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American website building and hosting company Squarespace launched eight new updates to its portfolio, helping its customers sell in multiple ways online, thus boost their eCommerce websites.

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The series of new product features and improvements will cover physical products, digital content, classes, appointments, and reservations.

Squarespace wrote in a blog post:

With more and more people thinking up creative ways to sell the things they’re passionate about, and against the backdrop of new business formation over the past 18 months, we are focused on giving today’s entrepreneurs everything they need to thrive in one seamless, integrated platform.

Squarespace’s primary focus is small businesses looking to scale in the future. Thus, the updates were inspired by the evolving small business landscape trends and the flourishing creator economy. In turn, the provider will enable its customers to sell more, adding new revenue streams and passive income to their businesses.

The highlights across Squarespace’s product suite include tools for selling products, tools for hospitality, events, and appointment-based businesses, and tools for creators.

One of the most significant product innovations to be released is the Squarespace Video Studio app. It will provide users with different templates and an AI-powered voice-over feature to produce professional-quality videos quickly. In turn, they will better engage with their audiences, sell their ideas, products, and services.

Squarespace will also release new marketplace tools for selling products, such as Etsy integration and Squarespace scheduling. Thus, sellers will be able to build their brands, create online stores and efficiently manage them.

With the new tools for video classes, Squarespace allows educators, content creators, and community leaders to sell video classes in Member Areas, thus monetize their experience.

Next, Squarespace will also introduce two tools for hospitality, events, and appointment-based businesses, Take Reservations & Orders and Book & Manage Appointments + Classes. The provider will reduce the time their customers spend on booking and managing reservations and schedules. Instead, they can focus on their core tasks of serving customers.

Finally, as part of the tools for creators, Squarespace will introduce new web design tools, such as background art, auto layouts, stylized headers, and new templates. Furthermore, it will provide updates to the Unfold app focusing on optimizing social media.

Its updated brand consistency tools promote uniformity across brand websites, to top things off.