HostAdvice Speaks to Richard Hammond of RHC Hosting

RHC Hosting means Reliable Hybrid Custom Hosting. Everything that a customer needs. We have the honor to speak with Mr. Richard Hammond from RHC Hosting and learn more about the products and services that the company is offering.

We hope that you will enjoy this interview as much as we did.

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Before the interview, we checked your website and did a little research. You have been on the market since 2008. What is the story behind RHC Hosting? How did it all begin?

RHC Hosting was born from its mother company RH & Co. IT Services Ltd, which was providing IT support and server administration to customers worldwide. After a few years based on the internet boom, we decided to expand and reach new horizons in the likes of web and mail hosting and providing our customers a fast and secure platform for their projects – big or small. What differentiates us from the other big companies, is mostly the personal touch that we provide our customers. Every client is given a dedicated personal IT manager so they’ll always be dealing with the same person.

Almost 13 years on the market, and we are sure that you had many challenges on the way. What were those challenges and how did you overcome them?

In the beginning, getting the stock and providing an individual server for every customer that came through the door was getting difficult seeing that we did not plan for a surge of demand, but we managed to find an offshore hardware supplier who has been of huge help in the supply chain.

What are the main products and services of RHC Hosting?

We usually focus on domain names, hosting, web design, technical support, and server administration. Whether a customer has a server with us or not, we offer technical support and custom configurations/installation for their products.

There are many customers who don’t have a clue when it comes to hosting. What is your approach with those customers? How can you explain to them what are dedicated servers?

To get online, you need a domain name, which is like a house address… for people to find you, you need to put your website on the web… we provide the platform to make this happen. We usually have customers who do not anything about the web, but need a website: we will nurse them from getting a domain name, building a website and putting them online, taking care of their hosting product and everything that surrounds it (ie: web updates, software updates, security, etc…)

On the other hand, there are customers who have the proper knowledge, and mostly they are interested in three things: speed, security, and backup. What are the options of RHC Hosting when it comes to these three important features?

RHC hosting uses the latest hardware and technology in terms of IT infrastructure and constantly updating/upgrading our systems. We usually focus on what people need or want – no wastage, no unlimited storage packages, etc… Every customer can have a pre-sales consultation – free of charge with one of our sales consultants in order to pinpoint exactly what their needs are. Besides providing ready-made solutions, most of our customers get a custom product made to match their exact specifications and requirements.

We have to mention the Covid-19 pandemic. How this pandemic has affected your business in the past year?

We have tried to help each and every customer of ours. Whether by providing sales incentives, or delays in payments – we have been there for everyone. Obviously many customers now started working from home due to the pandemic, however, this has boosted our sales by providing additional 65% bandwidth to our customers.

Now with the vaccines, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. What are your predictions on what with happen with the hosting industry after the pandemic?

The pandemic has affected all of us, but the vaccine marks a turn towards the end of the disease – The hosting industry has helped many people working in a different way, which is the new normal, for which the hosting industry has been and will be at the center of, for years to come.

Where do you see your company in 10 years?

RHC Hosting has constantly been growing with an HQ in the UK. We have also recently opened another HQ in Ghana, which is in West Africa. Although currently serving users worldwide, our aim is to open new data centers and HQs in all continents.

There are lots of new trends and technologies in the hosting market that are emerging at any given time. What is your opinion about new trends and technologies and are you planning to introduce something new? 

We innovate and always introduce new products to our customers when the time is right. We do have something big coming out shortly…which will combine all technologies into one!

What are the top 5 things that RHC is different from the competition?

Price – Responsiveness – Support – Personal Touch – Willingness to help

What is the most important thing that a hosting company needs to have in order to be successful?

Stability and Availability

 In the end, is there any advice that you would like to give to our readers about what to look for when they are picking their next hosting provider?

The best advice is to look on the provider’s website for the required product, if one can’t still find what they want, email them for a custom quote or call them directly. A personal touch is always key.


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"HostAdvice Speaks to Richard Hammond of RHC Hosting"

HostAdvice Speaks to Richard Hammond of RHC Hosting