It's Been A Month with accessiBe - Here's What We Have to Say

At HostAdvice, we’ve been using accessiBe for quite some time now. After a while, we believe it’s the perfect time to introduce you to it. Fast forward, we have the most expensive pack – Jumbo. In addition, we are combining it with the Google Tag Manager for more straightforward implementation (it’s incredibly easy without it, but anyway).

Later on, you will see that accessiBe offers the same benefits to all clients, regardless of their website size. And this is only one of the many reasons why we have chosen the accessWidget, accessiBe’s AI-powered website accessibility checker, over any other web accessibility tool on the market. As you read over the review, you will reveal many more. So, let’s start with the basics.

accessiBe expert review cover image

See, the web isn’t accessible to everyone by default. Unfortunately, many companies are still unaware of this issue, which is where accessiBe comes into play. accessiBe is a revolutionary company that aims to change today’s world. Its topmost priority is the accessible Internet to achieve a win-win situation for everyone – the people with and without disabilities.

“The current state of people with disabilities and small businesses fighting in courts makes everybody lose. We are here to make everybody win”. (accessiBe)

I love innovative brands with solid commitments to make the world a better place. That’s precisely why we decided to put accessiBe to the test in the first place.

Today, I will report all that the company has to offer. Usually, I do the testing in these reviews. However, there’s nothing to test at this point, because we are already using the service, and we are highly satisfied with it. So, what’s left to do is to transfer this enthusiasm to you to further spread the importance and benefits of web accessibility.

First, I will navigate the site to review accessiBe’s product and services plans and pricing. Second, I will try to explain how it works. And finally, if you like what you are seeing, I will show you how you can get an accessiBe plan and contact support for further assistance.

Wait, wait, wait. That’s not even the best part. Today, I have with me the company’s representatives to get a complete picture of how everything works in and out. What is going on in the “background,” what technologies does accessiBe use, and how does it all work?

Here’s why accessiBe is worth getting.

Accesibility banner

Introducing the Company – What accessiBe Is All About

Founded in 2018, accessiBe has over 100 employees, 5,282 partners, powers 113,728 websites, and handles 514,050,786 daily loads. The provider serves both small businesses and industry leaders alike, including Barilla, Oreo, British Airways, Kappa, Ferrero, Seiko, Everlast, Hilton, and so on.

screenshot of the list of trusted companies

Up to date, accessiBe has raised a total of $28.5M in funding over three rounds. It has announced its latest funding, $28 Million from a Series A round, on the 10th of February, 2021. It came following a remarkable performance in 2020. accessiBe has two investors, the lead one being K1 Investment Management.

screenshot of accessiBe page in Crunchbase

At the moment of writing, accessiBe is actively using 28 technologies for its website, including Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF. The company has registered two trademarks, with the most popular class being ‘Scientific and technological services.’

Interestingly enough, accessiBe is ranked 246,876 among websites globally based on its 161,800 monthly web visitors. Its monthly visits growth, in turn, accounts for 13.6%.

Most of all, accessiBe has monthly visits from the US, followed by China, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

screenshot of Web traffic by SEMruch

Key Takeaway: accessiBe already has a solid base for development, utilizing superior technologies, having valuable investors, and traffic. However, the company also has significant potential for further growth, as witnessed by the growing number of monthly visits and upcoming opportunities.

accessiBe is also committed to strong leadership that truly and deeply cares about the problem at hand and the people it is solving it for. The company is fully transparent in this regard, having published each team member’s full name and surname, along with photos. I especially love this since it adds to the company’s credibility and enhances customers’ trust.

Product Overview – Plans and Pricing

accessiBe offers four plans – Standard, Large, Huge, and Jumbo. As mentioned, at HostAdvice, we have the last one. However, each plan includes all features, so you can go for whichever you please and get the same benefits as us. The difference in pricing lies in the page count exclusively.

For instance, the Standard plan is for websites under 1,000 unique pages; the Large is suitable for up to 10,000 unique pages, the Huge for 100,000, and the Jumbo for 1,000,000.

Note: accessiBe defines a page by its unique URL, not included parameters. If a page has URL parameters, all of them together are considered one page.

screenshot of annual plans

Tip: You should type “” into Google to verify page count (the number next to “results.”)

All accessiBe plans are available on a monthly or annual basis and include a 7-day free trial. Weirdly enough, accessiBe doesn’t offer discounts on longer-term plans.

Each plan includes:

  • Accessibility statement & certification
  • Compliance with WCAG, ADA, EAA & more
  • Screen-reader & keyboard navigation adjustments
  • Accessibility interface for UI and design fixes
  • Free 7-day trial no credit card required
  • Monthly accessibility compliance audits
  • Automatic daily monitoring and scans
  • Dedicated litigation Support Package
Note: If you are interested in additional services, such as video captions, audio descriptions, or PDF remediation, you should contact the sales team directly.

screenshot of AI-Powered Web Accessibility banner

accessiBe covers a wide range of disabilities, including the blind, motor impaired, cognitive disorder, epileptics, vision impaired, and hearing impaired.

screenshot of Disabilities that accessiBe covers

  • Screen-reader optimization for blind users

Blind readers can use the screen-reader to read out loud what is on the screen.

