JetRails Is Partnering With Drupal: What Does This Mean For Us?

Drupal, the popular not-for-profit content management software, just found itself a brand new partner in the managed hosting platform, JetRails. The web host has more than two decades of industry experience and has established itself as a premium provider of fully managed hosting solutions. But what does this new partnership with Drupal mean for current and future users?

JetRails Is Partnering With Drupal: What Does This Mean For Us?

Why Is This Partnership Happening Now?

JetRails recognized the value on offer at Drupal, which currently has around 1.3 million users. More importantly, the hosting company wanted to leverage the skills and experience of the 100,000 active developers that contribute new and innovative apps to the platform every year.

The deal means anyone hosting their website with JetRails will now have access to a huge back catalog of community-developed features while enjoying the security and customer support offered by a well-established hosting platform.

What’s more, the Chief Technology Officer of the Drupal Association, Tim Lehnen, felt that now was the right time for a partnership as JetRails was a prime example of ‘good citizenship’ in the industry, and had gone to great lengths to meet the specific needs of Drupal users. It should make for one of the most optimized and integrated hosting options on the market.

The Benefits You Can Expect

JetRails expects the partnership to meet its five key pillars of mission-critical hosting:

  • Stability
  • Security
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Scalability

Anyone that previously built their websites with Drupal would’ve had to rely on support from the community of open-source developers, but now they’ll have access to 24/7 customer support as part of the deal. With hosting solutions optimized to work with the content management software’s apps and features, users can expect to see fast loading times for their sites too.

Easy scalability is another advantage to come from the agreement. JetRails offers auto-scaling hosting options, meaning no matter how many Drupal features you add or remove, your plan will automatically adjust the server space you need alongside a corresponding change in cost.

Drupal users essentially get to take advantage of an already large and active community of developers, coupled with the support and security features at JetRails. In addition, customers that choose to sign up for special association membership will have access to benefits like website load tests, cloud migration audits, and hosting cost audits.

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"JetRails Is Partnering With Drupal: What Does This Mean For Us?"

JetRails Is Partnering With Drupal: What Does This Mean For Us?