HostAdvice Speaks to Vytautas Bernotas of Getspace

Getspace, the place where you can get the space for all of your business. We are honored to speak with Mr. Vytautas Bernotas from Getspace, and learn more about the products and services that they are offering.

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Before the interview, we did a little research and we found out that your company was founded in 2015. What is the story behind Getspace? What was the idea and the need to create Getspace?

The big picture behind our thought process for Getspace was to create a global project that would encourage everyone to join the digital world. We believe that starting your own business should not be expensive and with the right tools and support, even a one-person business can operate successfully online. Of course, to have a profitable business you must start with a strong foundation, this is where Getspace idea comes in. Affordable phenomenal hosting gives you safety, quality, innovation, and priority support. Once you join Getspace you do not need to worry about your online business as it will function without you and we will be in touch when we need you.

You have been on the market for 6 years now. Can you tell us about your journey in overcoming the challenges and obstacles at the beginning?

By the time we opened the hosting company we already had big competitors in our sector. Although we believe this has also helped us to add more to it, think of unique ideas to make sure our company succeeds. It was challenging to find the right team members to join us on our journey but you keep going and eventually people find you.

What are the products and services that you are offering?

Getspace is just the beginning of our client’s journey. Once they choose the right hosting for their needs and select a domain name for their business, we move on to their website development. If you are just starting your new business and do not have any funds to create your new website, we offer this for you completely free of charge. Our W Academy project is an education platform where aspiring web designers join our community and build websites for the experience. It is a win-win situation as our students create their portfolios and we gain many new clients that we can work to grow their business further. After your website is launched, we can begin to discuss marketing strategies and maintain a long-life partnership with our professional web development and marketing agency Starflix. With Starflix we have a team of professionals that can develop any platform according to your budget and needs.

Many of the customers are concerned about the speed, security, and backup of their websites. How is Getspace handling these things?

With Getspace we have a solution prepared for all of the issues mentioned. Our hosting options are specialized for our customer’s needs. For speed, we are using solutions such as Nagios, Telegraf, and Grafana for collecting and monitoring performance data of our servers in real-time. For security, we are using products from the market leaders such as Immunify360, including some of our in-house solutions and a firewall. We can track 99.9% of performance and security issues in real-time and have professionals who act on them once they have been registered in our systems.

The backup server is separate from our main servers, and we have up to 30 days of copies of our customers’ accounts (depending on a hosting plan). Backups are handled by Jetbackup, which is a secure and stable solution for the task.

What about customers who don’t know anything about servers, hosting. What is your approach with those customers?

Advertising our business of course gives customers the initial idea about servers and hosting. Once they visit our website, they can chat with our support team that will guide every customer through the unknown. Also, many of our clients find us through our W Academy project. In such case, before they sign up with Getspace our Project Coordinators inform and explain all there is to know about why you need hosting and how to choose the right one for your business.

Bitcoin is here to stay, according to many sources. What is your opinion about this payment method since many hosting companies are introducing Bitcoin as a payment method?

Yes, soon we should offer Bitcoin and possibly other Cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

What are the new technologies and trends that you find interesting for the following period? Are there any new features that Getspace would introduce in near future?

We are starting the use of Big Data, which we are gathering by developing a huge amount of websites. This is leading us to the possibility of using Artificial intelligence. So, we are looking forward to investing our time here in the near future.

Also, we would like to integrate Neuro Marketing Researches to improve our and our client solutions.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and for the next one?

As every year our plan is to finish the year better than the last one, keep growing our team and offer more to our clients. Also as mentioned above we are planning to start building our AI tool for web design.

Where do you see Getspace in 10 years?

The plan is first to become the Unicorn start-up and in 10 years we should have a stable leading company in innovative tech services.

Finally, is there any advice that you would like to share with the hosting community about picking the right hosting provider?

It comes down to the size of your business and how much traffic your website will generate. If you are just starting out and you do not need to manage high volumes of traffic shared hosting is going to be your pick. If a hosting company offers you good support, speed, and safety assurance then you will be in good hands. Also, if you are planning to create your website on WordPress then also pick hosting that would be specifically for Wordrpess and etc.

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