Today, most websites lack alternative text for images and ARIA attributes for context and behavior-related adjustments the screen reader needs. However, accessiBe overcomes this issue.

It utilizes ML to scan, analyze, and interpret each page element, just like sighted users would do. Then, it uses ARIA attributes and various behavior adjustments to provide full context to screen readers, solving the issue for blind users.

  • Keyboard-navigation  optimization for the motor impaired

Next, the accessWidget, accessiBe’s AI-powered website accessibility checker, makes websites navigable by keyboard to help people with motor impairments excluded from certain website elements.

Note: Physical and motor impairments are defined by the inability to use a mouse.

accessiBe uses a contextual understanding AI engine that makes the necessary adjustments throughout the website’s code. In turn, it enables people with motor impairments to use the keys to manage everything on the screen.

  • Comprehension  adjustments  for people with cognitive disorders

The accessWidget’s accessibility interface includes a built-in dictionary for quick definitions and references so that people with cognitive disabilities can gain proper context of a website’s content and elements.

Users can activate adjustments that highlight important links and elements for orientation and focus-related needs or activate the ‘Cognitive Disabilities’ Profile to start all of these adjustments simultaneously.

  • Stopping  flashing animations  to prevent epileptic seizures

Today, the Internet is full of promotional flashing banners and other deals designed to grab the readers’ attention. However, these blinking animations represent a health risk for epileptics.

accessiBe’s accessWidget offers a ‘Seizure Safe’ profile within the accessibility interface. It simultaneously freezes all flashing GIFs, animations, videos, or patterns that can trigger people with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Note: Users can make further individual adjustments to the Profile.
  • UI  and design  adjustments for the vision impaired

People with vision impairments, such as blurred vision, color blindness, and glaucoma, might not be able to see a website content featuring the wrong color combination or font size/shape.

accessiBe allows users to adjust the website’s design and UI according to specific needs using the accessibility interface. Each user can adjust the text (scale, size, and space), color (saturation and contrast), and orientation (enlarged cursor and emphasized titles). In turn, accessiBe will ensure that the user doesn’t lose content or usability.

  • Closed captions for the hearing impaired

accessiBe delivers videos with closed captions and sign language interpretations to serve the hearing impaired. The captioning projects are provided on-demand and per video and usually take a few days to turn around.

  • Valuable tools for everyday people

Still, the accessWidget is beneficial for people with disabilities and the ones without. People can use the tool for everyday tasks to simplify their lives. For instance, users can use accessiBe’s accessWidget to focus reading on what you are pointing at, and so on.

That’s more or less all you should know regarding accessiBe’s product. However, that’s not where its offer ends. The provider also provides all customers a Litigation Support Package for free if their website’s compliance is challenged. The Litigation Support Package covers professional audits, reports, accessibility mapping, compliance supporting documentation, guidance, the team’s attention, and more.

screenshot of Litigation support page

Services Overview – Going Beyond Automation

accessiBe provides complementary services to its website accessibility checker, going far and beyond just websites and automation: Media Accessibility, FileAccessibility, VPAT, UserTesting, ExpertAudit, and accessWidget Inspection.

Note: The services complement accessiBe’s AI-Powered solution and cannot be purchased as a standalone service.

The media accessibility service facilitates making media accessible. The BeMedia offer includes:

  • Closed Captions: text versions of what is said vocally used by users with hearing impairments
  • Video/Audio Transcripts: separate textual version of a video/audio for users who may have a hard time following live content
  • Audio Descriptions: help blind users to follow videos where graphics are used to display the information rather than voice

screenshot of BeMedia tab

The file accessibility service (BeFiles) fulfills all users’ file remediation needs, offering:

  • Word/PDF Remediation: makes documents accessible for the blind using screen-readers
  • PPT Remediation: delivers presentations to blind users
  • Excel Remediation: makes excel sheets accessible and understandable to everyone

screenshot of BeFiles tab

Next, VPAT evaluates how accessible your project is according to Section 508 standards. So, it discloses the current accessibility level of an application but is also used for creating an ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report).

Note: You’ll need a VPAT if your organization is a government agency, receives government funding, is contracted by a government agency, or you are marketing a product to government agencies.

screenshot of How often do I need to renew my VPAT and ACR? section

User Testing refers to usability testing by users with disabilities to ensure a proper user experience. accessiBe works with many users to provide you with valuable usability feedback; therefore, it’s the best you can get.

screenshot of 'Learn how people with disabilities experience your website' section

User testing can substantially enhance your legal  compliance  because legal compliance focuses on usability, not technical checklists. The key question is, are persons with disabilities able to use a product or website? Or can’t they? The accessWidget can indeed help you along the way of reaching this compliance and more.

And finally, as mentioned, you can also get an ExpertAudit being a manual audit of your site’s source code to discover accessibility gaps and an accessWidget Inspection to inspect your accessWidget installation to ensure maximum performance.

