The Ultimate Git Guide for Beginners

The Ultimate Git Guide for Beginners

What Do I Need?

Any Dedicated or Virtual Server. Ubuntu. Terminal. Git.

What is Git?

One of the most popular source control systems available, Git has been around for a very long time. Git is a completely mature and actively maintained open-source project originally developed by Linus Torvalds in 2005. Who is Linus Torvalds? Only the world-famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel. A simply monumental amount of software projects rely on Git for version control. The beauty of Git is it’s a decentralized approach to version control. Having a distributed architecture, it’s an example of a distributed version control system or DVCS. Instead of only having one place for the full version history of the software as is popularly prescribed with once-popular version control systems like CVS or Subversion, or SVN, in Git, every developer’s working copy of the code is also a repository that can contain the full history of all the submitted changes.