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HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Suman of DR Web Host

This time, we are speaking with Mr. Suman from DR Web Host, a company from India, where we will learn more about their products and services and what is essential to know about the web hosting industry in general.

We hope that you will enjoy this interview as much as we did.

We noticed that you started the company in 2020. How did it all start? What is the history behind DR Web Host?

2020 was a trying time that affected people’s jobs globally and mine was no different. Public and private firms resorted to working from home and so the level of digital activity was on the increase. I was more concerned about helping to alleviate the sufferings of people and I sought for the means to help individuals make profits while staying safe at home. That was when I discovered that most of my colleagues who were now plying their trade in the digital market space faced issues that hovered around web creation, hosting, etc. And it dawned on me that I could actually help humanity by making it easier for them to access the digital world. That is how DrWebHost was born.

You started your business the same year as the Covid Pandemic began. What were the challenges that you faced at the beginning?

Everyone virtually felt the negative impact of covid and I was no different. Besides the financial requirements needed in establishing and running a start-up firm and the creation of our awareness in the minds of people, a major challenge I faced was getting individuals of like mind who would welcome my long term vision of serving humanity and still be willing to work with me despite the fact that the initial payment would be little.

What are the main products and services of DR Web Host?

Our services basically revolve around web hosting, development, and management although we could diversify in the future.

A lot of online shops are popping up on the market that is in need of web-hosting. We noticed that you are offering e-commerce packages as a service. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Well, we believe that our success is directly connected to that of our clients and so the e-commerce package is an effort on our own part to help keep them in business.

How does DR Web Host handle customer satisfaction?  What is your approach to handling their issues, and requests?

We are basically here to serve and you can’t effectively serve people without knowing their views. This has led us to create a system that readily attends to clients at any time of the day. We watch to see if their issue bothers on a technicality or lack of information and we handle it urgently. We are not satisfied unless they are.

What happens if there is a spike in traffic. How are you handling that part?

Our staff has been trained to be prompt, be precise, and professional even when under pressure and so when there’s a spike in traffic, we maintain order by dealing with the clients on a first-come basis while ensuring that we don’t keep others waiting for too long.

In your opinion, what are the most important features of one web hosting provider?

Top of my list would be security because studies have shown that 45% of websites are victims of cyberattacks. There’s no point in having a good disk space, bandwidth, etc. when you are very vulnerable to attacks. Good web hosting is an extra line of defense against cyber attacks.

What new features and technology are you planning to introduce in the next period?

Plans are underway to have an A.I technology will be able to deal with a greater volume of clients simultaneously when there’s a spike in traffic. However, this will require some work to achieve.

Where do you see DR Web Host in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, we hope to have made a name in the market and probably be seated among the top five major web hosting companies in the world.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share about your company that we missed?

There are a lot of things about this company which most people don’t understand. I may not go into all of that but I just want to reiterate that DrWebHost us not just an enterprise geared towards wealth generation alone. We were born out of the desire to bring solutions to certain needs and money is just a by-product.