HostColor Just Unleashed Its Brand New Dedicated Servers Across 5 Key US Markets

With the web hosting market more crowded than ever, 20-year industry veteran HostColor has launched some exciting new kit to stay ahead of the competition. Its new line of bare-metal servers is being rolled out in data centers in New York, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The equipment is based on 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, and we’re expecting big changes in terms of performance and capacity.

HostColor Just Unleashed Its Brand New Dedicated Servers Across 5 Key US Markets

Technical features

You’ll find a Xeon Silver 4210 Scalable Processor, 2 X 480 Enterprise SSD and 32GB of RAM. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the servers offer a 1TB enterprise HDD which can be used for backing up data. Users can take these backups a step further by opting for HostColor’s business continuity service known as ‘Office Cloud’. This allows organizations to share documents, organize video chats in a secure environment, send and receive email and collaborate on projects in a shared environment.

These sorts of features have been a real lifesaver for companies that had to quickly switch to remote working solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the release of these new dedicated servers and expanded backup options, we should see even more companies making the switch to cloud solutions like this.

What Does This Mean In Terms of Performance?

The CEO of HostColor, Dimitar Avramov, stated that the new equipment would offer clients, ‘High performance, advanced reliability and hardware-enhanced security at reasonable cost’, and the provider certainly has the credentials to back this up. The servers are designed to be able to handle high demand to service and are optimized for businesses that experience a lot of traffic and need speedy solutions.

There’s a very obvious clue in the name of the processors too; scalability. Offered in either single or dual CPU configurations, they’re the perfect choice for those businesses that are going through a phase of rapid expansion and need to scale up operations. HostColor’s offering looks even more attractive with it launching the new servers in so many urban centers across the US at the same time too.

With locations found across the east and west coasts, it should prove an attractive option for new businesses to host, or for current customers to expand their services.

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