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OpenStack: An Open Source Cloud Operating System

OpenStack: An Open Source Cloud Operating System

Enterprise Cloud Hosting Solutions for Publishing, Media, & Ecommerce

Many of the largest web hosting companies in the world use OpenStack to manage their data centers and offer cloud solutions to clients based on virtualization hypervisors such as KVM, Hyper-V, Xen, & VMware. Cross-platform compatibility is a major advantage for OpenStack, as it functions as an elastic cloud operating system in launching and managing virtual web server instances for the most demanding websites, mobile apps, & business communications. OpenStack offers a base software configuration in a modular architecture that can be used by web hosting companies, as well as a number of advanced platform distributions from major IT companies that provide cloud solutions for research, government, biomedical, ecommerce, & media industries. OpenStack's popularity in enterprise IT has led to the creation of thousands of new jobs for programmers, systems administrators, and network engineers while processing billions of dollars in online transactions for the financial sector & ecommerce stores.

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