Review of DreamHost Web Hosting

Fast, Reliable, and Versatile Web Hosting

Dreamhost is one of the leading web hosting service providers. It is also a very respectable veteran since it began its hosting journey back in 1997 when the internet was still not available across the world. And the great minds behind this gigantic and brave step were four undergraduate students from Harvey Mudd College, California.

The company has grown remarkable along with its founders and has definitely come a long way since its inception. Currently, DreamHost caters to more than 400,000 active customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites. That is some pretty amazing statistics compared to most of its competitors.

Fast, Reliable, and Versatile Web Hosting

There must be some reason why so many people are relying on DreamHost. Let’s look into some of those reasons below:

Points in Focus

We evaluate all web hosting service providers based on the following metrics first.


DreamHost is especially well regarded for their WordPress Hosting. Even though the reviewer purchased one of DreamHost's less expensive plans, a customer support agent installed WordPress and promptly responded to follow-up questions.


DreamHost has a pretty solid security system where all essential components are available. Firstly, they provide open and free SSL/TLS certificates to all hosting clients. Then, they also protect you against malware using their built-in WAF security malware remover tool. If you sign up for their dedicated server plans, you can get DDoS protection, .htaccess, full root access and full SSH access.

Backup Frequency

DreamHost will provide you automatic daily backups with the help of DreamObjects. This is an object storage service that stores backups for WordPress sites. You can try it for free with its 30-day trial period.

Customer Support

There are both good and bad sides to their customer support feature. It is good because the support team members respond fast and provide the required information in a friendly manner. The bad part is that you can contact them only through live chat or email. There is no option to call them up on phone.

Value for Money

If you have no problem signing up for their plans for a long term of three years, only then you can get the service at an affordable cost. For monthly charges, the DreamHost packages seem a little too expensive compared to its competitors. Another mentionable feature they have is the free time they provide for any downtime they had caused. This clearly shows how confident they are about their own service.

Hosting Plans

Since they have two decades worth experience in this field, DreamHost has managed to provide all kinds of major hosting categories as described below:

1. Shared

The shared hosting plans come with the perks of fast SSD storage, SSL certificate and unlimited traffic. You can host only one website with the Starter package and unlimited websites with the Unlimited package. You can make the payments monthly, yearly or for three years at once.

2. VPS

There are four plans for VPS hosting on DreamHost named - Basic, Business, Professional and Enterprise. The most affordable one - Basic, begins at $13.75 per month for annual plans. It includes limited resources of just 1GB RAM and 30GB storage. You can get unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases and hosted domains, along with a free SSL certificate on the premium plans.

3. Dedicated

Fully managed dedicated hosting plans begin at the initial price of $169 per month here. They include DDoS protection, full root access, SSH access, RAID 1 storage and 24/7 server monitoring. These plans will work the best for high traffic websites and large enterprises.

4. Cloud

There are two distinct packages for cloud hosting on DreamHost - DreamCompute and DreamObjects. The first one is for Linux servers. Its SSD-based architecture provides high speed and you can have full root access with DreamCompute. DreamObject on the other hand is a fully scalable and open source object storage.

5. WordPress

Dreamhost offers managed WordPress hosting with their DreamPress feature. This scalable service makes website management easier for the owner and his team by providing simple pricing. They also improve server robustness, memory and caching which further enhances the website performance. Every instance of DreamPress depends on the cloud hosting service of DreamCompute.

The Good

Following are the reasons why so many customers chose DreamHost over other web host alternatives:

Fast Page Loading

As HostingFacts have observed through their tests, DreamHost tends to load web pages approximately 23% faster than its competitors. Their average loading speed is 705ms which is far better than the average for all other web hosts - 890ms. So you can rely on DreamHost if you require fast loading web pages on a regular basis.

Generous Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost is very generous with their money-back guarantee policy. When this period usually ranges from 30 days to 45 days, DreamHost offers the long trial period of 97 days. This allows the clients more time to observe and experiment with the provided services. As a result, they can make a better decision about their web host.

Compensation for Downtime

This is the most attractive feature of DreamHost - they will compensate all the downtime your website has experienced with free service days. For every hour of the downtime, they will provide you a whole day of services free of charge. However, you can take advantage of this perk only when the DreamObjects service is not responding or when it keeps showing server error response to valid user requests for longer than a minute of consecutive requests.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Almost every web host includes this on their service list but hardly any of them comes close. DreamHost provides truly unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, allowing your business to reach its full potential.

One-Click CMS Installer

You can install the popular Content Management Systems like WordPress with DreamPress and Joomla with just one click here. This saves tons of time and complications for your team.

Proactive Customer Support

The customer support team of DreamHost is very proficient and well-behaved. They respond very fast and try to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. They also possess adequate amount of knowledge to give you proper guidance throughout the situation.


DreamHost has also joined the web hosts trying to save the environment. Since 2007, they have been a carbon neutral company and have already neutralized more than 29,000 tons of greenhouse gases. They purchase carbon offsets and use environment-friendly objects in their offices like LED lightings, highly optimized HVAC plants, EnergyStar-certified facilities etc. Their data centers operate on a highly efficient cooling system, power-efficient processors and renewable energy sources.

The Bad

Even though DreamHost has successfully hosted millions of websites by now, they still lack in some departments like:

No Phone Support

Even though their support team is proactive and consistently helpful, there is no option to call them up.

More Expensive

DreamHost packages are typically a little more expensive but many DreamHost fans feel that you do get what you pay for,

No cPanel or Plesk

DreamHost uses their own control panel. So if you are used to cPanel or Plesk, you will need to learn to use DreamHost’s control panel, which is fairly intuitive to learn.


Ultimately, DreamHost is a highly reliable web host with generous policies, proactive customer support and plenty of resources. However, you might have to spend a little more than you would with other hosting providers.


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"Review of DreamHost Web Hosting"

Review of DreamHost Web Hosting