Note: You need to contact accessiBe’s Sales team to get the services, as explained within this section.

screenshot of Contact Sales pop up

aCe – Accessibility Audits

Better yet, accessiBe offers a free audit for websites.

screenshot of aCe page

As a potential customer, you can enter your website and run an audit to check its compliance.

screenshot of 'Audit your website for free' tool

I tested this out, and it’s pretty amazing. I entered my personal website and encountered the following. See, I couldn’t go for HostAdvice since we are already compliant, and I want to show the process in a way that you are most likely to experience it. My assumption is, you don’t have a web accessibility tool yet, so here’ the reality of it.

screenshot of 'Audit your website for free' tool

As you can see, the website is semi-compliant even without an accessibility system. Still, there’s a way to go to achieve WCAG 2.1 compliance.

Important: You can send the full report to your email address for further inspection. You can also check the ‘Whitelabel report’ box.

accessiBe provides a full report divided into several sections, Clickables, Titles, Orientation, Menus, Graphics, Forms, Documents, Readability, Carousels, Tables, and General. Then, each section provides several bullet points and an overall score.

For instance, I received the cross mark emoji for the elements with button functionality since they aren’t tagged for assistive technology. However, accessiBe assigned checkmarks for the buttons and links that cannot be empty, which is a good sign.

screenshot of Clickables and Titles tabs

Furthermore, you can click on each of these rows and receive even more extensive feedback. I am amazed at this point, since of all there is provided to all users worldwide, FOR FREE. It’s a valuable inspection that can help a brand significantly improve its website or at least know where it stands regarding compliance.

screenshot of Clickables tab with code

accessiBe uses aCe, the industry-standard for accessibility testing.

Tip: accessiBe’s free audit is an excellent starting point to check where you stand regarding accessibility and determine which are the following steps that you should take.
Note: Since the recent DOJ affirmation, all business-related websites are now considered places of public accommodations and must be accessible for people with disabilities. Furthermore, there’s an exponential growth in web accessibility lawsuits across most industries, with small and medium businesses right in the center of the storm. Estimates show that the lawsuit numbers are to increase further. So, making your website accessible is no longer a preference but a MUST. More importantly, making your site accessible is the right thing to do – it’s good for business, not only for reaching compliance.

screenshot of 'ADA title III Legal Letters' by years

Now that you understand what accessiBe has to offer, let’s check how everything works in the background.

How the accessWidget, accessiBe’s AI-powered website accessibility checker, Works

Using machine learning and computer vision technologies, accessiBe simplifies and streamlines becoming accessible and compliant.

It combines two applications to achieve compliance:

  1. The Accessibility Interface: a session-based design and UI adjustment tool responsible for all the UI and design-related
  2. AI-Powered Processes: AI machine learning technology responsible for the complex, back-end requirements; optimization for screen-readers and keyboard navigation

screenshot of AI-powered Processes and The Accessibility interface

An Interface Page – Accessibility Interface

Each accessiBe customer can adjust their website’s design and UI to their individual need or disability using the Accessibility Interface.

Note: When one user modifies their interface, the process doesn’t affect other site visitors.

accessiBe offers each customer an “Accessibility Statement and Certificate” within the interface and as a PDF to their email. The certificate indicates the customer’s website’s remediations to achieve compliance.

The Accessibility Statement issued by accessiBe includes the website domain, the issuance date, and several sections, including Compliance Status, Screen-reader and keyboard navigation, Disability profiles supported on our website, Additional UI, design, and readability adjustments, Assistive technology and browser compatibility, Notes, comments, and feedback.

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface works

accessiBe offers two ways for each customer to modify their website design.

First, the user can choose a disability profile and activate all relevant adjustments simultaneously. accessiBe offers several profiles in this regard:

  • Seizure Safe Profile: eliminates flashes and reduces color

screenshot of Seizure Safe Profile Profile tab within Accessibility profiles

  • Vision Impaired Profile: enhances the website’s visuals

screenshot of Vision Impaired Profile tab within Accessibility profiles

  • Cognitive Disability Profile: assists with reading and focusing

screenshot of Cognitive Disability Profile tab within Accessibility profiles

  • ADHD Friendly Profile: more focus and fewer distractions

screenshot of ADHD Friendly Profile tab within Accessibility profiles

  • Blind Users (Screen-reader): using the website with a screen reader

screenshot of Blind Users Profile tab within Accessibility profiles

  • Keyboard Navigation (Motor): using the website with the keyboard

screenshot of Keyboard Navigation Profile (Motor) tab within Accessibility profiles

And second, a user can enable singular adjustments. I especially love this option since it’s incredibly precise, meaning it can better suit different users’ needs and demands.

Each user can make three different adjustments: Content Adjustments, Color Adjustments, and Orientation Adjustments.

Within Content Adjustments, you can scale the content, zoom in or out.

screenshot of Content Adjustments tab

For instance, you can do -50%, which will zoom out the screen, and you will see everything from afar.

screenshot of how does the Content Adjustments tab works (content scaling)

On the other hand, you can zoom in, say by +60%.

screenshot of how does the Content Adjustments tab works (content scaling)

Next, you can select readable font, highlight text, or highlight links.

Important: The best thing about accessiBe is that it lets you immediately test its tools. For instance, you can click on each feature within the Adjustments and check the effect on the page that you are on.

The text magnifier is yet another fascinating and useful tool. See, I find it incredibly convenient for everyday tasks. What it does is enlarge the text you show on a page. Therefore, it can be great for the elderly or people that stare at the screen all day (like me).

