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HostAdvice Speaks to Mrs. Amrapali Chavan of VCCL Hosting

We are happy to announce that we had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Amrapali Chavan, the technical director of VCCL Hosting, and find out more about his exciting story.

Take a break by reading this great interview and learn more about the hosting industry.

HostAdvice Speaks to VCCL Hosting

VCCL Hosting has been on the market for 2 years now. What was the idea behind VCCL Hosting?

Amrapali: We started VCCL Hosting in 2019  by a small enthusiastic team. Our mission is: To create an exceptional company with a singular focus on simplifying hosting and data center services. We started with a single rack of servers located in Europe, our vision is to build a hosting company that not only supported customer growth but fostered it as well. The main idea behind VCCL Hosting is to collaborate with well-known suppliers of cloud services, SaaS, network, and security applications to deliver you the best service to serve your requirements.

For a lot of people, hosting is an unfamiliar subject and they have problems picking up the right partner that will host their website. What is the secret behind VCCL Hosting services that makes them easy to use and simple for the people who are not that informed?

Amrapali: Our passion for VCCL cloud services, means to support and satisfy our customers with high-quality products, that promise to meet their technical requirements and keep them happy! With an inspired team, we endeavor to be the intelligent minds that carry a smile to your face. Our website is very user-friendly and understandable to explain our plans. Our blogs and knowledge base are well informed to help new users and beginners in the cloud and hosting platforms. Our Support team always maintains a happy relationship with customers and new beginners. Our experts also guide new clients to pick the right hosting plan, dedicated server installation and configuration, cPanel handling, GPU plans shared hosting, and many more. As per requirement of the client, we install different control panels and guide how it works.

Web hosting is evolving rapidly and there are a lot of new trends. How VCCL Hosting is following these trends?

Amrapali: While the 2020s have had a rough start thanks to COVID-19, the ability to forge an accessible and efficient web presence is more important now than ever before. VCCL Hosting allowing to evolve individuals and businesses with limited capital to build and run polished, effective, and secure websites that are at the same level – and in some cases better than – those with big budgets.  We help to select trending plans for personal pages as well as professional websites.

We are working on the following trends:

  1. Superiority of the Cloud– We offer cloud computing applications on a single click. This results in a myriad of benefits for the user, including greater flexibility, scalability, and better performance in areas like speed and uptime.
  2. SEO Benefits– We help to utilize cloud servers across multiple geographic locations. By doing so, users may see their websites rise in search rankings around the world and reap the increased visibility and traffic to their site as a result.
  3. Comprehensive Migration Capabilities– Whether the existing platform uses an industry-standard cPanel/WHM or a custom control panel, we duplicate a site to ensure that nothing is lost or removed from the existing provider in as little as 24 hours. This means the switchover won’t result in downtime as the existing site will still be functional until the new site is ready to go live.
  4. Offsite Data Backup and Protection– we offer offsite data backup that securely stores website files, emails, and databases without the user having to prompt the backup.
  5. 24/7 award-winning Support– Our expert team is always ready to help clients to choose the right hosting plan, install cPanel and other applications, migrate the website from one server to another. Our support is available over the telephone, live chat, and email.

You started your business in 2019, and shortly we had the COVID-19 pandemic. How has this crisis influenced the work of VCCL Hosting?

Amrapali: Yeah, definitely. We started VCCL Hosting company in 2019, and shortly COVID-19 outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus. Like other IT industries around the globe, we instructed our employees to work from home as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of contagion. We always take this pandemic in a positive way and implement critical business analysis plans. As we provide dedicated servers, GPUs, shared/cloud hosting, storage, and application servers, and working from home depends mainly on cloud computing applications that help worldwide employees of multiple IT companies, banking sector, and institutions to efficiently accomplish their tasks. We feel that hosting, data center, and cloud computing platforms are unsung heroes in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. It consists of the fast-paced practices for services that reflect the trend of rapidly deployable applications for maintaining data.

Our readers would like to hear more about VCCL Hosting and the services that you are offering. Can you tell us something more about the services in detail?

Amrapali: Our passion for VCCL cloud services, means to support and satisfy our customers with high-quality products, that promise to meet their technical requirements and keep them happy! We collaborate with well-known suppliers of Hosting services, SaaS, network, and security applications to deliver you the best service to serve your requirements.

We offer the following services:

