5 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Right For Your Small Business

5 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Right For Your Small Business

Small businesses often feel like they are competing against big corporations that have more money, power, and resources to reach potential clients. However, cloud hosting and the internet is a great way to equalize that fight and give small businesses a more even playing field to reach customers. Here are five reasons why cloud hosting is right for your small business.


The Best Site Builders & Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Every minute on the internet, 70 new domains are registered, and 571 new websites are created.

To stand out of the other noise on the internet, you need a great site to help you. If you are starting out, and don’t have the time or desire to learn how to code, how can you create a beautiful, professional-looking website without paying someone else thousands of dollars to do it for you?


2018’s Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Only dreamers and risk-takers are courageous enough to change the world. Among them, there are many who set up a small business full of humble beginnings.

As time goes by, perseverance, determination and some smart decisions help them grow into industry-leading giants. One of the most significant steps in this journey is choosing the right web host for your business site. Here are ten of the best web hosting providers for small businesses as of 2018.


The Best Shared Hosting in 2018

The Break Down: Best Shared Hosting

Think of an apartment building split into apartments, and then rented out to multiple people. That is essentially what shared hosting is; the hosting server divides the server and all its resources into units and then leases the space out to website owners for a monthly fee. Shared hosting can be the right fit for people who are just started out or have a lower budget because it is a fast and easy way to get your website up and running.

For a website that gets exceptionally high levels of traffic, you might want to skip over shared hosting. Or if you rely on your site to make money and use high levels of resources, you should check out cloud hosting or VPS hosting. Shared hosting can sometimes lead to slow load times if you are trying to use too much hard drive space or RAM, so be aware of your needs as they change. However, shared hosting can be the right option, for both beginners and veterans alike with all kinds of traffics.

We have looked at the top hosting providers and evaluated price, ease of set up, support, eCommerce features, site builders, and overall features. Check out our picks for the best according to your needs.


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