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Web Hosting to Easily Create and Maintain Your Portfolio

As an artist, you want your work to pop in real life as well as online. The internet is an excellent way for you to show off your work and to potentially gain new clients. Your portfolio is what represents you, so you need to have the best possible online image.

Think of it like you are the curator of your own museum; you and you alone get to control what is in your “museum.” Making it easy to navigate and understand will go along way to engaging your site visitors.

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However, just because you are creative doesn’t mean you can create a beautiful website from scratch. Knowing how to code is no longer necessary thanks to site builders, templates, and plugins to help make your website perfect. To walk you through the process, we have laid out what you should look for in a host to make sure you are getting noticed.

Features Every Artist Needs

While not every artist will need the same thing, there are general things that every artist should look for in a host. Specifics will vary according to budget, needs, and what type of art you are doing. However, usually, every artist will need similar things.


WordPress is a great way to get your portfolio up on the web quickly.

WordPress is an extremely popular content management system (CMS), and it can be the ideal tool for many people, artists included. There are more than 52,000 plugins on WordPress which allows you to customize your site fully. Out of those thousands, hundreds are specifically there to help you make the best portfolio possible.

In order to use WordPress, you will still need WordPress hosting that is fully equipped to handle your needs. Research hosts to see if they allow single click installs, plugin-compatible, and how many WordPress sites come with the hosting packages. Make sure that your chosen hosting provider has outstanding customer service reviews, can handle your anticipated traffic needs, and can quickly beautiful pictures of your art.

Take a look at WordPress themes specifically for portfolios. You can get a solid portfolio theme for free. It’s also worth looking at the paid themes as the best quality themes do involve a one time fee.

A Site Builder

As an alternative to WordPress, find a great website builder hosting service. Website builders can save you tons of effort and can help you make a beautiful, stunning website without having to know a single line of code. Nowadays, many web hosts will have tons of templates for you to choose from so you can find one that can accommodate your unique needs.


As you start building your website, you will find that it can get expensive fast to store all the images on your website, even if you are compressing the pictures! If you are someone who wants to showcase their art via images, you will need to research to find the right host for you.

Your art is beautiful, and it can be challenging to showcase that over the internet! You might want to put up large, detailed images of your art (which make them look great) but then you might run into problems. An image-heavy site with insufficient hosting will load slowly more slowly. Keep the image size of your art to a reasonable size so that your page will load faster for your visitors.

To compare, a page with 2,000 characters will take up about 2 Kb of storage, whereas a small 100px by 200px image will eat up 124 Kb of space. Imagine if you put many, large images how much more storage space you will need. Therefore, if you plan on putting images on your website, a web host that offers low storage is not going to be sufficient.

People with slower connections might experience long wait times, then get frustrated waiting and bounce right off your page. If your image is larger than 100K-250K, then it could be slowing down your site, especially if you are using a hosting plan like shared hosting which grants you access to a limited amount of resources.


Most hosting companies will guarantee an uptime of at least 99.9%. With this guarantee, you can expect to see about 43 minutes of downtime per month. If you opt for a host that guarantees 99.99% uptime, then that number plummets down to just 4.5 minutes of downtime a month.

Now, there are options like high availability server clustering, security management, DDoS protection, and controlled backups to make sure that your site will experience as little downtime as possible. You should not be settling for any less than 99.9% per month. After all, people can’t see your work online if your site is continuously down!

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