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface work

Finally, you can adjust the text on a webpage: adjust the font size, line height, leter spacing, align center, left, or right.

screenshot of Adjust Font Sizing, Adjust Line Height, Adjust Letter Spacing within Content Adjustments

Color Adjustment also includes a broad set of features, including dark contrast, light contrast, monochrome, high saturation, high contrast, low saturation, adjust text colors, title colors, or background colors.

screenshot of Color Adjustments tab

The human eye can quickly identify the important design principles of proportion, line, form, texture, and movement through contrast. As mentioned, you can choose between dark and light contrast with accessiBe.

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface work (black view)

Note: Some visual impairments make it painful for the person to look at bright colors. People with dyslexia or Irlen’s Syndrome can struggle to read black text on a white background, and large blocks of white might also wash over the black text. However, the dark mode holds yet another advantage; for developers and designers. The contrast makes code easily readable and might save developers a lot of money, while the dark mode can grant designers more opportunities to explore design options for their products.

Here’s how the light contrast looks.

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface work (light view))

Next, accessiBe users can select the Monochrome version.

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface work (monochrome view)

The high saturation, high contrast, and low saturation are pretty straightforward so that I will skip on their elaboration. Now, what amazed me is the following. You can choose a color for the text, title, and background.

For instance, I have chosen a black background with white text and orange titles.

screenshot of how does the accessibility interface work (custom view)

Finally, you can find Mute Sounds, Hide Images, Read Mode, Reading Guide, Useful Links, Stop Animations, Reading Mask, Highlight Hover, Highlight Focus, Big Black Cursor, and Big White Cursor within Orientation Adjustments.

screenshot of Orientation Adjustments

The Hide Images option eliminates all photos from the website.

screenshot of how does the Hide Images feature works

Next, the Read Mode transforms the page to show only the text in the simplest possible, readable format.

screenshot of how does the Read More feature works

With the Reading Guide, one can easily get around the page and track where they have “left off.”

screenshot of how does the Reading Guide feature works

Next, within Useful links, you can choose from a whole bunch of options, including Home, Header, Footer, or Main Content. Then, there’s Account new window, Impact, Vision, Reviews, Support, Product, Services, and so on.

screenshot of Useful links option

The Reading Mask highlights only specific horizontal areas of the site.

screenshot of how does the Reading mask feature works

The Highlight Hover, in turn, outlines specific areas of the page that the user is pointing at.

screenshot of how does the Highlight Hover feature works

Finally, as the names imply, the Big Black Cursor and the Big White Cursor can help you better orient the page by pointing at different sections, titles, texts, and so on.

Furthermore, accessiBe powers websites worldwide. It is available across many different legislations and regulations and in 12 different languages. Its Online Dictionary, in turn, provides instant meaning for users with cognitive disabilities who may find it hard to comprehend certain phrases, language, or slang.

screenshot of support languages

Key Takeaways: accessiBe provides dozens if not hundreds of adjustments that are designed to achieve, and go beyond, WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

screenshot of accessiBe Adjustments List

AI Page – Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), accessiBe was able to solve the issue of web accessibility, transforming the solution from a service to a product. In other words, accessiBe has driven a real accessibility revolution.

Using AI and automation, accessiBe can make thousands of websites accessible in the amount of time it used to make just one at a fraction of the cost. Its technology goes beyond basic requirements, creating an exceptional digital experience for people with disabilities.

As mentioned, accessiBe’s AI handles the more complex accessibility adjustments such as screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation. Since it’s an automated solution, it can efficiently, affordably, and quickly perform back-end adjustments.

accessiBe’s AI technology utilizes contextual understanding. It applies the same thinking as sighted users following a website to analyze a site and visually matches elements and behaviors to millions of past encounters. In turn, the AI learns from context the elements’ purpose on a page.

Once the AI understands what each element does on the page, it can implement the necessary code adjustments to reflect blind people using screen-readers exactly what’s on the screen. Thus, they can comprehend the purpose of each element exactly like it was in the original idea.

Essentially, contextual understanding is a four-step process including a scan, analysis, deployment, and maintenance.

screenshot of how the Artificial Intelligence works on the site

Next, accessiBe uses image recognition and OCR AI technologies. The tool scans a page to detect all images. Then, it checks whether they have alternative text (Alt tags) or not. If it is missing, it uses OCR to learn the objects from within the image, to provide alternative text on its own.

In turn, accessiBe ensures that blind readers can rely on the descriptions to understand what’s on the page.

screenshot of how the OCR AI technologies works

Finally, the AI technology performs daily scans and analyses to continual compliance. It re-scans every page of every site at least once every 24 hours to immediately ensure that new updates are being remediated for compliance.

screenshot of information about daily scans

Now, I am probably as eager as you to present how AI actually works in practice. Essentially, it fixes the elements (present in almost all websites) that are challenging to users to make accessible, such as pop-ups, links, menus, icons, images, buttons, dropdowns, and forms.

