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8 Tips for Improving Your Site Speed

Written by: , Jan. 10, 2016

Hint: all of them are free and most take less than 5 minute to apply

Google Pagespeed result

Google PageSpeed insights results page

We are not going to give you a lengthy explanation about the importance of your website's speed, because we value your time. If you are not sure how important it is, let's just put it this way: do you care about your website's ability to get more traffic and convert it into leads or sales? Are you interested in your website's ranking on Google? Do you have empathy for your users and customers and value their time? Continue

DigitalOcean focuses on catering to engineering teams, as they begin to move upstream in the infrastructure space

Written by: , Jan. 7, 2016

Interview with Mitch Wainer, Co-Founder and CMO of DigitalOcean


Mitch Wainer, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at DigitalOcean

I have recently interviewed Mitch Wainer, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at DigitalOcean. Mitch has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing helping Fortune 500 companies with their digital advertising strategy. Four years ago, Mitch decided to leave it all and fight brands like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Surprisingly enough, his team is winning this battle. We had a discussion over DigitalOcean’s hyper growth, VCs & funding, content marketing and what is required to get him down on the floor for 200 pushups… Continue

The roll of a market place in a web hosting company

Written by: , Dec. 23, 2015

Interview with Brady Nord, Co-Founder of Mojo Marketplace, where he surprised me by inviting any web hosting company to collaborate with him.

Talk with Brady for 5 minutes, and you will find yourself moving your site to Bluehost hosting and buying a few plugins on the way. Brady is the kind of person that really believes in what he is doing. He doesn’t care that you may call it upsell or cross sell; he is here to add value to the website owner, and this is what he is focused on and talks about. Brady doesn’t look aside at ThemeForest or Wix, and is not worried about Google entering the hosting market. The only thing that bothers him, is whether he can keep the startup spirit in a growing business unit that thrives within the world’s biggest web hosting group.

Brady Nord - Mojo MarketPlace Continue is the quickest way to share content online!

Written by: , Dec. 16, 2015

Interview with Mariusz Zurawek, founder of, the anonymous sharing tool has really made a name for itself over the past couple of years. From a website that was launched in 2009 by a Polish student, growing into the leading tool for sharing short pieces of content online, clearly the company’s founder and only employee Mariusz Zurawek is doing something right. I’ve been a huge fan of for years now and I was intrigued to hear about how they are doing and where they may be heading. I’ve got a great interview with Mariusz Zurawek, discussing future plans for and what the website will be growing simple interface allows sharing of content without registration. The example above can be found here:


The Phonetic Alphabet according to Google

Written by: , Dec. 7, 2015

We have all been there; you head to Google and begin to type out your search query and up pops an autocomplete with each letter that you input. Well what we have decided to do here at Host Advice is create a comprehensive alphabet of auto completes, according to Google, letter by letter. Google auto-suggest To make the results as accurate as possible we have conducted this experiment under anonymous browsing using locally based IP’s. So the results you see may vary depending on where you are searching from, your browsing history, and any other personalized settings you have in place.


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