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HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Minhaz Irphan Mohamed of Win Authority

Win Authority is a company established in Sri Lanka that helps businesses of all sizes build and host their websites and applications. Win Authority has a virtual branch in the United States of America.

We had a chance to speak to the CEO of this web hosting company, Mr. Minhaz Irphan Mohamed.

Let’s see what new things we are going to learn today.

What is the story behind Win Authority?

Win Authority LLC started as a tech blog, where I used to blog about the latest updates in the tech space. Then I started a sister company, Win Authority Innovatives, where I built an amazing team engaging in website development. Unfortunately, one morning I woke up and was notified that the hosting I had my tech blog on and the creative agency crashed, and the data was corrupted. So I lost all my websites. We took a couple of months to recover from this disaster, and eventually, I decided to pivot the company to a creative agency offering digital services. COVID-19 struck, pushing companies to go digital, and we wanted to explore offering web hosting services. I was always interested in web hosting and self-learned everything that I knew about the subject. Now we also offer web hosting services without compromises on the basic features. So that is the story behind Win Authority.


What were the challenges that the company had to overcome?

The company had to face many challenges like all bootstrapped companies. A couple of them are: In our early days, we had to face the fact that our websites were no more because of the hard disk corruption our hosting infrastructure provider faced. That was 2 – 3 years of hard work gone, but that did not stop us. Of course, we took some time to process and recover from what happened, but then we dusted our backs and looked into the next steps to come back stronger. Another challenge that we faced was the economic crisis Sri Lanka suffered (and is still suffering) which severely depreciated the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). As all our expenses are in USD and we were earning in LKR, it was a tough situation. Fortunately, we were able to incorporate a virtual branch in the United States of America, open a US bank account, accept payments in USD, and retain cash in USD, without having to be concerned about the depreciation of our finances.


What are the top products and services of Win Authority?

Our top services are the website development service, bespoke website development service, and our business shared hosting service.



Please tell us more about the VPS hosting options.

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting option offers private servers with free automated backups and unlimited snapshots, as we believe these are essential features, and customers shouldn’t be charged extra for them. These are high-performance virtual servers that customers can deploy to run their applications and websites. These servers are all RAID-10 Solid State Disk-based servers, so they are pretty fast. Speed is a really important factor on the internet these days, so we do not compromise on the basics of all our services.


We noticed you also offer WordPress website maintenance services.  What about that?

Our WordPress website maintenance services are for individuals and companies that do not have an IT team or person to manage their WordPress website. They get an expert and (of course) a reliable team for an affordable price. We optimize their website for speed and ensure uptime; unless their website is hosted with us, then the uptime is anyway not a concern. We also help them to update their website content, and if they have an eCommerce website, we also help them to manage their products. Everyone should be able to keep their website up to date without having to spend tons of cash on finding the correct team to help them with it, and that is why our packages are affordable compared to most companies.


In your opinion, what is the most important thing about customer experience?

I think the most important thing is communication. Communication is vital everywhere, but I think it plays a more important role when it comes to handling customers. Because if you do not communicate with your customers, they wouldn’t know what they are receiving for the price they are paying for the service or what you offer, or what your team can do. So, in my opinion, communication is the most important thing about customer experience.


Where are your data centers based?

Our data centers are in the United States of America (USA). Our VPS hosting’s data center is in Los Angeles, USA, and so is our Premium Business Shared Hosting, whereas our Business Shared Hosting is in Arizona, USA.


Where do you see the company five years from now?

In five years, I see the company being the creative agency it is right now but working with more local and international clients to help them innovate with technology. We are also a leading hosting provider in the country and hopefully worldwide. Not easy, but it is not impossible.


What are your plans for introducing new products and services?

We plan on introducing scalable virtual private servers so our customers can simply scale their VPS instances up or down with the required resources. Currently, our customers can upgrade or downgrade their VPS instance by selecting a higher or lower package compared to what they have. But I want them to be able to select their resources, such as the number of vCPUs, RAM, Storage, and IP(s), and get billed as per their selection. We also want to introduce dedicated server hosting, but since we give our customers the best in hosting without compromising or charging extra, it is difficult to plan that out now, but we do have that in the roadmap.

We are also working on a product of our own. Unfortunately, I can’t shed any light on that, but one thing that I could say is it would disrupt the web industry. We are hoping to launch this product soon, so make sure to stay tuned to our socials.


Looking through the eye of the customer, what is the most important thing for a hosting provider?

From my perspective as a customer, the most important thing is good support. A support team or person is there to explain to the customer what went wrong or how they could resolve any issue because the majority of the customers aren’t technical, and even if the customers are technical, it doesn’t mean they would understand the web hosting aspect of things. So I think good customer support is the most important thing for a hosting provider—good and efficient customer support.


In the end, is there any advice you would like to share with our readers?

I want to thank our current customers for trusting and believing in us to develop and host their websites and applications and for their continuous support.

I would like to advise the readers that when choosing a hosting provider, check if their support is good and efficient because if anything happens, you know that they’ll quickly jump in and resolve it with little to no downtime.

And I would like to invite everyone to try our hosting and other services and see why our current customers believe in us. You can get 40% off for two months on all our hosting packages using the promo code “TRYWINAUTHORITY” at checkout.

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