First, accessiBe moves the focus, enabling a dismissal with the Esc key and tag for screen-readers.

screenshot of Popups tab

It identifies, labels, and fixes empty or insufficient link text.

screenshot of Links tab

accessiBe identifies and interprets menus to screen readers and allows navigation with arrow keys.

screenshot of Menus tab

Furthermore, accessiBe uses contextual understanding to identify the purpose of icons and tag accordingly.

screenshot of Icons tab

Next, accessiBe enables keyboard navigation and locks up navigation focus for users who can’t use a mouse.

screenshot of Dropdowns tab

It provides elaborate and accurate alternative text to all images, including embedded text as well as objects.

screenshot of Images tab

accessiBe can also identify text and link elements that behave like buttons and enable keyboard operation.

screenshot of Buttons tab

Finally, accessiBe announces field requirements and validations, identifies error messages and successes.

screenshot of Forms tab

And that’s more or less all a user, including me, should know about it.

Performance, Security, and Privacy

I have to do a section on security, privacy, and performance in all my reviews. After all, the Internet is one “dangerous” place, and especially nowadays, when third parties can easily access data, they aren’t supposed to. Furthermore, time is money. So, performance and speed are also crucial. So, let’s check how accessiBe stands in this regard.

Tip: You can download accessiBe’s security and privacy questionnaire to get all details in this regard.

screenshot of Security, Privacy and Performance page

First, accessiBe has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with highly secure servers in San Francisco and New York. They come with above industry-level encryption and military-grade security. I like accessiBe because it offers data encryption during both storage and transmission.

Furthermore, accessiBe comes with support for data loss prevention and fail-safe-ready servers in Europe, weekly vulnerability checks and audits, daily manual, and automatic malware scans, and support for script and link tags integrity. You can also expect an active internal bounty program and app modularity with microservices. Going on, accessiBe has a dedicated DevOps team on payroll and adequate access control measures.

accessiBe is also optimized to deliver lightning-fast speeds. Well, that’s at least if your website was fast in the first place. The provider is optimized to load asynchronously at 0.2 seconds so that it will never slow you down or get in users’ way.

Better yet, accessiBe is GDPR  & CCPA  compliant and doesn’t collect any personal data from your website or users. Yes, accessiBe uses localStorage, however, without utilizing cookies.

Note: If your organization requires custom integrity validations for your scripts and links, accessiBe can also provide this. it fully supports and encourages resource validation delivery to ensure no unexpected manipulation has been done.

Compliance Overview

While many websites want to be accessible, others adhere to the standards of becoming compliant to avoid a lawsuit. Regardless of the group you fall into, essentially, you have to have web accessibility legislation.

screenshot of accessibility statistics

Note: Many countries have incorporated web accessibility into existing civil rights legislation that protects people with disabilities or created new ones. This includes the ADA, AODA, EEA, etc. Most countries have adopted the WCAG 2.1 AA, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as a standard for accessible websites and refer to them in settlements.

accessiBe is WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III, Section 508, Unruh Act, EAA, ACA, AODA, HB-1110, and IS5568 compliant.

screenshot of Compliance dropdown menu

Partner Program Overview

accessiBe’s entire business is based on partnerships, including professionals from the web or digital agencies, entrepreneurs, or just about anyone looking for an affordable and straightforward web website accessibility checker.

screenshot of Partner program page

Its partner program is free of charge and doesn’t imply any commitments, including three significant benefits:

  • Web accessibility compliance for the partner and its clients
  • accessiBe partner license for the agency site for free
  • 20% commission for any client the agency brings on board

accessiBe already has thousands of partners helping the company make the digital space more accessible to people with disabilities. Several worthy mentions in this regard are BigCommerce, DealerOn, RealPage, WebFX, Digital Ocean, Volusion, CDKGlobal, Sincro, and so on.

Better yet, if you are a professional yourself, you can get all this support and service. All you need to do is schedule a quick demo with one of accessiBe’s dedicated partnership managers so that they can explain everything in depth.

Furthermore, accessiBe offers a strategic partnership program for those that manage or influence hundreds or thousands of websites or provide a dedicated web solution to many customers. With this option, the company will establish a tailor-made partnership that perfectly fits your organization’s needs as a qualified strategic partner.

screenshot of Partner program page

Sure, I like that accessiBe offers partner and affiliate programs with the potential to earn high commissions. However, what I like best about it is actually the fact that they work with a wide variety of disability-focused organizations. By collaborating with disability-focused organizations, accessiBe raises awareness and educates broad audiences about inclusion, diversity, and equality.

screenshot of Partner program page

accessiBe’s awesome disability-focused partner organizations include 3IHome, Orbis, Volunteer Sudbury, National Ability Center, Castle Rocks Senior Center, Outdoors for All, Meaction, Canine Therapy Corpos, Habilitas, PathPoint, Center For Independence, Possible With Music, Imagine Colorado, Paws NY, New Horizons, Challenged Sailors, Dale Rogers Training Center, The Viscardi Center, 4WheelCity, EasterSeals New Jersey, United Cerebral Palsy, CICOA, Brevard Achievement Center, Autism Housing Network, Madison House Autism, Australian Disability, RevAUlusion, Outdoor Mindset, Facing Light, Champion Autism Network, Soul Clinic of Kentucky, Special Kneads and Treats, Region V Services, My Noble Life, Kids Only, Eitan Everybody Can, VACA, Dementia Friends Indiana, Eversight, Bloom Consulting, Yes Disability Resource Centre, Deaf and Blind Africa, True Friends, and I Know Autism.

