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In this interview, we had a great pleasure to talk with Mr. Rahul Mukati from Hostomy and learn more about his business and the hosting industry.

Taking a few minutes to read this excellent interview and learn more about it.

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Before the interview, we did a little research and found out that your company was founded in 2016. Can you tell us a bit more about the story of Hostomy and its beginnings?

Yeah, Hostomy was started by me in the year 2016 when I was a 16-year-old student. I was keen to learn new things in that days and loved to explore things in the computer and technology field, I used to work with websites and how they work, how they deliver content to several users all around the world, and how they handle so many users at a time. So with that things, I started to learn and program websites. So in the beginning, it was all new, to program, to host, to connect domain and all, but with time I got to know all about it.

The idea to start my own hosting company was lightened in my mind when I started getting too many problems with my old host, downtimes, slow servers, high prices, and lack of support were bursting up to my mind. So after a bit of research and help from known ones, I invested some money that I was having at that time as a student and started the Hostomy solely. The only aim at that time was to provide quality service and support overall.

At starting we were with Reseller hosting, tho we were not owning our servers at that time but were focused on good quality, best support, and affordable prices.

The first few months went very tough for us, because we were not getting many clients and money flow to handle our expenses, but profit and earning money was never in our list of aim, we kept to invest money on kinds of stuff that betters Hostomy and was trying to keep Hostomy alive, few months of struggle and hard work we got Hostomy in position to handle its expenses, that was the time, and line of progress on the graph that never went down till now.

What were the challenges that you faced when you started the company?

Challenges were many but the aim was only one, to provide the best possible service and customer satisfaction. We dealt with money issues mainly, as a student I was not having much with me and all that I was having was invested to keep Hostomy alive and make it better that time. At starting we are not having any team members, it was all a one-man army so managing time was also a challenge for me, it takes a lot of patience to build trust in the industry, Hostomy was giving its best every single day to get a position and trust in this industry.

What are the core values that drive your business today?

Many things have been changed since Hostomy was started, we brought various updates in our services, support, and other fields of work but still focus and the aim is the same, to provide the best possible service with evergreen customer support and all this at affordable prices. We will stick to the same aim always and today also we are working with the same energy to make Hostomy better every time.

Can you describe what are the main products and services of Hostomy?

We started with a single service, Shared Hosting, now in extra we also support Domain services, registrations, transfers, cloud servers, and yeah Shared Hosting of course.

How important is customer satisfaction for Hostomy? What is the main thing you pay attention to when it comes to customers?

Customer satisfaction is our key factor, all we are today is all due to our happy customers, customer satisfaction was our key factor since the start of Hostomy and today too. We support live chat, ticket, and email-based support for our clients, we are working with the 24/7 rule of support since the beginning.

Our clients pay us and expect to get good service and if they get into any trouble then there should be always a way they can get help, we at Hostomy always try our best to satisfy every client with our support and service.

We have also written various docs and blog posts that sometimes help clients to get what they are looking for and we keep adding new docs too.

What do you think is the most important for a hosting provider to be successful?

In my opinion, your business should be able to provide the solution to a problem that the world is facing, but not only a solution, also a good customer experience. Good relations make things grow, that's how business grows. If you can deliver what customer expects from you, that's it, it's your only customer now.

Hosting providers like us need to follow and look up various things to keep our business grow and trust maintain, your servers, support, website speed, data security are some key points that every hosting provider should work best on.

It’s impossible not to ask how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your work in the past year? Were there any major changes in your work?

Covid-19 pandemic affected various businesses all around the world, but for us, it was a boost to business, due to lockdown, many small businesses came online which generated good business for us too, we at Hostomy too helped many businesses to get an online presence.

Talking about changes in work, no major issues, Hostomy is working with the "Work from home" model since the start, we don't have any need for an office today also, we have good communication and management between team members and can handle every work easily.

How do you feel the pandemic will impact the hosting industry in the following year?

In my opinion Hosting industry is safe from this Pandemic, yeah management of data centers can be a challenge these days but can be managed. Every business is promoting work from home which is a good option too. Still, we have got experienced from last year, so the following year should be easy to work with.

What is your expectation for the following 12 months as a company? Where do you see Hostomy?

We are not in rush to grow rapidly, we are focused to grow with trust, patience, and with experience. Learning from yesterday's experience only, we can make a better Hostomy today. We are working with our best, growth will be defiantly there, but also lots of experience that we will use to make better Hostomy tomorrow.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your services and products to our readers?

Focusing on simplicity, making products that are innovative and with a customer-centric approach, we can sail through the uncertainty caused by this global pandemic. We all are working remotely yet we are maintaining the same quality and improving it day by day. We need to focus on our team’s mental wellness too in these testing times.