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AltusHost - Stability and Top-Notch Support Around the Clock

Written by: , Jun. 22, 2017

An Interview with Nikola Tanaskovic, COO,  AltusHost

As the current COO and one of the founders of AltusHost, Nikola has a lot to share about the company’s development since its founding in 2008. From the start of the company, however, a few goals remain the same: to provide high-quality managed web hosting services at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction. We met with Nikola to learn more about how their early challenges they faced shaped these goals, where they see themselves in the web hosting space, and his personal advice for anyone seeking web hosting services.

Nikola Tanaskovic, COO of AltusHost


Gigas Hosting – Speaking the Language of Their Customers

Written by: , Mar. 14, 2017

An Interview with Diego Cabezudo, CEO and Co-Founder, Gigas

While most hosting companies can’t wait to penetrate the North American market, Gigas Hosting has consciously decided not to enter that market.  While most hosting companies have a wide range of products (from shared hosting all the way up to dedicated servers) in order to meet the budget of any potential customer, Gigas only offers two hosting products.  These counter-intuitive approaches seem to be the key to Gigas’ success.  To understand why and how, I spoke with Gigas CEO and Founder Diego Cabezudo.



BitNinja – All in One Protection for Web Servers

Written by: , Feb. 26, 2017

An Interview with George Egri, Founder & CEO, BitNinja

It is commonly understood that one of the best ways to develop a successful product is to create something that solves real problems.  That is especially true when the problems you are solving are actually your own – you feel the pain and know what you are looking for in a solution. Moreover, by developing a product or tool to solve you own problems, you have a real-world environment to test and evaluate your progress and success.

That is the story of BitNinja, a web server security tool that was initially developed to solve security threats and hacking issues George Egri was experiencing at his web hosting company.  Once he saw how effective it was for his company, he decided to package it as a product and market it to other web hosting companies.

Hostadvice bitninja


dapulse – Disruptive Project Management Tool

Written by: , Feb. 23, 2017

An Interview with Idan Hershko, VP Customer Success, dapulse

“Project management tools are dead” reads the dapulse website - but the message is really a lot more complex than that. Their claim is actually that project management tools as we have known them are dead. They don’t meet the needs of today’s project teams and focus on the management of projects, not people.. Project management tools today must focus on the needs, transparency, and engagement of everyone on the team and not just be a reservoir of information for the project manager.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with dapulse’s VP of Customer Service, Idan Hershko.  We had a wide-ranging conversation that not only covered the concepts and goals of the dapulse product, but also covered the role of a customer success team and his view of the key to success for any startup.

 Dapulse Interview


Openprovider – Revolutionizing Hosting Companies

Written by: , Feb. 19, 2017

An Interview with Arno Vis, CEO, Openprovider

What would you think of a company that sells domains and products licenses at cost? Some might call it crazy, but Arno Vis of Openprovider calls it innovative.  Arno, who has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, is not only trying to revolutionize domain wholesalers, but he is also trying to revolutionize and modernize hosting company software with another company he owns.

I had the opportunity to chat with Arno for a while and he shared his very definite opinions on the state and future of the domain and hosting markets as well as his thoughts on the new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains).

Hostadvice Openprovider


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