What’s are the Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting?

When you are starting a business or your online journey, it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed. One way to stop feeling like you are drowning and unable to make any decisions to take an afternoon and access what it is you are trying to do with your website. Planning ahead is often a skipped step in the process but save yourself time, money, and effort down the road by figuring out your goals.

Before you even start looking at hosting providers, you should look at your business and decide your five-year plan. What sort of website are you looking to host? Is it an eCommerce? Will you be making money off it? Or is it merely a hobbyist or static page that you will keep updated? Access where you are right now in the process. Are you a brand new website or are you well-established and trying to decide if you want an upgrade?


The 12 Best Green Web Hosting Providers Of 2018

The Top Green Hosting Services

Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting ensures the least harmful impact on the environment. The providers offering such hosting utilizes hardware that runs on wind energy or renewable energy and leaves a lighter carbon footprint. With time, more and more web hosts are signing up for green hosting in order to solve the global environmental issues. If you also aspire to be a green website, choose any of the following providers to support your site.


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