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HostAdvice Speaks to Pablo Miatello of Ibumu

We are very excited to speak with Mr. Pablo Miatello from Ibumu, and learn about their product and services.  

Strap in and read this great interview.

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What is the history of Ibumu? When did it all begin?

In April 2009 we started this project under the name of Techtronic, then a few months later we changed it to Ibumu. At this time we were 3 web developers who saw in the market very few hosting options with support in Spanish, quality servers, and with features similar to US providers. That's why we always thought of creating the "Perfect hosting service according to our vision" and that's how day by day and keeping that vision of having everything a dynamic and efficient developer needs to develop his work without having to worry about hosting. With the added bonus that if you need help you can talk to a specialized person in your own language.

Twelve years later we have grown as we never imagined and we continue betting on the same principles, but without losing sight of the fact that change is constant in our industry.

What are the challenges that you faced when starting the business? What drove you also to start with this business?

In the beginning, there was no concept of Cloud Hosting, so in order to upgrade servers, it was necessary to migrate all clients from server to server, with very complex processes and often done in a "handmade" way. Fortunately today those challenges are now a thing of the past and the industry has advanced immensely in these aspects.

Another great challenge we have had throughout our history is our geographical location. Ibumu.com has all its servers hosted mainly in the USA and the EU, with the redundancy of some services in LATAM, but our company is based in Argentina and many of our collaborators are in Argentina and other LATAM countries.

How the hosting industry has changed over the years?

Very much so. Perhaps for end customers, the changes have not been visible, but for us in the last few years, we have experienced radical changes in the way we see the business and especially in infrastructure-related issues.

What are the main products and services that Ibumu is offering?

We offer mainly shared hosting and domain sales. We also have a division that over the years has become increasingly important in our company which is the "Hosting Reseller". We have very close ties with our resellers and today they are one of the foundations of our company.

We noticed on your website that you have very nice and simple explanations about what is Web hosting, domain, etc. How are you handling customers who are not familiar with these terms?

Yes, we have many customers who come to our website looking for various things that although they have to do with the hosting service or domains that we can offer, do not know how to implement them or what product they should buy.

A clear example is that customer who comes with the intention of having only a corporate email, not a website or eCommerce, etc... Just an email with their own name and domain. In these cases, we have an online chat through WhatsApp from where we guide the customer to better understand the service or read specifically the contents that we believe will better clarify their doubts.

On the opposite side, how are you handling customers who come with specific wishes?

Over time we have learned that we cannot satisfy all customers. This has taught us to say "NO" in some cases and to maintain a serious and responsible image in the provision of our services.

Of course, we have a Research team that is in charge of identifying patterns in the new trends and services required and we are always implementing new tools. But we prefer to train ourselves and understand very well each new service before we can offer it to our clients.

What are the 5 top things that Ibumu is different from the competition?

  • Above all, the support. We have a team that is passionate about providing help and sharing knowledge.
  • Secondly, our infrastructure. Day by day we work on our hardware and software to provide world-class service.
  • The specificity. As I mentioned in the previous question, being very specific in our services, allows us to be one of the teams that know the most about the products we offer.
  • The ease and immediacy of our service. A client accesses our website and in less than 10 minutes he can have his website online.
  • All of the above is backed by our experience. We have been in business since 2009. More than 12 years of experience of effort and dedication but only 1 incidence in which our clients have been offline, consolidates us as one of the most reliable suppliers in Argentina.

What new technologies and products do you plan to introduce in the next 12 months?

In the last 2 years, we have increased countless tools related to WordPress and its optimization. That is why in 2019 we implemented LiteSpeed on all servers in our network and we will continue on this path that we are passionate about and that our customers love as well.

So we are constantly looking for new options to increase the tools related to "Hosting WordPress".

Where do you see Ibumu in 10 years in terms of growth?

We are a consolidated company and therefore our growth is slow but steady. In 5 years we plan to double our structure and possibly in 10 years multiply it by 4.

Unfortunately, we live in a country with many economic fluctuations that sometimes make us change our projections. But we are optimistic about the future in spite of the permanent complex situation in Argentina.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share about your products and services that you think would be of interest to our readers?

More than anything a little tip...

We see everyday customers coming from other "companies" frustrated and tired of bad treatment or lack of professionalism. This is due to the low barriers to entry in the Hosting business. So in many cases, they fall into the hands of unscrupulous traders who try to sell their services as excellent and at the time of payment, customers are left almost helpless and without support of any kind.

So it is essential to look for companies that are consolidated in the business and above all that their customer base can reaffirm the promises that the provider claims to be able to fulfill in its Web.

Thanks for the space and for always helping to make the hosting industry more and more serious and professional.