  1. Hosting Services:
    • Cloud Hosting We offer cPanel on a cloud to boost web applications with 99.99% uptime.
    • Linux Web Hosting VCCLCloud Linux Shared Hosting With Integrated cPanel, Free Web Migration, Business Email Hosting, Powered Website Performance, platforms like PHP, Ruby, PERL, Python, MySQL to build backend of your website
    • Linux Reseller Hosting– VCCL cPanel reseller hosting is powered with SSD Disk technology and Intel Xeon processor. This service is VCCL cPanel reseller hosting is powered with SSD Disk technology and Intel Xeon processor. This service is useful for Hosting Service Providers and Website builders to enhance their hosting business. WHM/CPanel is tie-up with a built-in GUI to help clients in website hosting, single-click app installation, and support services.
    • WordPress Hosting– Useful to build a website, blog, and manage your business. We provide a low-cost WordPress hosting service with a single click.
  1. Dedicated Servers– We provide high-performance dedicated servers.
    We offer Processors like: Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad Core Series (R742-Ex), Intel® Core™ i7-8700Hexa Core Series (R752-Ex), Intel® Core™ i9-9900 Octa Core Series (R762-Ex) with Skylake incl. Hyper-Threading Technology and NVME SSD Disk and many more.
  2. Gaming and GPU Servers– Our live GPU’s are like: GPU AMD Ryzen NVME M.2-64 GB, GeForce GTX 1080- 64 GB-1TB, GPU Intel 1220v5-8GB-SSD and GPU – GeForce GTX 1080-HD.
    Also for game server Intel Xeon® E-2288G Processor at low cost.
    Our Cloud-based GPU-Live Dedicated servers provide incredible acceleration for Big Data, AI, ML, Deep Learning, Statistical, and Data Analytics, Database queries, Video Streaming, Gaming, and High-Performance Computing.
  3. SSD VPS Server– We offer High-speed SSD Cloud VPS Hosting; Stimulate performance with advanced configuration: PRO SSD Disk, Intel XEON Server, 1 Gbps Speed, 99.99% Uptime, 24-7 Support.
  4. KVM Server– User can place an order for extra storage requirements ranging from 10 GB to 500 GB.
  5. Storage Server– VCCL offers Solid-state Drive (SSD) are used to deliver for maximum storage area at minimum cost with high reliability.
  6. Application Server– VCCL Application Server offers Enterprise-level services to deliver highly reliable business applications.

Keeping pace with the competition is very important in keeping customers but also requiring new customers by offering better services and better prices. In which ways VCCL Hosting differentiates from the competition?

Amrapali: Yes, we are different from our competitors, by offering advanced hosting and cloud services at a low cost. Our expert team always maintains a healthy discussion with our clients and try to fulfill their requirements. We always try to reach into their world and look at things through their lens. Many times, clients come into the buying process with a pre-determined set of expectations. We try to allow our clients to see solutions they didn’t think were possible. Our policy is to see what we sell as an investment the client is making rather than a buy. We make sure that our clients will get benefits from our products.

Where do you see VCCL Hosting 5 years from now?

Amrapali: We as a VCCL team, set our goals for the next 5 years to explode VCCL cloud and hosting products. Yes, we understand that there is a tremendous future for cloud computing and web hosting 5 years from now. Today, we’re one of the fastest-growing web hosts in the industry with continuous month-over-month growth. We are now moving to SAAS platforms to enhance our services. The hosting industry is massive and expected to reach $216 billion by the year 2025. To stay on the top – providers we are focusing on an exact niche, like a dedicated server for online games, or VPS for small online businesses, or shared hosting for bloggers, etc.

There are a lot of traits that a hosting company needs to have in order to be successful. Can you tell us what are the traits behind your success?

Amrapali: As a successful entrepreneur we are focused on making our businesses work. Our major traits behind our success are:

  • Disciplined – We focus on the day-to-day operations and take steps every day toward the achievement of their objectives.
  • Passion – VCCL team is very passionate about team work, we love what we do.
  • Confidence–  We are confident about our knowledge that will make our business succeed.
  • Open-Minded– We believe that every event and situation is a business opportunity. We always try to develop our ability to look at everything around us and focus on our goals.
  • Self-starter–  We are Self-starter people and set the success parameters to make sure that projects follow that path.
  • Competitive– To excel in business, we always try to develop the ability to explore all o options and remain aggressive in pursuing our goals. We are willing to accept any challenges that may come our way in order to excel even more.
  • Creativity– We believe that a successful entrepreneur is creative and always looks at the big picture. Our creativity and vision will definitely lead to the invention and discovery of new things.
  • Determination– We look at defeat as an opportunity for success.
  • Strong people skills– We always motivate our employees to develop communication skills and technical skills.
  • Strong work ethic– We always put necessary efforts to maintain a strong work ethic.

A company without good employees and a good team is not a real company. What are the values behind VCCL Hosting that each team member needs to have?

Amrapali: VCCL Hosting is a bunch of intelligent and hard-working employees. We matter to our employees more than anything. We established some of our core values that each team member needs to have and we provide training for that.

Your core team members care passionately about doing work that helps others. They value teamwork, and they’re always willing to pitch in or stay late if someone is behind on an important deadline. This has led to a culture of trust, friendliness, and mutual respect within the team. Our core values include: Being accountable, Delivering quality, Being completely honest, Being reliable, Meeting deadlines, Respecting company policy and rules, and respecting others, Showing tolerance.

A very important matter for a lot of customers is the security of their website. How VCCL Hosting is managing security as a service?

Amrapali: We install SSL certificates on the customer’s server for free. Also, maintain Regular  Backup at Two Diff locations, so even in case of failover data loss can be prevented. We provide 24/7 protection to avoid DDoS attacks. We make available firewall protection and two-factor authentication options to our clients. Our phone verification and email verification security layer prevent fake users from accessing authenticated accounts. Our secured ticket data management system is a platform to raise tickets by clients and get them resolved by our support team.

Finally, what advice you would give to our readers when choosing a hosting company?

Amrapali: I would say, When you take the time to select a reliable web hosting company, they ensure their website remains accessible and safe at all times.

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