Best Non-Profit Website Hosting

Back in the day it used to cost an arm and leg to be able to get a website designed, developed and then launched. The costs would stack up to a staggering amount overtime and you were lucky as a non-profit organisation if you could get a web presence, you would have had to know someone in the industry who could do you a hosting

Nowadays the whole landscape of web hosting has changed and you will find many charity organisations and churches that all have their own individual presence on the Internet, and this has largely been thanks to technology.
You see the way web hosts work today is to provide a service that even the most basic user can follow. They know that specialised web developers can go it alone but novices have no idea where to start. This is where usability kicks in with the aim to help local churches and charities in setting up their own designed website in minutes thanks to some new technology, called drag-and-drop.
Changing the theme and adding elements to a website is now as easy as…drag…and then drop into place, so non-profit organisations that have no real experience in website technology now have the creative tools at their disposal in order to reach out to the local community using digital technology.


  1. Siteground
    SiteGround is dedicated to providing their customers with a simple platform for powerful hosting solutions. Their shared hosting options are affordable, yet still very high quality. They don’t oversell the servers, and the resources you will have access to are very reliable.
  2. FastComet
    For anyone who is looking for a shared hosting solution, but doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality, FastComet is a great option to consider. They provide all their customers with SSD hard drives on their servers, which can be up to 300% faster than traditional drives. They also offer CloudFlare CDN for free, which further increases the overall speed of your sites.
  3. InterServer
    InterServer has several great shared hosting plans to choose from. These are an affordable option that still have plenty of power to handle most sites. All their shared hosting solutions are managed, which means you don’t need to handle any of the technical requirements yourself.


Website and Web Hosting for Charities and Non-Profits

For most charities, websites provide a key part in helping to spread the word. Letting local communities know about upcoming charity in the yearly calendar is a great starting point because they don’t need to pay the excess costs of printing and distributing leaflets around. Instead, any news and events can simply be posted to one central place and seen by hundreds, or even thousands of people. The same concept and idea goes for churches, these establishments rely on people to keep them funded so having a central place where they can highlight church activities and events to help bring in crowds is a key part to the on-going life of churches right across the world.

Combatting Surplus Revenues & Free Hosting for Non-Profits

Perhaps the biggest issue comes down to finances, as non-profits organisations only use surplus revenue to extend its reach to a final goal, they often don’t have the spare cash flow to pay for hosting, management and development.
The good news is that web hosting is now extremely cheap, and for that you get everything you need in order to get a website designed, and then thrown up on the World Wide Web. However, it doesn’t just stop there as specific plans and packages have been created in order to help non-profit organisations so it’s no surprise that registered charities can benefit from free web hosting.
There is of course an application process in place to gain this free web hosting solution, and most web hosting companies will need to vet and verify the charity, so having a registered charity with a verified registration number will boost your chances in claiming free web hosting. However, even with free website hosting packages don’t expect a drop in quality because you will still be able to utilise free backups, excellent uptime guarantees, plenty of web space and traffic and a number of mailboxes. Even larger charity organisations and non-profits can be entitled to substantial discounts from your more popular mainstream web hosting companies, so even though you may run a charity organisation, there is no excuse to not becoming a part of the digital age.

If you need the best shared hosting as solution, click here and get the desired one.

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