Top 11 New Zealand Web Designers Share Their Insights

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We contacted the leading web designers from all over New Zealand to hear directly from them what they thought were the critical elements of a successful web site and of a top web hosting company.

Most designers didn’t know where their sites are hosted and why it is important at all. We singled out 11 whom we felt know their business well.

Once they realized what a great resource is offering, we found that designers are actually passionate about their industry and enjoyed talking about their experiences with their hosting companies. Most designers spent some time talking about the type of support they receive and often it was very positive. Some of them also shared with us their thoughts and insights on what are important elements of a successful web site. We’re happy to share their insights with you below.


We asked the top 11 New Zealand web designers to recommend a web hosting provider.
Here are their choices:

Web Hosting CompanyNumber of recommendations
Site Host2
Digital Ocean1
Hoopla Hosting1
Hosting New Zealand1
Captain Cloud1


We asked the top 11 New Zealand web designers to share an insight with our users.
Here is what they came up with:

the-zoo_interview tastybytes_interview
swordfox_interview swordfox_interview
swordfox_interview swordfox_interview
jade_interview jade_interview
future-lab_interview future-lab_interview

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