Setting Up A Plan – How To Install the accessWidget?

As mentioned before, accessiBe is platform-agnostic, meaning it can operate on any website and any platform, whether a known brand or a custom-made one. It offers easy integrations with Squarespace, WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Webflow, WiX, PrestaShop, Volusion, BigCommerce, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, accessiBe JS Embed, Concrete CMS, Umbraco, SITE123,, Jimdo, Joomla, and OpenCart.

screenshot of 'built-In plugin and integrations For your CMS'

It’s relatively easy to get the AI-powered product from accessiBe. All you need to do is click ‘Start Free Trial’ in the top right corner. Once you do so, you will see the following screen. Here, you can quickly register by entering your Full name, Business name, Email address, Password, and Phone number. And that’s it – it’s as simple as that!

screenshot of Signup page

Once you click on Signup, you will enter the Dashboard. Within the Client Area, you can perform a free audit, start the 7-day accessWidget trial, or purchase additional services that you might need. As you probably remember, I have already explained these earlier – Media Accessibility, File Accessibility, and Accessibility Auditing. Furthermore, you can find relevant news and updates regarding accessiBe within this area.

screenshot of a client area

Within the Main Menu, you can find the accessWidget (the one discussed up to this point), the accessFlow, and accessCampus. At the moment of my writing, the latter two were still unavailable. So, I’ll come back to the access Widget later.

Below this row, you can also find Account & Team, Billing & Payments, Accessibility Audits, Partner Portal, and Installation.

First, within Account & Team, you can manage your account membership – add a new account or log out from all accounts.

screenshot of Your Account Memberships tab

You can also add team members and assign them specific roles. For instance, if someone is an ‘Admin,’ it means they have access to manage all actions. In turn, team members with a ‘User’ role can manage everything except for billing information, user roles, and making payments.

screenshot of team Members tab

Next, you can get API access for your account. Usually, this is a good alternative for customers and partners that manage dozens or more websites and need to automate subscription management.

Important: The API allows users to add or disable subscriptions, upgrade or downgrade licenses, and manage contacts and users programmatically.

screenshot of Subscriptions API Access tab

Going on, you can designate who should be receiving system emails within the Email notifications section. If, for instance, you manage websites for other businesses, you can choose emails to be sent directly to the website owner.

screenshot of Email Notifications tab

At the bottom of the page, you can also update your user information, including your name, email, phone number, password, or all of these variables at the same time.

Billing & Payments is relatively straightforward. Here, you can manage your billing methods or track your payment history.

screenshot of Manage your billing methods and your payment history tabs

Warning: When it comes to billing methods, you can use credit cards only.

screenshot of Set up your billing method page

Accessibility Audits grant a comprehensive view of all accessibility audits you have run for your websites. Here, you can also run audits or download the finished ones for evidence, documentation, or whatever else you might need.

screenshot of My accessibility audits tab

Next, the Partner portal delivers all actions that you can take to manage your partnership with accessiBe, from managing commissions to creating child accounts. Here, you can also access all marketing materials and demonstrations to help you best engage with your clients about accessiBe and earn your profits faster and better.

The Partner portal is divided into a few sections. Within the first one, by the same name, you can find Case Studies to help you mitigate unnecessary legal risk. Here, accessiBe also delivers all notable information you might need regarding web accessibility litigation, along with how this can affect your business. The various presentations, templates, and marketing collateral come in handy for your existing and potential clients.

screenshot of Partner Portal page

Next, you can view and claim your Partner commissions within Commissions in the Partner Portal.

Note: accessiBe distributes payments on the 10th of every month. You also need at least $50 in your account to be eligible for a payout.

You must ensure that you have entered your relevant payment info. At this point, you can go for PayPal or use the bank instead. Either way, you can track your commissions’ history and website summary within this section. You can check your claims – your total claims and the commissions paid.

screenshot of Commissions tab within partner Portal page

Going on to Child Accounts. Using accessiBe, you can open a Child Account to allow your clients to manage their accessiBe accounts while you still receive commissions. It works on a simple principle – each time someone adds a subscription through a Child Account; you will automatically receive commissions.

Warning: You will need to send the login credentials to your clients since accessiBe doesn’t send passwords over email.

screenshot of Child Accounts page

Finally, you can find your dedicated partner tracking link to refer new leads and your existing clients to accessiBe easily. It’s an excellent feature since it allows you to earn money automatically. Say you have a partner account. Each time a visitor arrives at accessiBe using your dedicated partner tracking link and sign up for a product, accessiBe will add them as child accounts to your partner account. In turn, you will receive a commission for each of their purchases, which, if you ask me, is pretty incredible.

At last, there’s the Installation section next to the Partner Portal. At this point, you can go for the ‘Quick & Basic Installation’ or the ‘Customized & Advanced Installation.’

Up to now, I have explained the first, the quick and basic installation. If you go for this option, essentially, you will get a standard installation with accessiBe’s default design (the one I showed you above). If, however, you go for the latter, you will be able to customize the interface to match your brand’s design.

