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Mobile Usage Facts and Figures 2017

As we begin 2017, mobile device usage has already grownbeyond anyone's expectations. Is mobile device usage still growing? If so, how quickly? To what degree do users use mobile devices instead of desktop devices? How is it affecting online shopping?

We have gathered the answers to these and other mobile usage questions for you, such as:

How much of Internet traffic is via mobile devices? How much of mobile traffic is watching video? Do users make online purchases from their mobile devices, or is it mainly research? Do mobile users prefer mobile apps or mobile web site via browsers? Where do users go when they are looking for online shopping deals? Are retailers already taking advantage of the trends is mobile usage?

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Internet Usage Facts and Figures 2017


By the end of 2016, nearly 47% of people worldwide will use the internet—either through a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device. But how are we using the internet? What sites are the most popular? How often do we immediately leave sites?  How much of our web usage is influenced by Google?

We have gathered the answers to these and other Internet usage questions for you, such as:

How much of the Internet traffic is only “bots?” How many websites are built with WordPress? How important is it to be found on the first page of Google? How much time do we spend on social media? What are the most popular sites? How many visitors do they get? Who is the top hosting company? What do the next 2-4 years have in store for us?

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Ecommerce Statistics, Facts, and Figures 2017

There is no longer any doubt that the future of shopping in online and that the volume of eCommerce purchases is rising rapidly. As a business owner, there are many important facts and trends that you need to be aware of. Here are a few of these important facts that we have researched for you:

How important is online research to potential buyers? How influential are product reviews? Are people shopping from their phones? How important is site speed? Is online shopping only for consumers? Or do businesses also research and purchase online? How many small businesses are selling online? What are their key marketing tools?

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Impressive Internet Facts That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind!

Since the Internet first became a major part of our society and our general everyday living, it has fast become a major part of not just businesses looking to increase their global reach and presence, but driving the Worldwide economy which now heavily relies on the Internet in this technological age.

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