Biggest WordPress Website Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Biggest WordPress Website Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Nearly one in three sites worldwide are powered by WordPress, that’s mainly because WordPress makes creating blogs or websites possible for everyone, regardless of their skill levels, it means some people are making mistakes without even realizing it. Here are some of the biggest WordPress website mistakes and how to fix them.

Not Optimizing Your Page For SEO1. Not Optimizing Your Page For SEO

Even the best WordPress hosting provider can’t save you if you aren’t utilizing even the most basic search engine optimization tactics for your page. Every image should be optimized, and you should be using sub-headliners to include internal links and using natural keywords. These are all free ways you can improve the SEO of a website when creating content. However, many WordPress users aren’t doing these simple tactics, and their web pages are suffering.

At the minimum, you should be writing a compelling, short, HTML title that will help your readers to understand what topic the blog post will be. This title should be 55 characters or less. Include a meta description that helps entice readers to click on the content. This description should be no longer than 160 characters.

2. Not Redirecting Broken Links

When creating editing pages on a website, or even changing and condensing categories and tags can negatively impact WordPress pages, especially if redirects aren’t considered. Just like when you move homes, you provide the post office with a forwarding address, you should do the same with website redirects. When a URL is deleted or altered, a new one is given. Everyone that is looking for the old URL will need to be directed to the new URL.

Therefore, anytime a URL is changed or deleted, you must create a redirect. It helps to boost your SEO because search engines won’t find any broken links. You can often find free or inexpensive plugins to help you with fixing this mistake.

3. Not Choosing A Secure Hosting Provider

One of the biggest mistakes can be the first decision you make. Picking a good hosting provider comes down to speed, support, and security. If your website host can’t deliver these basics, then your WordPress site might be suffering. When you get started, you might be tempted to find free WordPress hosting, and this might be a good way to get started for you. You can opt for a free hosting plan that allows you to learn about creating a site. However, after your site begins to grow, then you might want to upgrade to a cheap WordPress hosting plan. That way, you can get more resources dedicated to your site. As your site grows, gets more daily visitors, continue to update your hosting plan so that can keep up with your needs is vital. The last thing you want is a site that takes a long time to load because that might encourage people to bounce off your page because they are unwilling to wait.

To help solve this problem, we recommend that you choose a site hosting provider that fits your needs. Siteground offers one of the best WordPress hosting packages on the internet.  If you are a new WordPress user, they even offer managed WordPress hosting plans, meaning that they handle everything on the backend of the server for you, leaving you time to build your website. Even if you started with a different WordPress hosting plan, you could switch to Siteground thanks to their WordPress transfer, which migrates it for free with just a few clicks.

4. Not Considering Server Location

Site speed loading is one of the biggest ranking factors. If you want a fast website, along with optimizing your site and choosing a good website host, you should also consider the server location. Find a server that is hosted in a company where most of your visitors are located. Therefore, if you target mostly people in the European Union, you might want to consider WordPress hosting in Europe, because that might deliver the best results for you. This small change can help increase the speed of your website, making your visitors even happier.

5. Not Mobile-Friendly

Many of your visitors might be accessing your website from their phone, so one small change you need to make is to ensure that it is mobile friendly. If it isn’t already, then start working immediately to make sure it is. If the mobile visitors don’t have a positive experience, they will likely bounce off your website, and you are driving away a big portion of your potential traffic.

One thing you can do is make your website more responsive. A responsive website will have the same content and information, but it will be rearranged for the size of the mobile device you are on. Google even has stated that it prefers a responsive design for mobile websites. Reduce the amount of Flash you use on your website because it is very bad for SEO. Flash causes your site to slow down, and often won’t work on many different browsers and devices. It’s better not to use it all.

WordPress can be a great tool to use, but make sure you are using it to its full advantage by not making these simple mistakes.

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