSD-based hosting, so you get fast responses everytime you open your web page. They also utilize advanced optimized caches such as Memcached, Varnish, and Redis to help your page load quick. They also use CloudwaysCDN and Breeze, a WordPress cache plugin, which both improves server response times and performance.

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