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2015 Web Hosting Companies Market Share Review Announced

Written by: , Jul. 7, 2015 Collecting Data From Over 1,500 Hosting Companies and 54 Million Hosted Websites, Host Advice Reveals Fascinating Results About The Market Share of Top Hosting Sites Per Country


Using advanced comparison tools, new online service Host Advice today released the results of its “Global Web Hosting Market Share 2015” review. Until now, there has never been research done on the Web hosting industry because it required analyzing thousands of Web hosting plans from hundreds of Web hosting companies, and running a check on millions of websites.


Elance freelancers research – Which country is the best?

Written by: , Jun. 17, 2015
Elance freelancers research 2015

Like many internet companies, we work with many freelancers that do web design, virtual assistance and marketing for After working with more than 70 freelancers over the years, we decided to perform this research to answer a question we had: is nationality playing a role in cost and quality of the freelancers we hire.

freelancer-thumbnail-infographicWe hired a group of researchers (on Elance of course) and asked them to check profiles of the top 10 freelancers in 4 categories from 10 nationalities, and compare scores, costs, repetition (costumers returning to hire the same freelancers) and recommendation rates.

What we found may surprise you, but more importantly, it can improve the quality of work you get, and lower the price you have to pay.


Be Careful – Bing Ads Phishing on Google Adwords

Written by: , Jan. 29, 2015

Those of you who are using Bing Ads should be extra careful today.

When trying to log in to our Bing Ads account today we have noticed an ad on Google Adwords pretending to be from Bing Ads.

Clicking on that ad takes you to a page that is identical to the Bing login page. Luckily for us we have noticed that the domain name is not before entering our user and password.

Below is a screenshot from Google SERP showing the phishing ad:

Bing ad


Why you should be really worried about Google entering the domain business

Written by: , Jun. 24, 2014

Google is intent on making itself even more attractive and indispensable than it already is. That sentence alone seems a sweeping, wild statement, considering how much reach Google has in terms of business saturation, but Google uses its powers, money and influence to take apart any competitors that may stand in its way..  Google will be nice to you, don't worry godaddy and friends...

As an example, Google Maps inflicted serious damage to Mapquest not that long ago, and Google AdWords has given the Yellowpages industry a serious cause for leaving their keys on the table…


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