Note: You can install accessiBe on your desktop or mobile devices.

screenshot of Installation page

Before I go on, I have to point out the following. As you have probably noticed by now, accessiBe offers customer support at all times, at all points in the process. For instance, here, you can find the Installation Guides. But more importantly, you can contact a customer support agent from the bottom right corner.

screenshot of live chat

The Quick & Basic Installation takes approximately three minutes. All you will need to do is copy the script to your clipboard and paste the installation code right before the ending of the body tag. Here, you can check the compressed and uncompressed script or ask for instructions for the install via email.

screenshot of support popup

The Customized & Advanced Installation takes a bit longer than the first but is still incredibly fast. You can expect it to be done in around ten minutes. If you go for this option, first, you need to choose from desktop and mobile.

Next, you can customize the Interface.

screenshot of Interface Customizations

Here, you can select an Interface Lead Color.

screenshot of Interface Lead Color within Interface Customizations tab

Now, this is a service of great quality. First, as soon as I changed the color, the accessWidget immediately changed it on the example of the right. But more importantly, the provider immediately warned me that the color I had chosen resulted in an insufficient contrast and advised me to change it. Way to go, accessiBe!

screenshot of Custom & Advanced installation

Next, you can also manage the Accessibility Statement Link, Interface Footer Content, Interface Language, and Interface Position.

The following section, Trigger Customizations, allows you to change the trigger button color, its horizontal position, vertical position, button size, button shape, or even hide the button. You can also move it around using the Trigger Horizontal Offset and Trigger Vertical Offset buttons. You can track within the field on the right whatever you do within this section. Finally, you can change the icon altogether. Whatever works for you.

screenshot of Trigger Customization panel

At last, you can make mobile customizations. However, keep in mind that you must also select the Mobile version on the right to see the changes you make within this section.

screenshot of Mobile Customization panel

Note: You can have entirely different versions regarding the trigger customizations for your desktop and mobile versions.

Finally, you can contact sales from the top right corner and get a three-minute long demo.

screenshot of Contact Sales button

And that’s more or less all about it. First, you have learned the theory, and second, you got to see how accessiBe works in practice. So, let’s start wrapping it all up. The next question is, what makes accessiBe superior to its competitors? Why should you go for it instead of any other web accessibility tool on the market?

Specific Features Of accessiBe

accessiBe is the number #1 fully automated ADA and WCAG compliance solution.

Its features, including the accessWidget, accessCampus and accessFlow, easy integration, excellent graphical user interface (GUI), multilanguage setup, ability to completely hide the interface, sort of a dark mode, and compliance, give accessiBe enough superior value. But there’s more!

Important: accessiBe has developed numerous products for the disability community, such as accessFind, the first search engine globally for accessible websites. It also offers a wide array of services from litigation assistance to remediation of documents, and so on.

Here’s what makes accessiBe better than its competitors.

accessWidget – AccessiBe’s
AI-Powered Solution
OptionsThe only automatic solution

AudioEye, User1st & moreMaxAccess, WP Access & more
ComplianceThe only automatic solution

It depends on the project scopeDo not comply with legislation
PricingPrice starts at $490/year

$5,000 – $50,000/yearFree to low cost subscriptions
TurnaroundUp to 48 hours from installation

Projects take 3-26 weeksNo full turnaround
Success RateIndustry highest success rate

Drops to 50% within six months5% – 15% of the requirements
MaintenanceRe-scanning every 24 hours

Require additional servicesNo maintenance included

Furthermore, accessiBe ensures you won’t have to compromise your website design. While its competitors might require you to follow specific color ratios and font sizes that hinder and limit the user experience you and your designers worked so hard to achieve, accessiBe eliminates these barriers.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration (Non Compliant vs Compliant)

Next, accessiBe makes web accessibility achievable and affordable for all businesses. Usually, web accessibility tools require the combined efforts of a WCAG expert and a full-stack web developer. Both spend hours remediating the website for compliance; therefore, this might quickly become very costly, requiring a high budget a lot of time and resources. And in reality, not many businesses can afford these types of solutions. On the other hand, accessiBe cuts down labor significantly. Thus, it can deliver much lower prices.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration (Non Compliant vs Compliant)

While its competitors might require customers to provide a third-party service full access to their databases and source code, accessiBe doesn’t touch the source code or any other previous adjustments in this regard.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration (Non Compliant vs Compliant)

Note: When a customer removes accessiBe, it’s like it was never even there. The tool is installed with a snippet of JavaScript and modifies the code at the browser level only.

Going on, accessiBe re-scans and re-analyzes each page of the website using it, at a minimum rate of once every 24 hours, to ensure that every new update, addition, or revised content is being remediated to compliance instantly.

Warning: Website updates require code changes, which not anyone can do. In turn, other providers might require you to pay very high retainers. At the same time, these processes can slow down and hinder your marketing efforts.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration (Non Compliant vs Compliant)

If a web accessibility company performs the compliance processes manually, it might take a lot of time. After all, the WCAG is a 1000-page guidebook. Using automation, accessiBe speeds up the process up to 48 hours to remediate your website.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration (Non Compliant vs Compliant)

Yet, that’s not all there is. The company takes things to a whole new level. In accessiBe, the sum of all parts is greater than the whole, a phenomenon recognized as synergy. accessiBe hasn’t entered the “feature war” with its competitors but took an entirely different approach due to its vision – what the company strives to achieve. In other words, the company sees itself as an accessibility hub in a more holistic way.

screenshot of accessiBe illustration

Important: accessiBe is all about the people – it has made an immense impact on the world and has touched many lives in the process.

