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WebWerks - Experience and Stability for SMEs and the Public Sector

Written by: , Jul. 5, 2017

Interview with Suhaib Logde, Asst. Vice President of Webwerks 

"Data business center since 1996" reads the Webwerks website. While experience is definitely one of their strong points, Webwerks doesn't hesitate to start new business opportunities as well – like opening a new data center in Dubai to reach a new market in the Middle East.   I recently had the opportunity to chat with Webwerks' Assistant Vice President, Suhaib Logde, to learn how the company plans to continue to service the industry, and what the most important thing a customer should make sure he understands before buying any web hosting product.

Webwerks hosting interview


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"WebWerks – Experience and Stability for SMEs and the Public Sector"

Webwerks hosting interview