The best thing about accessiBe is that the company works closely with its end-users, people with disabilities, daily to ensure a reliable, excellent digital experience that fits their needs.

screenshot of accessiBe banner

The provider has invested millions into raising awareness and educating businesses on the importance of web accessibility. In only two years, accessiBe has made over 100,000 websites accessible, while its competition has managed a few thousand altogether. And as mentioned earlier, accessiBe works closely with disability-focused organizations such as Ruderman, Viscardi, and Crip Camp, powers and sponsors disability-focused organizations behind the scenes and daily because they care.

accessiBe even has a dedicated page to the Unstoppables, consisting of amazing people from different parts of the disability community.

screenshot of Meet The Unstoppables page

Furthermore, accessiBe is the first web accessibility tool ever to be shown on national TV. After all, that counts for something. It means the brand is trustworthy and reliable.


accessiBe has indeed revolutionized the market and we have witnessed it firsthand at HostAdvice. The company hasn’t been around much. Still, it has achieved an effect that its competitors haven’t done so combined.

First things first, accessiBe is superior due to its utilized technology. It’s the only AI-powered tool that’s WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III, Section 508, Unruh Act, EAA, ACA, AODA, HB-1110, and IS5568 compliant.

Due to AI and automation, accessiBe significantly drives down costs. Instead of a service, accessiBe provides a product that can serve a broader audience, even smaller businesses or individual websites with limited budgets. However, it’s not only about the financials, but so much more than that!

Each account also comes with an accessibility statement & certification, screen-reader & keyboard navigation adjustments, accessibility interface for UI, and design fixes. As the customer, you can also expect automatic daily monitoring and scans, a dedicated litigation Support Package, monthly accessibility compliance audits, and a free 7-day trial with no credit card required.

In addition, accessiBe offers other services complementary to accessiBe’s AI-Powered solution.

Still, what makes accessiBe as valuable as it is to many is its vision. The company aims to make accessibility available to everyone worldwide. It works side-by-side with individuals with different disabilities to best understand their needs, thus serving their needs. More precisely, accessiBe covers several disabilities, including the blind, motor impaired, cognitive disorder, epileptics, vision impaired, and hearing impaired.

Up to this point, even I personally (not just as part of HostAdvice) have had a great experience with this web accessibility provider. They are dedicated, fully transparent, and straightforward. By visiting their website, you can learn all there is to know about their tools and offers.

Therefore, I am fully convinced; accessiBe doesn’t only promise but also delivers. Many other users support my arguments. You can also find countless testimonials from real-life businesses, including multi-million brands and well-known names, which speak a lot of the company’s quality. Either way, you can test the tool yourself. All you need to do is visit accessiBe’s site and start your trial with only a few clicks right away!

Click this link and all your queries to best hosting will end.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does accessiBe work?

accessiBe is an AI-powered tool that utilizes two AI engines. The first, “Computer Vision,” analyzes and describes images, while the other, “Contextual understanding,” learns the purpose and functionality of elements.

How does accessiBe differ from web accessibility plugins?

When compared, traditional web accessibility plugins cover approximately 20% of accessiBe’s offer. accessiBe is the leading accessibility solution powered by AI and backed by a team of 100 people and leading venture firms, so it takes things to another level, unlike free plugins and tools.

What happens if I use accessiBe and still get a demand letter?

The possibilities of this event are pretty low, but it can still happen. If you receive a demand letter while using accessiBe, the provider will help you dismiss the case per the litigation support package you get with the account. Up to date, accessiBe has successfully helped to dismiss and settle thousands of lawsuits. In addition, not one of its customers has lost a case.

What disabilities does accessiBe cover for?

accessiBe adheres to WCAG 2.1 AA requirements, including a wide array of disabilities. Some noteworthy ones are blindness, motor impairments, various degrees of visual and cognitive disabilities.

How long does it take from installation to becoming compliant with accessiBe?

accessiBe’s AI-powered process takes up to 48 hours from the initial installation until your website is accessible and compliant. However, the longer accessiBe is on your site, the more accurate it is and the faster it can catch content.

How accurate is aCe, accessiBe’s testing tool?

aCe uses accessiBe’s AI engines and API to evaluate your website to deliver results as precise as manual accessibility testing. While most tools can only flag some errors (inaccurately) based on presets, by utilizing accessiBe’s AI, aCe can determine compliance status similarly to how a human would have. It detects compliance according to the WCAG, which is widely adopted by legislation around the world, ADA, AODA, EEA, IS5568, and others.

Is there anything accessiBe does not address?

In general, accessiBe doesn’t create captions to videos nor remediate PDF or SVG formats as part of the standard subscription. However, if you need help with any of that, you can reach out to its team to guide you in the right direction.

Does accessiBe offer refunds?

No, the provider doesn’t offer the classic money-back because it offers a 7-day trial period instead. 

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